The Devil's Cage Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Dragging Fantasy Into Reality
Chapter 630: Dragging Fantasy Into Reality
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Both the Duke and the king finally came to a confrontation.

The giant white wolf stared at its long-awaited prey and howled at the sky.

It then transformed into a stream of light, dashing towards the dragon's mirage as though they were real beings.

The dragon mirage too refused to show its weakness and went straight for the giant wolf as well.

Both mythical monsters from legends clashed together like Mars colliding with Earth.


A thundering growl that sounded like an explosion echoed in Kieran's ears. His mind was buzzing and even felt dizzy because of the clash.

Kieran was gazing at both the monsters' mirage tearing off each other, interlocking limbs and claws. It was the first time he saw a battle at such level.

It was a battle of aura!

Kieran knew from a certain aspect, he himself was suitable for such a contending because of his powerful Spirit attribute but the scene before him had turned into a real fight!

It was no longer a matter of affecting the opponent's mental state to get advantages in battle but it turned into a real, gruesome fight.

"They are dragging fantasy into reality?"

Kieran couldn't hold back his mumbles when he saw the giant white wolf scratch the dragon's wing, causing blood to splash.

The dragon countered with a punch but the wolf dodged it nimbly. The wolf charged up and bit the dragon's neck, causing blood to gush out like a geyser.

Even though the blood vanished before it touched the ground, the realism was still enough to excite Kieran's vision.

Fear, illusion notifications kept on spamming his vision.

Kieran shook his head unconsciously, his SSS+ Spirit managed to bring him through the authentication and not be affected.

All of a sudden, the giant wolf and dragon vanished before Kieran's eyes.

All that was left was the Prairies King and the Duke of Zilin.

As the distance between them drew closer, the Prairie King who was still in heavy golden accessories didn't seem like he was hurt in that mirage battle. He shook his head when he saw the Duke of Zilin suffer claws mark all over his armor and even a broken longsword.

"The distance between you and me had been decided the moment we are born. The dispute between the Wolf and the Dragon will see the end of its mark on this very day."

The Prairie King said sonorously. His tone sounded like he was stating a solid fact.

His surprisingly young face had a sense of the impressive and dignified bearing as a ruler.

The Prairie King raised his right hand filled with golden bangles and grabbed the Duke's head. The scene was exactly like what happened in the books but this time around, the victor and the loser had swapped positions.

The strong wind that came with the fierce howl was blowing the Duke's golden hair was tainted with blood.

His unyielding face looked unwilling to give in and yet felt at ease.

His pride and honor prevented him from crying like a loser or saying something that he couldn't accept himself in times of defeat.

So, he chose death. Death by battle!

It was an expected scene to the Duke's perspective. Although he was afraid of dying, he would not run from it because of his pride and honor!

"Is pride that important to you?"

A voice sounded suddenly.

The Duke of Zilin who closed his eyes waiting for his end was stunned for a second before a thunderous bang sounded followed by a violent wind, sending the Duke flying backward.

When the duke realized what happened, he saw Kieran standing in his position with his greatsword acting as a shield and was confronting the Prairie King.

"Sir 2567! This is my battle!"

The Duke struggled to stand up.

Kieran didn't turn around completely, he glanced over the young duke with the corner of his eyes and grunted coldly.

"So what?"

The moment Kieran uttered his mind, the Duke and the King were immediately stunned.

"What relations do you and I have? Why do I have to listen to you? Or What right do you have for me to obey? I will only obey my own will and do what I want!"

He took a deep breath and shifted his attention to the Prairie King while the king was taking it easy as he looked at Kieran.

"I want to fight you!" Kieran said.

The Prairies King wasn't angered nor shocked. The expression from his eyes was more like watching a farce.

"It doesn't matter whether one more or less dies in this battle." The Prairies King said.

The king then vanished from his spot.

While from Kieran's sight, the King appeared in front of him in a flash and launched a punch at his face.

There wasn't a fierce wind behind the punch but Kieran knew if he was hit, his skull will be crushed and brains will splatter.

Kieran countered with his own kick without holding back.

Transcendence [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats] granted Kieran a temporary +4 buff on Strength and Agility.

+4 Agility allowed Kieran to match the Prairies King speed but +4 Strength was still a little lackluster.


Kieran's body was stunned for a second, the delay that he felt from the impact was unfamiliar to him.

Although Kieran's strongest attribute was Spirit, S+ Strength was enough for him to oppose most of his opponents and after choosing [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats], the temporary buffs even allowed him to suppress opponents that were evenly matched a moment ago.

It was the first time Kieran was suppressed though, while still feeling the delay, Kieran didn't stop when he saw the Prairie King sent out another punch.


A strange snake hiss caused Kieran's left leg turned in a strange way after colliding with the King's punch and the tip of his kick was going after the King's throat, which forced the king to pause his punch for a while.

It was that pausing window that gave Kieran the best opportunity for an attack.

Sss Sss Sss!

One turned into ten, ten turned into hundreds, almost a hundreds poisonous viper hisses later, the Prairie King was clouded by Kieran's combo attack of [Viper Kick], [Hundred Violent Kicks] and [Barsical Kick].

The clear kicking sounds went on relentlessly in the empty ground.

With [Barsical Kick]'s buffs, Kieran's kicks would gain Agility +1, +2, +3, +4 on the second, third, fourth and fifth kick respectively and with the original +4 buff in Agility, his kicks were buffed once more with a +4 Agility.

The monstrous kicking afterimages had completely covered the Prairie King's figure, the hissing even sounded ceaseless but it wasn't the end.

Grand Master [Barsical Kick] had the special effect, [Bide] which granted his kicks at the fourth and fifth attack another +3 and +4 Strength and Agility buffs.

Another round of buffing elevated Kieran's Agility to the next level and his Strength kept pouring into his relentless kicks.

His monstrous kicking afterimages had turned into a tidal wave, determined to crush his enemies without mercy.

The Prairie King was like a lone boat in the storm but his expression didn't change. He moved right and left swiftly as his hands too whipped up a bunch of images, blocking Kieran's kicks one after another.

However, as Kieran's kicking speed was increasing by the second, the Prairie King finally had a sense of shock on his face.

At the fourth kick, the Prairie King's face turned sour. Especially when the kick clashed with the golden bangle on his hand and his bangle gave out an unusual ripple of energy, the Prairie King's face turned cold.

He was holding a teasing manner at his opponent all the while but the sudden turn of expression showed his killing intent for the first time.


The sound of an unsheathed sword caused a wolf claw mirage flashed over his hand as he fired out a sharp energy wave from his hand at Kieran's throat.


Right after that, a similar sound came from Kieran's kick as well.

The most powerful fifth kick after the [Bide] charging effect!

A sharp half-moon qi energy wave was fired out amidst the monstrous kicking afterimages, it was like a shining knife slashing through the darkness as it clashed hard with the incoming energy wave.