The Devil's Cage Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Secretive
Chapter 612: Secretive
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"Sir 2567!"

Rover called out in delight after being slightly stunned.

He then fell to the ground limping, having no intention to move another muscle.

Too much has happened in one day, to the point that he couldn't take it all with his eyes, especially the running after being wounded and the battle of wits and courage just now.

Everything had exhausted the royal wizard to his limits despite being trained in the past.

The moment Kieran appeared, he finally gave in to his body. He knew with Kieran's arrival, everything would be fine.

The powerhouse that rivaled a thousand men by himself, it was outrageously powerful given that it wasn't an act of deception.

Kieran was definitely someone that the Viper Sect sword wielder could not handle.

Compared to Rover who relaxed his body, Celty widened his eyes instead.

The Raven Sect's Celty was looking unbelievable as he shifted his eyes between Kieran's face and the Fire Raven on his left shoulder.

"Impossible! How is this possible? How could such things happen?"

Celty mumbled non-stop.

His mumbling was heard by the Viper Sect sword wielder though, it felt like Celty was uttering the feelings in the heart of the sword wielder.

The strategy of misleading had failed!

The sword wielder's heart skipped a beat and was followed by a sudden surge of killing intent.

"Since they failed, then I will turn the tables around!" So he thought.

As the secret weapon that was raised by that particular Excellency, the Viper Sect sword wielder had exceptional confidence in himself.

The sword wielder then made his move!

His sword was dished out faster and more vicious than before, the lustrous on the blade shone brightly again.

The dazzling brightness made the longsword's sharpness unrivaled. A strange aura also formed on the sword wielder himself, as though he himself had turned into a sword.

The sword-like aura together with the real sword in his hand was driven directly towards Kieran.

"Careful Ugh!"

Celty warned Kieran out of instinct. As a Raven Sect himself, he knew how terrifying the sword wielder was right now. The sword wielder had awakened the sword in his hand and was able to fight in union using this special condition.

Under such a condition, the sword wielder could double his usual combat abilities. It even had all sorts of strange traits, catching his target off guard easily.

However, as Celty uttered his concern he was astonished beyond words, leaving his mouth open wide.

The Viper Sect sword wielder's sword was disarmed and sent flying while the man himself was limping on the ground.

What happened?

Celty asked himself.

All he saw was a flash of light and as for what happened exactly, he had no idea.

Celty then turned his eyes towards the Fire Raven. When he saw the intelligence within the raven's eyes, the deepest part of his memories was triggered.

"You know Master Crown Raven?" Celty asked after struggling to get up.

"Crown Raven? No." Kieran answered directly.

Crown Raven was the leader of Raven Sect.

Kieran knew the name from "Words of Sect" but that was all he knew.

"Then the Fire Raven on your shoulder"

"That is none of your business!"

Kieran interrupted Celty before he could finish.

Celty wanted to press the question but when he saw the coldness in Kieran's eyes, he shut up

He recalled the meeting back in the woods. The young man before him wasn't someone who would kill the innocent but was definitely not a weak person.

Anyone who took his dullness for granted would be struck by calamity.

However, the gears in Celty head spun quickly, it seemed like he had realized something incredible and what happened next confirmed some of this thoughts.

A ball of blazing fire burned fiercely on Kieran's left hand.

The scorching heat forced Celty to back away. Still, he locked his eyes at the 1-meter wide fireball as it was hurled towards the pursuers group. Upon impact, a 4-meter tall blazing pillar of fire burst out from the ground, lighting not only the pursuers but also Celty's eyes.

Kieran didn't give much thought about Celty's bright gaze.

He knew something big was going to happen soon after getting a glimpse of some crucial things. He didn't have any more time to spare for Celty.

Kieran quickly picked up the two lower tier Magic rank items and the captives before getting ready to leave.

Rover, on the other hand, wouldn't require his concern. He himself had his own mission to carry out.

"Hold on! Sir 2567, don't you want to know where the Prairies spies hiding in Riverdale are?"

Celty stopped Kieran once more and Kieran looked at him with a less friendly gaze.

"What are you saying?" Rover said while getting himself in a sitting posture and was looking at Celty with bright eyes.

"I would want to repay Sir 2567 after saving my life I am willing to reveal the information of the Prairies spies that I know to you, Sir 2567!"

Celty said slowly while staring at Kieran.

Disappointed, Kieran wasn't budged by his suggestion. His expression was absent of excitement and delight despite able to get the Prairies spies location. He was as calm as always.

"You can discuss that with Rover."

Kieran then quickly disappeared into the streets with his captive after leaving those words behind.

Watching Kieran's back, the disappointment on Celty's face instantly disappeared and was replaced by a slight delight.

"Same! Exactly the same!" Celty mumbled.

"What is exactly the same? Need not to remind you, your injuries are quite severe, if you don't cure the poison in your body soon, the residual effects will be tedious." Rover reminded him.

"Then, as an exchange, I'll tell you everything about the spies while you treat me! What'd you say?" Celty returned to his normal form and asked with a smiling face.

"Of course!" Rover nodded without a second of hesitation.


After returning to Lightning Fortress with lightning speed, the Fire Raven flew up high and hid on one of the cliffs in Herr Valley and with Kieran's order, it gazed over the whole campsite with eyes as sharp as an eagle.

Kieran, on the other hand, grabbed his captive and headed back to Fanner's tent.

"Master!" Fanner bowed.

Mary who was waiting for Kieran's return quickly went over to him and handed him a jug of water. The water was warm and suitable for a drinking, it was a little sweet as well when Kieran drank it, seemed like honey was added.

"How is it?" Mary asked after handing another warm towel to Kieran after he finished the drink.

"Just as expected. Folly was not the only one who caused the elimination of the entire Viper Sect"

Kieran quietly moved Mary behind him as he spoke. His words stopped when Mary was completely blocked out by his body but a voice sounded outside the tent, continuing where Kieran left off.

"Of course it wasn't Folly alone. How could the Viper Sect be eliminated by that arrogant fool alone?"

The voice belonged to a woman.

Instantly, a name popped up in Kieran's mind as the voice sounded.

Perry Kaner.