The Devil's Cage Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Soon
Chapter 583: Soon
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

The vigorous voice echoed around Small Path Square.

Even the flying insects had their buzzing froze for a moment.

The Black Robes players that gathered through all the connecting paths slowed down as well following the shout from Kieran.

They looked up to Kieran who was standing on top of the giant snakehead. Kieran was brewing a giant fireball in his left hand while a wicked aura erupted like a volcano.

Hesitations appeared on the player's face despite the blur.

They knew their healer squad had been vanquished and without certain assurance, the Black Robes weren't as fearless as before when facing Kieran who they knew wasn't a person to be trifled with.

Death was real within the game, no one could afford to be careless.

If one would look lightly at the consequences, they would be really knocking on death's door.


The night wind blew across the big city and caused Kieran's feathered mantle to flutter. His eyes were calm as he glanced over the overwhelming enemies.

Kieran made his move!

He channeled [Devil's Flame] with [Charles' Fire] from his hand and hurled it into the bunch of Black Robes player.


Flame Burst was triggered upon impact, it burned two Black Robes player into ashes before spreading out to the others.

The Black Robes players were stunned hard as they couldn't react to the sudden strike. They never thought Kieran would be the one who fired first.

"How dare he?!"

"How dare he!?"

Such thoughts bloomed like a flower in each of the Black Robes player's heart followed by confusion and anger.

Anger was boiling among the Black Robes.

Their overwhelming numbers fused their pride together into a giant bubble, they were also infuriated by the provocations.

Even a lone lion wouldn't dare to attack a bunch of wolves, more so, the players weren't just wolves.


The fragile peacefulness in Small Path Square was shattered the moment the fireball was hurled out and the Black Robes player reacted with a full assault.

The flying insects swarm in the air dived down again.

The twin-headed snake swept its thick tail around at the enemies, both of its heads were like thrusting javelins, attacking the players in exchange and bit them from unexpected angles.

Kieran's feet were firmly attached to the snakehead as if he rooted himself on it, both his hands continued to hurl out fireballs and shooting out cone-shaped flames.

The cone-shaped flame was the light in the dark, shedding its brightness over the night from time to time.

The 1-meter diameter fireball was hurled over a beautiful arching trail, blasting the group of players and burning the ground.

[Devil's Flame] was able to ignore the common rules applied to fire and it spread throughout Small Path Square at Kieran's will.

The gentle night breeze started to feel hot, a burning stench even filled the air around but none of it could stop the ongoing battle. On the contrary, it fueled everyone's battle intent like a combustion catalyst, causing the battle to be more violent and bloody.


A bullet grazed over Kieran's cheek, leaving behind a deep cut. The bloody cut on his face was so deep that it even revealed his bones. Kieran's body quivered from the shot.

Another crossbow arrow infused with some special kind of power perforated the defenses of [Armor of Excellence], plunging directly into his abdomen. As the power from the arrow hit him, Kieran couldn't hold back his cry of pain. Still, the relentless attacks from his hands didn't even pause.

Bang Bang Bang!

[Python-W2] was fired repeatedly at the few Black Robes player charging at him.

A sudden bright light shone from a further spot as four rocket missiles were fired at Keiran with a smokey trail.

The twin-headed snake switched to its mirage form immediately and lowered Kieran to the ground right away.

Shuuuuu! KABOOM!

The missiles flew across his head and exploded behind yet the bullets kept raining down on him.

That exact moment was the very definition of quantity surpassing quality.

Kieran's force field barrier held up less than a second before shattering to pieces, forcing him to block the incoming bullets by holding [Arrogant Word] up as a makeshift shield.

But the Black Robes players weren't just in front of him, there were everywhere!

These players wouldn't even stand one round if they would go head to head with Kieran alone yet at that moment, they relied on their massive amount firearms and strained Kieran's abilities to the limits.

Puk Puk Puk Puk!

Blood splashed out from the twin-headed snake's body soon after as it switched back to its material form and covered Kieran in the middle of its body.

After sustaining massive amount of hits, the giant twin-headed snake started to wobble.

With only 3500 HP and Stamina, the HP gauge of the serpent spirit depleted quickly in Kieran's vision.

Although the attacking Black Robes couldn't see its HP gauge, they too noticed the serpent spirit was straining its last effort.


The shouts got louder and fiercer.

The Black Robes players seemed to realized Kieran wasn't as scary as he was when he provoked their pride. Their heart even mocked themselves, how could they be threatened by a single person?

It was natural for them to feel angrier because of the embarrassment from the mockings in their heart.

Therefore, the charging Black Robes sprinted even faster and harder. Only with Kieran's death, it would make them feel better after their pride was challenged.

"Soon!" Kieran muttered softly while taking as much cover as he could.


Under the fountain pond was a narrow passageway, one could only advance through while walking sideways.

Whether was it the ground or the walls on both side of the passageway, they were bumpy and uneven and obviously, the passageway was opened up hastily without proper grinding.

Raven and Ramont were moving through the passageway yet their speed advancing forward wasn't slow at all. Both of them didn't even cared about themselves and rammed forward with brute strength.

Ramont who was taking the lead was cut into a bloody state by the uneven rocks on the side. Raven's condition was less severe but he was in a much uglier position compared to Ramont.

Even though Raven has his own unique ace card, it didn't change his one-sided attribute build which prioritized Spirit.

With such a character build, his Constitution attribute would be his weakness without a doubt.

"How are you doing?" Ramont asked while continued charging heads on.

"I'll be fine, it's almost there!" Raven replied with a heavy gasp.

"I think I might have to find a better armor after this, smashing my own body through these rocks is an idiotic move!" Ramont ranted before accelerating even faster.

Raven said they would be arriving soon so Ramont was eager to move faster, thus arriving earlier!

Although with a rough outlook, Ramont was not one without brains. He knew Kieran couldn't hold on forever, the faster they could locate Lawless, the faster Kieran would be safe and so were they.

Black Robe himself though?

Ramont laughed coldly in his heart.

After another dozen meter forward dash, both sides of Ramont's arms were freed from the uneven cuttings and the scene before him cleared up.

"We're here!" Raven said.

Both of them came out of the passageway and sized up the newly found area.

Darkness covered the underground space since there wasn't any light around.

Even if it wasn't supernatural darkness, both of their sights were disrupted, Raven was no exception as well even if he was a Chosen One.

Fortunately, as a Chosen One, Raven had more unusual means up his sleeves compared to other players.


Raven made a sound similar to a whistle and the two fox-like leopard cats that had been following them started to move out.

At the same time, a speckle of gold appeared within the darkness.


Buzzes from vibrating wings echoed in Raven and Ramont's ears.