The Devil's Cage Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Questioning
Chapter 605: Questioning
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Mary stared at Celty with shock, her heart just couldn't calm down.

She never thought her mother would originate from the Raven Sect.

Therefore her eyes at Celty was dubious, dubious about whether was it a lie.

"Lies are like snow in the summer, they will eventually melt into revelation. You can ask your father King James VIII about this, whether your mother is from the Raven Sect. He would definitely give you an assurance."

"Well, I couldn't stay any longer. Sir 2567 is really terrifying. If he realized it was my petty tricks, he won't be so courteous anymore. If you gain certainty of my words, meet me in the woods behind Lightning Fortress in the evening, I'll tell you more about your mother. Though, I don't mind you bringing company along."

Celty then bowed and exited the tent.

Mary dazed out as she stared at the direction Celty left.

"Mother is from the Raven Sect? Why didn't she tell me anything?"

Such thoughts circulated her mind. Then without further ado, she ran towards the king's tent.

As the girl left, Kieran emerged from the shadow beside her tent.

As he saw the girl run towards the king's tent, he glanced deeply at the direction where Celty left and his eyes suddenly turned cold.

Kieran realized something wasn't right when Viper Sect abducted and seized Bosco for a distraction. His doubtful character was already thinking what caused the Viper Sect to act so naively.

Lures, lies and other guesses appeared in Kieran's mind.

If his theories were correct, who gave the lure and lied to the Viper Sect?

Kieran could already picture a mastermind behind the tricks.

Right after that, when all three of the Viper Sect captives were placed before him, everything connected itself.

The mastermind wanted Kieran to interrogate the three captives, or more precisely, was using the captives to stall him.

So, who else within the whole Warren campsite had the value for the mastermind to go after?

Mary and King James VIII. Kieran couldn't think of anyone else other than the father and daughter.

The surprising factor was the man knew Mary's mother was from the Raven Sect.

No doubt Mary's mother was hiding her true identity all along, she didn't even utter a single word to her daughter.

"The Raven Sect and also a sorceress, she was also assassinated by the assassin from the Viper Sect" Kieran muttered softly to himself as he couldn't help but squint his eyes.

After many dungeon runs, Kieran's sharp senses picked up the scent of a sub-mission or special event.

Since the beginning, Kieran never doubted the claims about Mary's mother saying that she originated from the Raven Sect.

Lies around King James VIII were really unnecessary.

Of course, Kieran was also certain that the shady character, Celty harbored malicious intent behind his mask.

It wasn't the first or second day that Mary appeared in the eyes of the public.

There were many more opportunities for him to meet Mary but why would he choose such sensitive timing after the Prairies invaders lost the battle?

The coincidental appearance made Kieran heighten his vigilance in his heart.

As for the initial doubt in his heart?

Even though Celty mentioned that Mary's mother was from the Raven Sect, it didn't mean he was. There was a high possibility that he could have gotten the news through some methods and used it to gain Mary's trust.

Kieran always looked at a stranger from an evil perspective because of his vigilance.

He knew it wasn't a good habit but it wasn't a bad habit either, it was just that his character was hard for those self-proclaimed nobles to accept.

The next thing that he would do would surely condemn those nobles and infuriate them.

Kieran strode back to the tent holding the captives of Viper Sect. Without further ado, he activated [Mesly Ring] and controlled the leader among the trio.

"No! You can't do this! I"

"Yes, my master! Please order me!"

When Fanner saw the ring on Kieran's left middle finger, he cried out loud and his cold manner vanished without a sign.

His intense struggling did raise his spirit authentication higher but before Kieran's SSS+ Spirit, Fanner was still crushed, he couldn't do anything to alter the outcome.

A moment ago, Fanner was struggling with his life but a moment later he was an obedient follower, it scared his other comrades beyond words.

Both the others shrunk their body and refused to make eye contact with Kieran.

Surprisingly it seemed to be working. Kieran didn't care about them anymore which caused them to heave a sigh of relief.

Truth was, [Mesly Ring]'s [Charm] and [Dominate] could only activate once a day, otherwise, Kieran would not spare them.

"Tell me everything you know about the Viper Sect," Kieran said.

"Yes, master!"

"The leader of the Viper Sect is Madam Perry Kaner. There is around two to three hundred of us currently. Other than those few hiding in Riverdale, the rest are scattered all across Warren lands" Fanner swiftly spilled all the details.

Kieran was listening quietly and was also comparing the confession with his guesses.

From the sounds of it, the first captive, Torstar wasn't telling the complete truth. He mixed up the truth with his skillful technique and hid certain false information among the truth.

If Kieran trusted Torstar's confession and investigated the Viper Sect, he would definitely be exposed during critical moments and his mistakes would be enlarged indefinitely, hence he would lose everything because of it.

Kieran glanced deeply at Torstar.

The gaze made the latter avert his eyes and shiver.

Kieran never expected him to cooperate, the confession of his comrade was also just a test.

"After suffering destruction, the Viper Sect is still a disciplined organization. Even though its members are captured, they'd still tip the scale of priority towards their organization before the face of absolute threats Madam Perry Kaner eh?"

Kieran muttered the name.

Although the person was a woman, her abilities to resurrected the entire Viper Sect from its destruction and further perfect its system was amazing.

Whosoever dared underestimate such a woman an ominous fate will befall them.

"You've seen Perry Kanner before? Or do you know where she is?" Kieran asked.

"I've seen her before but every time she appeared, her face was covered and our ranks forbid us to see the true face behind the leader's mask or know about her whereabouts! There is less than two person in the entire organization who know the leader's whereabouts." Fanner answered.

Kieran nodded. Perry Kanner's cautiousness was expected.

"Then What about Jeanne James? The Viper Sect did send someone to serve her before and even went after Mary's life. I am not interested in those men since they might be Folly's men either but why is the Viper Sect still after Mary after Jeanne James is dead?" Kieran continued his question.

"The order that was given to us is to capture Mary alive, not kill her. As for why I don't know."

Fanner shook his head and told the truth that he knew of.

Kieran squinted his eyes instantly and then turned his attention to Torstar.