The Devil's Cage Chapter 616

Chapter 616: Ghost
Chapter 616: Ghost
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As Bicker threw his leather belt with the daggers and flying knives aside, a clear noise followed.

Bicker pulled out a rope and lashed it out at Perry Kaner.


As though the rope came alive, it flew across the air with air-breaking sounds and entangled Perry Kaner's limbs before it tightened on her body.

The rope tied her up before one end of it returned to Bicker's hand.

"Look, I have your unique talents as well!" Bicker laughed.

He slightly pulled the rope and further tightened the bindings over Perry Kaner's wound around her waist.

Looking at his ex-leader's furrowed brows while enduring the pain, Bicker's smile turned warmer. He liked to watch Perry Kaner suffer, so he increased her suffering.

Bicker went up close to Perry Kaner and gripped the dagger on her wound. He slightly turned it around and pulled it right out of her body, causing blood to gush.

The agonizing pain and the heavy grunts from Perry Kaner caused Bicker to quiver.

He felt excited, stimulated, a feeling that he hadn't felt for a long time.

"Do you know how long have I waited for this particular moment? It is wonderful having my fantasy come true!"

Bicker raised his right index and middle finger to stuff them into Perry Kaner's wound. He didn't mind the blood and the poison mixed in it, all he did was twisted his fingers and feel her blood and flesh.

He felt even more stimulated when Perry Kaner moaned out of pain intermittently. It was the best moment for him.

The better he felt, the more he wanted to destroy her!

He stuck his tongue out and licked his dried lips before proceeding with his disgusting move.

Bicker took out his fingers reluctantly and tore Perry Kaner's leather armor in a rampant way.

He then moved his face to her waist and placed his mouth over her wound.

Perry Kaner squinted his eyes as she was being ravaged. The shine of danger was glimmering in her eyes.

She didn't care about how disgusting Bicker was, all she could think about was how could she deal with the situation at hand. She did possess two more ace card which she could use to easily obliterate the disgusting bastard before her but the rest of his men

She couldn't even muster a 50% success rate because of her wound at her waist and the number of traitors.

However, she wasn't ready to give up just yet. A 50% chance was worth the risk but someone was faster than her.

A hand reached out from the shadows and grabbed Bicker's head that was stuffing his face around Perry Kaner's waist.

A clear crack sound later, Bicker's neck was snapped off from his spine.

The sudden pain left the stimulated expression on his handsome face but when both extreme emotions were mixed together, his face turned extremely twisted.

Bicker's head was then thrown at the ground and followed by a stomp from a boot, crushing his head together with his twisted face.


Whitish red brain fluid splattered upon impact.

A green glowing skill book then appeared on his headless body.

Kieran picked it up and glanced through it.

[Discovered Living Rope Technique. Learn skill? Yes/No]

"Living Rope Technique?"

Kieran raised a brow and unconsciously looked at Perry Kaner who was tied in an embarrassing way by Bicker's technique. Without further explanation, her body has told Kieran what the skill could do.

He quickly put the skill book into his bag before turning back at the place.

The fight in the temporary base was still going on, however, the situation was one-sided.

The enemy's side has an overwhelming number of people and the allied side has only a single woman.

Some of the enemies then walked over with erupting killing intent after seeing Kieran snap Bicker's neck.

The situation was a terrible news for Perry Kaner but a good one for Kieran.

He could never turn a cold shoulder against the Viper Sect members who possessed decent fighting capabilities which might drop more potential items.

But Kieran didn't move out immediately.

"Need a hand?" Kieran asked Perry Kaner.

The question was a test for a potential sub-mission.

Perry Kaner didn't reply, all she did was stare at Kieran with dubious eyes. She didn't mind at all about her ravaged clothes and wasn't even concerned that she might be the only one left alone.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"Viper Sect's secret techniques and ultimate skills."

Even if Kieran had acquired a sub-mission, he wouldn't tell her honestly but it didn't stop him from further prying on his benefits.

"Viper Sect techniques are only taught to Viper Sect disciples!" Perry Kaner voiced her rejection.

However, Kieran felt that there was still room to turn her rejection around, otherwise, she could have just replied "Impossible" and wouldn't say something with profound meaning.

Engaging Perry Kaner before allowed Kieran to understand she was a smart woman.

She looked highly of strength but also benefits.

The latter might even have a higher priority than the former which meant room for negotiating.

"What about one of the two?" Kieran asked.

"One! Only one!" Perry Kaner emphasized.

"It must be something that I haven't learned," Kieran added his requirements.

"Fine!" Perry Kaner nodded.

Both of them were negotiating like the owner of a fruit stall and her customer in the market but the place they were in was full of dead bodies and filled with bloody stench, there was an indescribable strangeness to the scene.

After Perry Kaner nodded, Kieran turned over and faced the Viper Sect traitors who pointed their swords at him.

Kieran drew out [Arrogant Word] from his bag.

The moment the greatsword left [Crimson Ghost Stomach], it gave out a heavy chime.


Purple bewitching glare shone brightly from the blade body as Kieran swung it horizontally.

The traitors were illuminated by the glare and the swords in their hands were broken by a single slash together with their body.

It was like breaking a twig from a dead stump!

The clean slash made one doubt whether the scene was real.

The other traitors had their hands frozen for a while, none of them thought the outcome would be so outrageous.

Even Perry Kaner who was still in bindings was shocked. She knew Kieran would surely win but she didn't think it would be so easy.

"That sword! A legacy weapon?"

Thoughts bloomed in her heart as Perry Kaner locked her eyes on that eye-catching [Arrogant Word].

The only one present in the temporary base who had foreseen the outcome was Kieran.

After enchanting Lvl 2 [Critical Rate] and [Critical Damage], [Arrogant Word] had exceeded its own limits from a certain aspect.

[Critical Rate] has a certain percentage to deal two times the damage when striking the enemy's weak point.

[Critical Damage] has a percentage to deal an extra higher rank of damage.

The damage increase enchantment complemented [Arrogant Word]'s high damage and boosted it to the next level.

Kieran then dashed out to the rest of the traitors without even glancing at the bodies cut in half or the glowing spoils of war.

He didn't swing the greatsword with precise techniques but relied on [Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms] skill and his own Strength and Agility.

Still, Transcendence level of the basic skill with the support of his S+ Strength and Agility granted him a fearsome destructive power, as though he was a walking meat grinder.

He dashed into the group and brought up a storm of blood and flesh.

Regardless of the weapons, armors or the traitors themselves, every one of them were killed by the greatsword's absolute suppression.

They turned into real ghosts!

Suddenly, a cold and gloomy presence was blown into the temporary base like the winter's wind.