The Devil's Cage Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Above Transcendence
Chapter 589: Above Transcendence
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Kieran sent the message out but Rachel hadn't replied since then.

He frowned.

He knew of the relationship between Lawless and Rachel. Both of them were past the friend-zone since they fought back to back in real life and helped each other. Their relationship was more than partners that went through life and death together, with a little mix of subtle love.

However, after leaving the organization and things that followed, Lawless became evasive of Rachel.

Kieran was sure Rachel wouldn't transform her love into hate which was why he was so puzzled by the methods Rachel took.

She knew it would be dangerous yet she kept quiet and didn't tell Lawless about it, in fact, she even purposely evaded the topic.

The image of Rachel was very different from how Kieran perceived of her.

His wait continued.

After almost 30 seconds, Rachel finally replied.


Rachel: Um...

2567: Why?

She went silent once more. It felt like she was finding words to convey the thoughts in her mind.

Rachel: Do u think Lawless is normal?

Was Lawless normal?

Kieran squinted his eyes as messy guesses started to float in his mind. Eventually, he chose to ask.

2567: In what way?

Rachel: His personality!

Rachel: Back in the organization, his personality was a big problem as well. He acted fine like common people most of the time but when something stimulated him or triggered him, he would go awry all of a sudden!

Rachel: Remember the last time how unusual he was when he knew Coll was kidnapped?


Kieran frowned.

He recalled that mini incident back in Harvest Inn, where Lawless' killer intent almost materialized. That Lawless and the current one was totally a different person.

Normally, Lawless was a nagging, funny person who loved to help others but Lawless at that particular moment was more like a machine to Kieran, a killing machine.

Though, the most impactful scene was undoubtedly Rachel smashing a bottle of wine onto Lawless' head to calm him down.

Kieran was hesitant for a while before asking more.


2567: Is Lawless suffering from a personality disorder?

Rachel: Similar but not entirely right. He is having some mental problems, not too severe but if this continues on, it will be. So I wanted to cure him.

2567: So you purposely let him stepped into Black Robe's trap?

Rachel: Yes.

Rachel: I, of course, know how dangerous it was but only with that could some sense be knocked into him in order to make him understand his mistakes. His kindness will not always bring sincerity in return! Only then he can reflect on his actions. Although the process might be painful, it is better than his condition worsening like that! He is like a suppressed spring, the more he is pressed down, the more powerful the rebounding force will be. When the suppression went over his limits, the spring would break completely.

2567: Lawless is not a spring!

Rachel: Yeah, but a more terrifying existence.


Kieran frowned as he gazed over the conversation with Rachel.

He wanted to refute Rachel from Lawless's perspective but he couldn't find any solid statement to back himself up, not even the slightest argument could come to his mind.

He wasn't a psychologist and couldn't tell how severe Lawless's condition was. All he could rely on was the communication during normal times and his sharp instinct.

This time, his instinct told him that Rachel wasn't lying but she was still hiding something.


2567: And why did you leave before?

2567: What about that Osiris Brew?


Kieran sent out his messages in a questioning manner but

Rachel went offline again!

His furrowed brows tightened when he saw the grayed out name.

Kieran who has been sitting down with his legs crossed wanted to step out and ask Lawless in person but when he stood up, he hesitated.

Lawless was the first friend he made in the underground game.

Obviously, it meant something to him and it made Kieran value their friendship even more.

He wouldn't want any accidents to happen between them.

It might be worry or scare for him but eventually, all that was left was the heart of cherishing.


Kieran took in a deep breath to calm down his chaotic mind. He knew he needed the calmness more now than at any other time.

"Rachel must be hiding something but she wouldn't tell me. Other than Rachel, who else is around Lawless"

Coll, Hanses, Raven, Ramont, and others came to his mind but he realized these few wouldn't know more than he did.

It was more of an in-game communication between them. They might have some contact in the real world but definitely not much, at most discussing some popular topics that weren't even related to their personal lives.

Everyone would rather be quiet about their own life, not only because of the habit of protecting one's privacy but also the uniqueness of the underground game.

Death was enough for one to be cautious, while Lawless being all honest and sincere was quite the rare case.

Now, when Kieran thought about it, it seemed like Lawless really had a problem.

Kieran rubbed his ever-swelling temple.

"What's wrong with you?"

A pleasant voice sounded.

Blacksmith was already standing beside Kieran without his knowledge and was holding the prepared [Crow's Black Feather].

The repaired and embedded [Armor of Excellence] was also placed on the big round table.

"I'm fine." Kieran shook his head.

He took the mantle and went over to the armor.

[Armor of Excellence] was originally a lustrous upper body armor but after embedding, it became pure black.

The dark tone interweaved across the surface and formed a unique pattern.

When Kieran first saw the armor, he noticed the difference already and he felt like he was drawn into the darkness, staring at it uncontrollably.

The unusual point didn't bother him at all, instead, he quickly picked the newly embedded [Armor of Excellence] with utmost interest.

[Name: Armor of Excellence]

[Type: Plate armor]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. Soul Summon, 2. Shadow Cover, 3. Shadow Terror]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Spirit SS]

[Remark: This is a very special armor of excellence, different from what others know of it. It has a more mysterious power to it and the wearer will need to be iron-willed to wear it safely!]


[Soul Summon: You can dominate 10 unconscious souls within a 100-meter radius range, 3 times/day]

[Shadow Cover: While hiding in shadows, gain extra Undercover +1 effect. You can also shuttle through shadows in a short range without breaking cover (10-meter limit), 3 times/day]

[Shadow Terror: Targets who lay eyes on this armor will have to undergo a test of will (includes but not limited to Spirit attributes). Failure will send target into Panic debuff]


"Extreme defense and the new [Shadow Cover]!"

The embedding of the Legendary gemstone was not disappointing at all, the fact that it raised the defense to the next level had reached Kieran's minimal baseline, let alone [Heavy], the negative attribute was removed and was replaced with [Shadow Cover].

"It didn't say whether it would cap the skill at Transcendence, which means Undercover can go above Transcendence?!"

Kieran was extremely excited.