The Devil's Cage Chapter 586

Chapter 586: Where Are You?
Chapter 586: Where Are You?
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White radiance shone brightly under the night sky, blinding every pair of eyes that looked at it.





Four lines of sharp as blade radiance burst out from Kieran's heart where he was stabbed and swirled rapidly around his body.

The sharp aura enveloped Black Robe's body in an obscure way and delivered the fatal blow.

Bom! Pum!

Black Robe quivered like he was struck by lightning when the formless sharp aura sliced his body back and forth.

In the end


Black Robe's body exploded just like that, dissolving into a big swarm of bugs.

After the bugs fell to the ground, the signs of life vanished from them after a couple twitches.

On the contrary, A vigorous life energy was poured into Kieran's body and it quickly regenerated the wound at his heart that was caused by that dagger of blessing.

The sharp holy dagger which should be able to tear Kieran's heart apart was forced out of his organ bit by bit.

When the last bit of the dagger was out of his heart

Dong Dong Dong!

[Fusion Heart] started to beat healthily again as blood circulated in his body once again.

Kieran felt like he had escaped death from suffocation when the dagger left him.

He took in a deep breath and grabbed the dagger of blessing.

Tsss Tsss!

A sizzling sound came from Kieran's right hand when he grabbed the dagger.

The ice-cold dagger of blessing turned sizzling hot like a burning iron when Kieran touched it.


[Saint Thorn] was activated again.

After getting the best effect from the skill, there was no need for him to hide it again.

The thorny radiance burst out again with sharp blade-like aura and it healed Kieran's hand and chest together with reflecting the damage back to the dagger itself.


A clear sound like a triangle sounded as the dagger shook. Its already burning temperature surged once more.

Mirages of light started to form from the dagger of blessing itself. Even a faint hymn started to turn clear by the seconds.

A group of ten white-robed hymn singers suddenly appeared around Kieran.

Some of them were singing softly, some were praising the holy spirit with their sonorous voice. The leader among the mirage group was a girl with a white veil over her head that concealed her face. She was holding a golden holy grail in her hands and was slowly walking towards Kieran.

Her graceful walk brought out the beauty of her slender figure and curves of her body.

Kieran pretended he didn't see the girl and was giving his best effort to remove the dagger from his chest.

He had to spend every bit of his might to pull the dagger away from his chest. Every inch he pulled, he would have to suffer sizzling burn that burned through his flesh and damaged his bones. It felt like the dagger was a part of him for a long time and he had to slowly remove it from his body.

The pain was indescribable with words. Compared to the stabbing damage that the dagger caused, this one was much more severe.


A soft sigh came from the girl's mouth as she stood in front of Kieran. She took down her white veil and revealed a holistic face underneath.

Her eyes were overflowing with pity and the compassion for all mankind, the way she was looking at Kieran was like she had seen the most pitiful, most empathic person ever.

Despite how sinful the person was, she was willing to save his soul.

Right at the next moment, the girl's face has another layer of persistence. She dipped the crystal clear water in the grail with her hand softly.

The droplet of water was rolling over her fair and tender finger as she moved her finger towards Kieran's forehead.

Before her finger even touched Kieran's forehead, an extreme chilling sense of danger came from his heart.

"GET OFF ME!" Kieran yelled.

However, the girl ignored the yell and continued on with her action.


Kieran quickly brought up the devil's flame at his left hand and hurled it towards the girl's palm.


The droplet of water was burnt away by the devil's flame and was vaporized into steam, even the girl suffered some damage.

The flame burned her from the hand onwards, followed by her body as it burned her to crisp and eventually became ashes on the ground.

Though that golden holy grail was floating in mid-air without anyone holding it.

It then shed its golden brilliance over the pile of ash and the girl was reborn.

She returned with her pity and compassion look plus the persistence on her face but was burned away once again by the devil's flame.

The process repeated itself at least ten times. Kieran didn't even show any mercy throughout the process.

During the eleventh time, only the last bit of dagger was lingering on Kieran's chest, the girl appeared once more with her pitying and compassionate look, however, she seemed to have sensed a certain danger and switch her eyes into a killer gaze.

The naked killer gaze with the most vicious killing intent, it even sent out a cold wind similar to the winter's breeze at Kieran.

The golden grail was turned into a long sword and was swung down at Kieran with its golden brilliance glimmering along its trail.

"So you've finally removed your disguise! Why the hell are you pretending to be holistic since you are just a f*cking murdering tool!"

Kieran laughed coldly before hurling another devil flame at the girl and also successfully pulled out the dagger from his chest.

Lines of light still swirled around the dagger's edge. Small tentacles of light even extended out in a twisted way towards Kieran's wound on his chest.

However, it stopped abruptly as the freezing air enveloped the dagger.

[Seattle Right Hand, Chilling Touch]!

Not only the dagger was frozen but the realistic mirages were frozen altogether, even the vicious girl was no exception.

"Sinner! Repent!"

The mirages started to fade off but sharp screaming voice echoed in Kieran's ears ceaselessly.

After glancing over the [Fear] notifications over his vision, he felt more disdain than before.

He never believed in unconditional love, even though the girl might look like a holy maiden, it was nothing but a murderous weapon in nature, let alone the disgusting feeling that bloomed in his heart.

If the dagger wasn't too close to [Fusion Heart], Kieran might have frozen the dagger long ago.



When the last of the mirages vanished, the frozen dagger of blessing shattered to pieces like a frozen glass in the winter.

Kieran threw away the bits and pieces of the dagger and turned his eyes to the other Black Robes player, he eventually landed his gaze at Black Robe, Rayerwent himself.

All of a sudden, the Black Robes players started to shiver ceaselessly.


Then, countless maggots crawled out from their mouths and quickly grew into shape.

The swarm of maggots grew into the black flying insects with wings and sharp mouths from before.

It only took an instant for the swarm of flying insects to form and they quickly returned to the player's body like swallows flying back to their nest.

Right after the insects latched onto the players' body, small munching sounds could be heard.

After a breath's time, the Black Robes players had their flesh eaten, followed by their organs and bones.

The swarm of insects ate the players to the last bit, not even sparing their hair and consumed their marrows by knocking their bones.


When the eating finished, the flying insects flew towards a further spot after swirling under the night sky.

The devil flame fireball was hurled towards the swarm of bugs immediately as well.


One-third of the swarm split and crashed themselves onto the fireball, igniting it.

The explosion made the fireball bloomed like a flower under the night sky and only a small portion of the bugs was burned off.

Most of the bugs were still gathered in a swarm and flew towards a single direction.

"Is it luring me over?"

Kieran squinted his eyes as his brain spun quickly.

Fire Raven quickly took off from one of the building's roof and followed the swarm of bugs.

Kieran glanced over the gray curse that was still approaching him slowly and quickly vanished into the shadows.


"Sir, Rayerwent has failed!"

The registrar walked over to Broker who was in the midst of writing something with his head down.

"Hmm, what about the curse dispeller's curse?" Broker replied without even lifting his head.

"The curse was cast on 2567," Zorl reported.

"Hey hey hey, this will be interesting! I really wanted to see the faces of the lone wolves when they realized one of them is cursed and they couldn't ever gather together anymore because that one person is stuck."

Broker placed the pen down and laughed with a ridiculing tone.

"What about Rayerwent?" Zorl asked.

"Get rid of him. Aren't signed contracts suppose to be broken? He really thought I would count him in in my Paradise Project? What a joke, Supernovas! Only beneath the Witch?"

Broker laughed in contempt.

Zorl bowed before leaving the room and Broker was left alone again.

He tilted his head down to the picture that he had drawn on paper.

It was a scarlet red smiley face.

Broker reached out his hand and caressed the smiley face softly.

"Now, where would you be hiding?" Broker mumbled.