The Devil's Cage Chapter 591 6

Chapter 591: Upgrade Part VI (2 in 1)

The deal went on smoothly on Lawless' side. Before Kieran went back to his room, he already received the [Secondary Medicine Crafting Platform Blueprint].

Without further ado, Kieran went straight to the corner of his room and upgraded the automated [Basic Medicine Crafting Platform].

[Basic Medicine Crafting Platform upgrade, requires Secondary Medicine Crafting Platform Blueprint, 10,000 Points…]

[Prerequisite met!]

[Upgrade? Yes/No]


Right after Kieran's reply, three mechanical arms of different sizes came down from the ceiling of his room and started to modify the crafting platform quickly.

"It doesn't upgrade with a beam of light?"

Kieran was quite shocked at the scene before him.

The underground game shared the realism of the real world but the upgrades and modifications before him allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the so-called realism.

There were many small LED monitors and small mechanical watches working around the crafting platform.

Kieran squinted his eyes unconsciously, the scene was exceptionally familiar because he worked in a similar factory before but it was just a familiar scene, it was unrealistic for him to completely understand the theories behind the process.

But he easily understood the notification from the system.

[Name: Secondary Medicine Crafting Platform]

[Type: Automated Crafting Platform]

[Rarity: Great (Constant)]

[Attribute: Consume 4 Points of raw materials every hour to create a bandage and create a high-quality bandage every 4 hours. Have small chances of crafting an extra healing syringe.]

[Effect: None]

[Remark: This is an automated medicine crafting platform. All you need is to put in sufficient alcohol, gauze and medicine to create an endless supply of bandages.]


"Small investment, big returns!"

Kieran exclaimed when he saw the description of "creating a high-quality bandage every 4 hours".

Although the crafting platform was quite a heavy investment from the start and the consumption point every hour has been increased to 4 as well, one [High-Quality Bandage] was priced between 30 to 35 Points among players and it would be an essential item for the rookies, newbie players.

It would be very much in demand, so there wasn't any worry about sales.

One high-quality bandage every 4 hours, so that would be 6 high bandages a day which could be sold from 180 to 210 Points. Deducting the cost a day which was 96 Points, the final points a day would be 84 to 114 Points.

If you included the common bandages which cost 3 Points each, it would be an extra 72 Points a day.

Even excluding the possibility of having a [Healing Syringe], Kieran would gain a clean profit of 156 to 186 Points per day, that would be equal to 55,526 Points to 66,216 a year!

If the[Healing Syringe] price was included as well…

Once Kieran thought of the potential benefits, he would get excited because this was an extra source of points without even going through a dungeon.

The crafting platform even solidified Kieran's thought of spending his Points and Skill Points in upgrading himself.

He was a bit stingy in spending that huge amount of Points and Skill Points despite knowing he would get more out of upgrading his skills and equipment, it still hurt his soul.

Regardless of the fictional pain, Kieran would not hesitate anymore because he knew what was the right move to maximize his benefits.

After the calculation of the potential annual income of points, his fictional pain was quickly relieved. At least he secured himself an infinite source of side income, it wasn't exactly comparable to the dungeon clear rewards but at least it wouldn't run short for the foreseeable future.

On top of that, it will not remain constant because this was only the [Secondary Medicine Crafting Platform], there was still a High level somewhere in the game!

"High Medicine Crafting Platform Blueprint and 100,000 Points?"

Kieran glanced over the upgrade requirements for a while.

He was confident about the points but the blueprint would solely depend on his luck, just like the secondary one which was a simply happy accident.

Blueprints themselves were very rare tools to drop, similar to potions, alchemy prescriptions, cards, etc. It could even be considered as the hardest among all from a certain aspect, so Kieran wouldn't be stubborn about it.

He adjusted his feelings and mental state before switching his gaze to his skill tab.

[Sword Skill, Fast Sting (Master)], [Spear Skill, Dash Lunge (Master)], [Sword Skill, Dragon Force (Master)], Kieran wanted to level all three of these skills to Musou level before the usage of Golden Skill Points.

Among the three, [Sword Skill, Fast Sting (Master)] and [Spear Skill, Dash Lunge (Master)] required 35,000 Points and 27 Skill Points each before Golden Skill Point usage.

[Sword Skill, Dragon Force (Master)] required 10,000 Points and 24 Skill Points to level it up to Pro level.

The sum of the leveling cost of the three skills would be 80,000 Points and 78 Skill Points.

[Name: Sword Skill, Fast Sting (Musou)]

[Related Attributes: Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Using an explosive speed to perform a stab at a target 5.5 meters in front you, +55% attack speed for that particular stab. (Consume 65 Stamina, cooldown; 2.5 minutes)]

[Special Effect: Extreme speed (+20% attack speed)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Any of Sharp Weapon- Dagger, Knife, Long Sword skill reaches Master, Agility D+, Constitution D+]

[Remark: You can choose either dagger, knife or longswords to perform the skill but greatswords and two-handed sword are out of range!]


[Name: Spear Skill, Dash Lunge (Musou)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: When using a spear/lance, perform a forward lunge with the same Strength and Speed, Strength +35%, Speed +35%, consume 65 Stamina]

[Special Effect: Combined Effort (Extra +10.0% of Strength, Speed)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Polearm Weapon (Master), Strength D+, Agility D+, Constitution D+]

[Remark: Share the same Strength and Speed, but not having both offense and defense]


[Name: Sword Skill, Dragon Force (Musou)]

[Related Attribute: Strength, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Whenever you attack, you can perform a 5-second charge up and unleash a slash with a 75% increase in attack, consume 125 Stamina, cooldown; 3.5 minutes]

[Special Effect: Extra Charge (decrease charge up time by 1 second]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Master of Two-handed Sword), Strength B-]

[Remark: This is one of the secret esoteric sword skill of the Dragon Sect and the base for all Dragon Sect secret skills]


The knowledge transfer and synchronization process wrapped up quickly. While savoring all sorts of techniques in his mind, Kieran took in a deep breath and looked at his Golden Skill Points and Attribute Points.

[Golden Skill Points: 7; Golden Attribute Points: 13]

Different from common skill points, the rarity of Golden Skill Points would require more cautious planning from Kieran when he decided to use it.

Fortunately, he already has his own plans for spending them.

Undoubtedly, with Spirit as his strongest attribute, Keiran would want to maximize the effect of the Spirit related skill [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] by prioritizing it.

Next in line would be [Blade Kick] and [Viper Kick].

To Kieran, his kicking abilities were already part of his combat system that he couldn't neglect anymore because it would always be one of his ace moves that would decide the outcome.

[Sword Skill, Myriad Viper, Grand Master to Musou, requires 40,000 Points and 4 Golden Skill Points. Yes/No?]


[Name: Sword Skill, Myriad Viper (Musou)]

[Related Attributes: Spirit]

[Skill Type Offense]

[Effect: Utilize your aura to pressure your opponents in a 30-meter range, the target will be forced to undergo Spirit authentication. When target's Spirit is lower than yours, the target will fall under the illusion of ten thousand snakes, allowing you to exert your will freely, consume 75 Stamina, 2.5-minute cooldown]

[Special Effect: Viper Venom (Target will have to go through another Spirit plus Intuition authentication +3 effect when the target passed the first one. Target will only be freed after passing the second authentication)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Spirit A+]

[Remark: Although it is categorized as a Sword Skill, in fact, it is really an illusory attack, no weapon limitations]


[Blade Kick, Pro to Grand Master, cost 30,000 Points 2 Golden Skill Points. Yes/No?]


[Name: Blade Kick (Grand Master)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offensive]

[Effects: A slashing wave attack from either one of your feet. The damaging wave from the attack authenticated as a Strong qi wave, Consumes 150 Stamina, 3-minute cooldown]

[Special Effect: Hardened Training (The attack and sharpness of Blade Kick will increase slowly with its level)]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: Hand-to-Hand Combat (Master of Kicks), Strength C, Agility C, Constitution C]

[Remarks: This is a fierce martial art technique. You will need to seize the opportunity to use it!]


[Viper Kick, Pro to Grand Master, cost 20,000 Points and 1 Golden Skill Points. Yes/No?]


[Name: Viper Kick (Grand Master)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Your leg muscles and joints could be slightly altered, slightly increasing the attack range of your kicks.]

[Special Effect: Viper Hiss (Whenever you launch a kick, your muscles will produce snake hissing sounds, targets who are struck will be forced to go through a Spirit authentication not lower than E+, Fear will be induced when failed)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Kick Combat (Master), Strength D+, Agility D+, Constitution D+]

[Remark: A set of kicking techniques that is infamous for its bewitching movements, catching your target off guard!]


The synchronization process started once more and Kieran habitually savored the moment.

He was crystal clear on how to maximize his benefits and get more out of it.

After a minute, Kieran turned to his points tab again.

[Points: 370,000; Skill Points: 87; Golden Skill Points: 0; Golden Attribute Points: 13]

A sudden loss of almost half his total points made the stingy man hold his chest.


Kieran gasped heavily, this way spending such a huge amount of Points and Skill Points was too stimulating for him and once he thought the current points wouldn't stay as it was, he gasped even harder.

Despite the heavy gasping, Kieran wouldn't change his plans in upgrading even though it was a heartache to him.


2567: There?

2567: I need enchantment.


Kieran sent over a message to Lemour in the PM tab and at the same time screenshotted [Arrogant Word] over to her.

Unlike the initial distrust, after the battle with Black Hell Banning, the alchemist had been categorized into the list of people that Kieran could trust.

Why not Blacksmith though?

Blacksmith was clear with him that she couldn't embed any Legendary rank equipment yet if he would risk it, he might lose both the gemstone and equipment. Therefore, Blacksmith recommended Lemour for the job.

Perhaps it wasn't possible to enchant pass Lvl 3 but the changes of Lvl 2 would be sufficient for [Arrogant Word] to have a qualitative change.

Players' strengths were formed by their attributes and equipment. Kieran was quite open in that sense, as long as it wasn't a cursed item like [Reverse Scar] that could suck one's equipment, the stronger his equipment, the better.


Lemour: Legendary weapon? Even among the lone wolves, there are only a handful who own one!

Lemour: What a surprising young man!


Lemour was acting like an elder to him. When he recalled the 150cm height of hers, Kieran couldn't help but raise a brow because it really was weird.

Though after Lawless' relentless reminder of not touching the taboo, Kieran wouldn't want to embarrass himself.

In order to switch his thoughts away from the twisted topic, Kieran quickly stated his reasons in the message.


2567: I want to maximize [Critical Rate] and [Critical Damage] enchantment.

Lemour: Each 300K.

2567: No problem.


A quick calculation later, Kieran immediately agreed to the price. After signing a contract, Kieran mailed over [Arrogant Word] and all he needed to do was wait.

He wouldn't want to waste the waiting time as well though. He looked at his own attribute tab, other than Spirit which had already reached the limit of his Character Model Template, there were Strength, Agility, Constitution, and Intuition left.

With 13 more Golden Attribute Points, Kieran wouldn't mind further upgrades.

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Strength S- → S]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Strength S → S+]

[Detected attribute has reached Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set it as your main attribute?]


[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Agility S- → S]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Agility S → S+]

[Detected attribute has reached Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set it as your main attribute?]


[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Constitution S- → S]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Constitution S → S+]

[Detected attribute has reached Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set it as your main attribute?]


[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Intuition A+ → S-]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Intuition S- → S]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Intuition S → S+]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Intuition S+ → SS-]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Intuition SS- → SS]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Intuition SS → SS+]

[Detected attribute has reached Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set it as your main attribute?]


The results were out of Kieran's expectations.

Strength, Agility, and Constitution had reached their limit at S+ rank but Intuition went up another major rank instead.

"Is it because my outstanding Spirit attribute as well? Or some other special skills?"

According to Lawless' information about Character Model Template Limits, Kieran could draw a general speculation and it was natural that he thought about the [Character Model Template Limit] mission.

Once he cleared the mission, he could enjoy another leap in his overall strength but…

Kieran turned his head at his door.

Even behind the door, he could feel the eerie presence of the curse.

Lawless already went on a search for a player who could lift the curse with his connections but Kieran wouldn't put much hope in it.

A curse cast with the user's life wasn't something that could be easily lifted.

Yet it couldn't stay as it was either!

If players couldn't, what about natives?

Aside from Nikorei, the God of Earth, back in [The Queen's Shield], Mary's mother seemed to be an expert in curses as well.

Although she had passed away, Kieran was almost certain within that dungeon world, there must be someone else who was skilled in curses.

Coincidentally, the next dungeon due was [The Queen's Shield II]!