The Devil's Cage Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Church of Dawn

Gold coins and bars of gold were mixed with bits and pieces of gold, gushing out like a gyser.

The five of them were in awe and shock, the scene leaving them stunned.

"My fortune! My wealth!" Duke Wayne shouted.

"Its really here?" Kieran could not believe his own eyes.

Never once had he thought that the millennium treasure would really be in the Council Hall.

When theyd chosen the hall as their ambush point, Kieran remembered Guntherson clearly saying, "The treasure is not in the Council Hall. Fifty years ago, I checked every nook and wall there, and each wall was made of a whole piece of mountain rock. Its not possible to hide any passage or door behind it!"

The Last Knight had not lied, but judging by the scene in front of them, Guntherson must have been looking in the wrong place. The walls had not been hiding a secret passage or door. They had been covering the treasure as a whole, keeping it like a treasure box.

The walls unique material had been protecting the treasure from potential raiders.

Kieran was impressed by the hiding method and the structure of the walls. The builder might not have been well known, but he must have known the true nature of human beings. However, Kieran had not forgotten the danger descending upon them.

"Run!" he shouted as he grabbed John and started running towards the exit once again.

Compared to the trembling structure collapsing, the gushing waves of gold were far more dangerous. Anyone caught underneath them would definitely not be able to make it out alive.

John came back to his senses as Kiran dragged him, but Duke Wayne was not that lucky. He realized the danger when Kieran and John had already started running.

It was only a second later, but in a life-and-death situation, differences like that mattered. Duke Wayne had never hated gold in his life as much as he hated the growling wave of gold before him now. He wanted to get as far from it as possible.

Reality, however, did not bend to human will. Not even to Duke Waynes will.

Duke Wayne ran for his life, but the growling tremble behind him only got louder and louder, as if he was being chased by a hungry beast.

He was panicked and afraid, his sweat soaking his clothes in an instant. He did not want to die yet.

He had unimaginable authority, a very important position in society, and a long list of plans waiting for him. How could he die just like that?

"No! I cant DIE! You should be the ones dying!"

As death approached, Duke Wayne went mad. He looked at Kieran and John running in front him, and suddenly threw himself towards them and shouted, "DIE!"

His twisted face was like a vengeful ghost, eerie words escaping his mouth.

Carl, who was at the outer part of the hall and had watched the whole scene, could not help but shout, "Be careful!"

As Carl shouted, Kieran felt like a prophet. He knew what was coming. He turned around while he ran, and just as Duke Wayne was latching onto his coat, he unleashed a strong kick onto the mans face.

The strong impact sent Duke Wayne flying backwards and into the waves of gold.

Kierans D-rank Intuition had heightened his senses and allowed him to avoid Duke Waynes sudden assault.

As a matter of fact, when the man had been behind them, Kieran had reserved some of his attention for him. As Duke Wayne had leapt towards them, Kieran was already prepared to counter attack. It was a piece of cake. Duke Wayne might have had wealth and immense influence over everyone and everything in city, but when it came to physical strength, he was pretty worthless. He might have had some training when he was younger, but as soon as hed gotten his duke title and become the leader of his family, he had abandoned it. Plus, the man was old.

Duke Waynes last move on Kieran had been nothing more than a mere mortal struggling before the door of death.

Kieran, who had been long prepared, was able to catch his enemy easily.

Therefore, the moment Duke Wayne had decided to leap forward, he had sealed his own fate.

"Noooo!" he screamed in despair.

The bright, golden waves swallowed Duke Wayne in an instant, and moved on towards Kieran and John. After Kieran had kicked away Duke Wayne, he did not bother looking back at the result. He just kept running for his life. If he did not want to share the same fate as the duke, he would have to run as fast as he could.

However, after that minor delay, the golden waves had almost caught up with them.

"Leave me and run!" John shouted at Kieran as he felt the tremble behind them.

John knew that if it was not for him burdening him, Kieran would have already left the hall. Because of him, both of them might end up getting swirled in by the golden waves.

John could not help but grin at the thought. Suddenly, he pushed Kieran away and waved to the others as he said, "RUN!"

As he urged his friends to go, Johns lower body was already covered by the golden wave. Kieran naturally turned around and tried to pull John out. Although his logic told him running was the right choice, at the moment, Kierans body was out of control.

He had no idea what he was doing. A player risking his life for an NPC... Kieran could not help but laugh bitterly.

John, on the other hand, was completely stunned. He looked at Kieran, who was pulling him as hard as he could, and instantly felt honored to have a friend like him.

"CHIEF! SIR KIERAN!" Carl was shouting their names as Guntherson frowned at the situation. The scene had made Guntherson relive unwanted memories from his past. He had been helpless then, but now?

The sound of cracking joints could be heard as Guntherson emitted a stream of energy. The clear stream gathered in his palms, and that tall, huge body of his grew even bigger.

"IN THE NAME OF THE DAWN!" the Last Knight shouted as he pushed his hand forward as hard as he could.

The energy stream started to take a straight, slim form. The stream was violent and powerful, like a dragon emerging from the sea and shooting towards the golden waves.

It blasted the golden wave, causing an explosion as the two forces collided.

Countless gold flew all over the place as the uncontrollable golden wave paused for a moment.

Within the slight window created by Guntherson, Kieran quickly grabbed John again and ran like crazy.

As the two of them dashed out of the hall and entered the corridor, a coffin that had been buried inside the golden wave appeared. Guntherson had dispersed the wave for a while, so it was like a surfing board surfing through the rough waves of gold as it was pushed out of the hall and into the corridor, hitting the wall hard.

As the coffin collided with the wall, the golden case cracked open and two people fell out of it.

"Altilly Hunter? Jimmy?"

Kieran and John could not help but be surprised by their sudden appearance.

Altilly and Jimmy also seemed stunned as they fell out of the coffin, but mere moments later, their faces turned pale and they shouted together, "RUN! THERES A MONSTER HERE!"

The heavy roar could be heard clearly as the gold kept filling the hall.

Kierans D- Rank Intuition granted him extra vision and he could make out a huge figure among the golden pile.

[Player finished the Main Mission: Locate Altilly Hunter within one month, dead or alive]

[Player will leave the dungeon in 5 minutes]

[Please carry out of the dungeon any items that you wish to keep!]

[Overweight items will be considered prohibited items and will be discarded!]

The system notifications went on.

[Name: Fiery Ruby Fragment]

[Type: Jewel]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attributes: When embedded on weapons or equipment, it provides weapons with 1-2 Burn Damage and equipment with 1%-2% Fire Resistance.]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: Its far more valuable than a normal jewel!]


There was a piece of jewelry the size of babys fingernail stuck on his coat.

It seemed that it had gotten stuck when Guntherson had blasted the golden wave with his "Knight of Dawn" energy stream and had sent the jewels flying.

Kieran looked at the piece of ruby and the gold-filled hall. There were golden coins and bars of gold, and countless shining jewels sparkling all over the place.

Kieran shivered as he saw the sparkle, a thought popping into his mind.

He needed to gather as much jewelry as possible within five minutes.