The Devil's Cage Chapter 584

Chapter 584: The Beginning
Chapter 584: The Beginning
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Why did the insects appear in the underground space beneath Small Path Square?

Raven and Ramont knew exactly what it represented, so both of them made their move.

A faint ripple of waves spread out from where Raven was standing, it went out in all directions like water and mist, emanating a mysterious presence around him.

Ramont, on the other hand, went with a more dynamic movement.

The fire and ice powers surged from both his swords. The blazing flame rose up to a meter high on one side and the freezing air spread around on the other.

Both extremely contrasting powers existed in exceptional harmony at that moment, similar to a pair of polarized yet unbreakable twins.


A clear clunking sound came from his swords as both distinguishable longswords were merged together.

Then, the blue and red energy interweaved while fueling the raging stream of ice and fire to form a spiral stream around the sword. It was then blasted at where Raven was pointing at.

Suddenly, the ground that they were standing on lit up.


A powerful shockwave wrecked the place all of a sudden.

Raven was sent flying away and Ramont was forced backward.

When the shockwave stopped, Ramont turned his attention to the direction where he had just fired his attack.

Both fox-like leopard cats lit up their tails like candles, shedding light over the bleak underground. It also granted a better vision of where Ramont was looking at.

A golden shield!

The golden radiance on the shield then started to dim off as the insects that formed the shield fell off to the ground, revealing the figure behind it.

It was a man with a black cap and mantle, sharing an identical look with the common Black Robes player.

However, both Ramont or Raven felt like they were confronted by a formidable foe.

The person before them was Black Robe himself, Rayerwent!

Further behind Rayerwent was two more person, looking weary and limping on the ground.

It was Lawless and the curse dispeller!

Both of them were unconscious and in a bad state, especially Lawless where he had a big hole through his abdomen but the blood didn't gush out and the organs were still within his body, the wound was in a jelly-like state.

Ramont wielded his merged sword and fired up his fire and ice stream again.

He quickly stood before Black Robe while Raven quickly ran over to Lawless and the curse dispeller.

"Hey, how are you guys!"

After feeding them two [Healing Potion], Raven asked as both of them slowly regained their consciousness.

"Not good!"

Lawless struggled to crawl up. The big wound on his abdomen started to wiggle as he moved his body in a troubled state.

"You better don't move! My powers are limited! After pinning down that bastard, all I can do is maintain your current state for a while, any extra strain or effort will make me lose it!"

The curse dispeller said slowly.

There wasn't any ups and downs in his tone, he sounded flat and spoke even slower

The curse dispeller then crawled up as well, similar to how slow he spoke.

His blurred out face wasn't showing any expression but the look that he was giving was different. It seemed like it was filled with intense killing intent and rage.

Black Robe laughed when he felt the hidden killing intents and rage from the gaze.

"Not bad." He commented.

Black Robe's tone was calm and steady, unlike the curse dispeller's slow and heavy tone.

"You completely sacrificed one of your five main attributes to pin me down here and just to wait for these two reinforcements? These two are too lousy! All they know is minimal cooperation and didn't even scratch the surface of teamwork essence!"

Black Robe's words obviously infuriated Ramont.


The boiling fire and ice stream was slashed towards Black Robe.

However, the red and blue sword halted abruptly when it was 2 cm away from its target.

Ramont slowly backed away as he paused his slash. He frowned hard because his battle instinct told him something was very wrong.

Black Robe was provoking him and was eager for him to strike.

Regardless of what the enemy wanted, Ramont would not comply!

He wasn't a delicate person to begin with but he understood the basics of battle as well.

He withdrew his sword and stepped back before turning his eyes to Lawless and the curse dispeller.

He sensed something even weirder.

Raven, on the other hand, had a better sense of the situation because of his higher Spirit attribute, it allowed him to have a higher instinct.

The right kind of instinct!

Raven quickly drew his gun and fired it at "Lawless", shooting his head off.


"Lawless" head exploded into a pile of yellowish fat.

The moment Raven fired out his gun, Ramont too swung his sword at the "curse dispeller", slicing him in half.

The fire and ice stream even caused the "curse dispeller" body to burst.

However, both bodies didn't disintegrate into light particles.

Ramont raised a puzzled brow over the freaky scene and turned to Raven out of instinct.

Raven quickly went over to "Black Robe" and he took out a lit candle similar to his companion's tail.

When Raven's candle got close to "Black Robe", the figure's exterior started to melt like ice being heated, revealing Lawless in an encasement!

Behind Lawless' head was a scarlet insect similar to a clamping spider.

That scarlet insect seemed to be able to sense the changes of temperature around itself and started to agitate its body.

Lawless' body too started to shiver.

Pain covered his face even though he was unconscious.

Raven and Ramont's face turned extremely sour when they saw Lawless. Other than finding Lawless in encasement down here, they realized they had fallen into the enemy's trap.

Only Lawless was found inside the underground space.

Where was the curse dispeller?

Where was Black Robe?

Raven and Ramont exchanged gaze and uttered in unison, "2567!"


The twin-headed serpent spirit vanished a couple minutes ago, not because of the times up but its HP was depleted.

After losing the cover of the serpent spirit, Kieran was forced into the worst situation against the overwhelming of enemies.

Wounds covered his body and his HP has dropped to half but he reserved his true strength for the very last moment because the target that he has been waiting for just appeared before his eyes.

His target was one of the Black Robes that was covered with a layer of grey glimmer.

The unusual glimmer was very eye-catching among the blacks despite its similar shades.

"Black Robe?"

Kieran asked, trying to confirm the figure's identity.

"I want the title sub scroll from you!"

Black Robe didn't acknowledge the question nor did he deny it but stated his intentions out loud.

Perhaps from Black Robe's point of view, Kieran was forced to his last straw. That was the reason why he revealed his intentions because it was unnecessary to hide anymore.

When Black Robe stated out his intentions, his men fired at Kieran again.

Unlike the previous bullets, their guns were loaded with [Bullets of Blessing] this time!

Kieran quickly rolled backward and jumped into the fountain's pond behind him.

As he fell down to the opening, he looked at the deep night sky and smiled.

"Let's start the game!"