The Devil's Cage Chapter 614

Chapter 614: Dominate
Chapter 614: Dominate
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

"[Sword Skill, Myriad Viper]?!"

Perry Kaner cried out in shock, her indomitable spirit of victory was shaken beyond control.

How could the Viper Sect's ultimate technique, [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] appear in a stranger's hand and be even stronger than her own?

Even that arrogant Folly couldn't surpass her in terms of skills.

"Hold on! Folly!"

A sudden thought came into Perry Kaner's mind and her eyes towards Kieran turned cold all of a sudden. Still, she knew her priority.

A green light shone brightly from Perry Kaner's body, revealing a small green snake with only a finger's size that came crawling out from her hand.

The myriad of snakes that sprung out from the ground was frightened instantly before moving away from Perry Kaner.

After a while, the myriad of snakes vanished into thin air like bubbles.

Kieran's Musou level [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] has been negated by an unknown technique but he wasn't surprised though.

Spirit related [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] might be victorious against others but when it was used against members of the Viper Sect, especially their leader, Kieran has prepared for the unexpected.

So right after releasing [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper], Kieran had dashed forward to Perry Kaner and dished out a kick.

Perry Kaner twisted her body strangely again but this time around, she did not escape Kieran's attacking range easily because Kieran's leg followed her movement as well with the hiss of a snake.

[Viper Kick]!

Grand Master [Viper Kick] didn't just significantly alter Kieran's ankle and knee joints, it changed the muscles in both his legs into a more flexible manner as well.

His kick was like a real snake leaping out at its target. It swirled around in mid-air, following Perry Kaner's body movements.

Perry Kaner's face turned sour again.

After Kieran displayed the ultimate technique from the Viper Sect, Perry Kaner realized her plans had fallen into an unexpected turn but she didn't expect what occurred would be so serious.

The level of [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] and [Viper Kick] had surpassed even her own, reaching the level only in her memories and books, even her teacher could not achieve such power with these techniques.

When she saw the blazing flames burning on Kieran's left hand, she activated one of her aces without further hesitation.

The green snake that swirled around her burst out from the light veil and expanded rapidly with the wind!

Within a breath's time, the finger-sized green snake grew into the size of a water tank and extended into a dozen meters in length. The small green snake grew into a giant green python!

After Perry Kaner gave her order to her snake, she wanted to escape right away as she couldn't afford to delay anymore. The longer she tangled with Kieran, the more her efforts would go to waste.

However, the moment Perry Kanner took her first step in escaping, Kieran appeared in front of her again.

"How is this possible? My pet python"

Perry Kaner's heart was filled with inconceivable thoughts, although she knew her pet python couldn't stall Kieran for long, it would be sufficient for her to escape.


The snake hiss was enlarged countless times and it turned into a loud roar fiercer than a beast, deadlier than a monster!

When Perry Kaner saw her green python being suppressed by a 20-meter twin-headed snake, she was sure it wasn't a snake anymore but a monster!

Suu! Shuu!

Perry Kaner was forced to back away once more when Kieran appeared in front of her.

While she was moving back, she whistled repeatedly.

It was rushed, sharp and could be heard from a mile away under the night sky.

The moment the whistle sounded, myriads of snakes appeared and different from [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper]'s illusory snakes, this time around the snakes were all real.

Red, black, and green snakes were flooding into Warren campsite like a rising tide.

Even under the night sky, the snakes' colors were bright and those with experience knew what the bright color meant for a snake.

Poison! All of the colorful snakes were poisonous.

Cries and screams sounded in the campsite one after another.

The soldiers at the campsite were lost when they saw the strange scene. All they could do was to utilize what they have learned: using torches and sulfur to repel the snakes.

However, even though the snakes disliked fire and sulfur, they didn't have any intentions of going away since someone was controlling them.

On the contrary, their hisses sounded more vicious than normal and the solder's faces turned pale when they were gazed by a myriad of poisonous snakes.

They knew they would be dead meat once they snakes rushed in.

The soldier's eyes eventually saw the figure that was standing in front of them, it was Kieran!

After a glorious victory against the Prairies invaders, the soldiers had found their pillar of support, they hoped that Kieran would lead them out of this difficult situation as their survival instincts were acting up.

"I mean you no harm! Let me leave!"

Perry Kaner said after jumping into the sea of snakes.

Her tone was utterly firm and decisive. She wasn't a woman who compromised easily but Kieran's presence forced her to do so and she took it as an insult to her dignity.

Of course being willing to compromise to the situation was a one-sided thought from Perry Kanner, in the eyes of the others, it looked more like a desperate request.

Mary then walked up to Kieran's side under the gazes of the sea of snakes while holding tight to her mother's sword, [Thorn Blade].

"Why do you want to kidnap me? Tell me the reason and I'll let you leave," The girl said.

Similar to Kieran, the girl was curious about Perry Kaner's motives as well.

However, her questions sounded more like a bigger insult to Perry Kaner.

"Are you insulting me? Or do you think I will show you any mercy?" Perry Kaner coldly grunted.

Suu Suuu!

Perry Kanner whistled quickly again. The sea of snakes which were still calm a moment ago quickly rushed towards the campsite under the whistle's command.

The soldiers backed off quickly one after another, each of them was horrified at the scene.

Mary too unconsciously took a step back but when he saw Kieran remained still, she halted her steps.

Even though the instinctive fear lingered in her heart, she clenched her teeth and forced herself to stand by Kieran's side.

Kieran smiled as his looked down, his hand reached out to the girl's head and touched her.

Then, he turned towards Perry Kaner and strode forward after he kept his smile.

Perry Kaner's heart shook for a bit when she saw Kieran's cold eyes but it made her whistle even faster.

The sea of snakes rushed forward a few times faster than before.

While Kieran on the other end didn't stop his march forward either, he didn't even hasten his steps as he walked straight up to the sea of snakes.

10 meter!

5 meter!

2 meter!

1 meter!

A second before the sea of snakes drowned Kieran, all of the snakes froze all of a sudden as though they were struck by some spell.

Then, the sea of snakes divided itself into two and revealed a path that led straight to Perry Kaner.

Kieran walked along the small path as the poisonous snakes on both his side were hissing towards the moon.

Suddenly, all of the snakes bowed their head down as though they saw their king!

They bowed to their king and submitted to his presence.

The sudden scene struck panic in Perry Kaner's heart and when Kieran was approaching her, the panic in her heart overflowed like never before.