The Devil's Cage Chapter 582

Chapter 582: Block
Chapter 582: Block
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The four Chosen Ones were filled with unwillingness yet it didn't help their situation.

Death was coming for them.

When Kieran finally stopped his reckless charging and turned around, the four Chosen Ones already disintegrated into light particles.

Their ending wasn't any different from other common players yet the rewards from them were outstanding. The honor kill notifications showed that the four Chosen Ones provided Kieran with a hefty 200,000 Points and 30 Skill Points.

Kieran immediately thought of their rooms and what valuables they held.

The stingy Scrooge soul inside Kieran was growing restless.

Fortunately, his mind was still clear about his priorities.

He looked up to the silent and dark spot further ahead.

Small Path Square.

Compared to the battle raging place he was at, Small Path Square was like a retreat from the battle ruined area.

Though in Kieran's eyes, that place looked more like a bloodthirsty beast opening its mouth and waiting for its prey to walk into its stomach. It might be even more dangerous than where he was now.

Through Fire Raven's sight, Kieran knew what was inside Small Path Square.


Kieran spat out a heavy breath. He had to go forward because Lawless and that curse dispeller were inside there.

However, Kieran thought he should proceed with his own methods.

Right at the next moment, the twin-headed giant snake materialized from its mirage form and ran rampant across Small Path Square.


Donaville Street wasn't that eye-catching among the big city but it was connected to many convenient and intertwining smaller routes, which were the players' favorite.

All the smaller paths and routes would eventually lead towards the center of Donaville Street, Small Path Square.

Small Path Square was what the players named the place. It was quite a decent place initially, having a fountain in the middle and a couple big trees and benches around, it looked exactly like a typical small square.

Though, Small Path Square was quiet at night.

The mild night breeze blew and shook the leaves on the big trees under the moonlight. There was a fountain that had ceased to function and a pond around it that had ripples over its surface.

Yet such a pleasant night view was crushed when that giant twin-headed snake rammed into Small Path Square.

The whole square was boiling at that moment.

Fua, Fuaa Fuaaa!

The ground, benches, trees, fountain, and even the pond around the fountain were swelling like pellets, similar to a goosebump on human's skin during the cold season.

The swelled pellets though were much more condensed than human goosebumps.

All the swelled pellets were pushing each other, squeezing each other until there wasn't any place left for the pellets to form; one of them flew up in the air.

Inside the pellet were wings, a sharp beak, and multiple legs of an insect.

A flying insect!

Just like the domino puzzle, the moment one of the insects flew up, the rest followed up one after another.


Their wings vibrated even louder than the typhoon, a big area of black, disgusting insects swarmed the sky.

The swarm of insects covered the sky like a giant dark cloud as they flew towards the giant twin-headed snake.

What was left of Small Path Square was nothing but ruins. The pleasant scene from before was no longer visible as if everything was eaten by the insects except the rocks!


Ramont gasped when he saw what happened to Small Path Square.

Raven's face even turned heavier and uglier than before. As one of the Chosen Ones, Raven knew how high the controller's Spirit attribute needed to be in order to control such a huge amount of insects.

The outcome was beyond his imagination but he didn't back off. Just like how Lawless helped him before, Raven wanted to help Lawless back this time.

It wouldn't be considered as friendship though, Raven was just repaying his debt of gratitude.

"Help!" Raven said.

Ramont then dashed out immediately.

He was different from Raven because he treated Lawless as a real friend. The times they spent drinking and talking crap, risking their lives for each other, and going through harsh battles, their friendship was much stronger than anyone could have imagined.

So, no hesitation was needed because helping Kieran was helping Lawless in a way.

Though before Ramont and Raven could stride ahead, they halted their steps abruptly.

They saw the huge swarm of insects fly through the twin-headed snake's body as if it was a projection.

"It went through? That snake can alter between mirage and material form?"

Both veteran players reacted to what happened after a slight pause.

Both of them knew what was running in the other's mind after a quick exchange of gaze. Raven and Ramont decided to seize the opportunity to find and help Lawless while the swarm of insects was attracted to the twin-headed snake.

Although both of them didn't know how Lawless was doing, it couldn't be good.

"I really want to crush that bastard's balls that cut off our communications channel!" Ramont cursed once more when the thought hit him.

Then he looked at Raven, "Can you locate him?" he asked.

Since they couldn't access the convenient communication channel, Ramont couldn't get a precise location other than knowing Lawless was around Small Path Square.

Fortunately, Raven knew. As a Chosen One, Raven was not only skilled in communicating with animals, he has his own ace card that others could never imagine.

"Follow me!" Raven then sprinted off quickly as Ramont followed close behind.

The moment Raven sprinted off, his movement speed was considered remarkable and might even surpass most of the veterans. He might even be one of the fastest players among the bunch.

Raven went straight towards the dried up fountain because he sensed that Lawless was underneath the fountain pond!


A vile wind was blown at them both as the swarm of insects that covered the night sky flew down towards them. The insects ditched the twin-headed snake since they couldn't damage it but Kieran had no intentions of letting the bugs go.



Kieran appeared behind Raven and Ramont in a flash. He reached out his hands with both palms opened up and aimed at the incoming insect swarm as he chanted out loud.


Two cone-shaped flames burst out from Kieran's palm together.

The two 55 cone-shaped flames were blasted out in a 3-meter range in front of Kieran. The swarm of insects flew directly into the blazing flames and amid the messy burning sounds, hundreds of flying insects were burnt to a crisp while a burnt scent lingered in the air.

"I'll leave this to you! Be right back with Lawless!"

Ramont saw that Kieran had him covered and he quickly jumped into the fountain pond after drawing out his flaming sword.

With Raven's instruction, the flaming sword was plunged right into the bottom of the pond.


A big opening was opened up at the bottom as Raven and Ramont jumped into it.

Another portion of the insects wanted to pursue them but Kieran was a step ahead.

The giant twin-headed giant snake switched back to its material form and covered the fountain completely.

Kieran jumped up to one of its head and fired out another cone-shaped flame from his right hand.

The swarm of insects were burnt to a crisp once more.

While Kieran's left hand was brewing up a blazing fireball, ready to fire, he looked at the insect swarm above the night sky and glanced over the gathering Black Robes players.

Then, he stood up high and mighty and saying loudly, "This path is closed!"