The Devil's Cage Chapter 631

Chapter 631: Resonate
Chapter 631: Resonate
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Two energy waves exploded upon colliding as though a ton of explosives were being set off.

The explosion shattered both energy waves at the same time!

Hundreds and thousands of shattered energy pieces splashed in all directions.

The smallest pieces were in the size of a thumb yet it was stronger than a crossbow bolt; the slightly bigger pieces were enough to crack rocks and split hills!

The dust rose up like a storm but a moment later, the floating dust froze in mid-air and fell back to the ground.

The Prairies King who had a cold face was looking at one of the many golden bangles on his hand.

The lustrous glossy surface had a small crack on it.

"You deserve to die!"

The Prairie King said with a tone full of killing intent and he raised his hand up to fire another energy wave at Kieran who was retreating rapidly.

This time around, Kieran chose not to face the energy wave head-on. He dodged the incoming energy wave by moving aside before panting heavily.

Unleashing multiple skills in succession was quite a burden for Kieran even though his Stamina had reached 1300 points.

His heavy breath came out through his nose and mouth, it felt like fire was burning inside him. He had to gulp down a mouth of saliva to ease the discomfort in his throat.

Kieran quickly dodged again when he saw the Prairie King fired another energy wave at him.

"Viper Sect's techniques plus a charging technique not bad!"

The Prairie King commented as Kieran dodged away.

The killing intent on the king's face turned denser than before.

"Did you not have other ace cards? Why don't you use them? Are you exhausted now? Did the powerful charging technique consume too much of your stamina and exhausted your ace cards even? Or Was the charging technique already your ace card?"

The Prairie King teased Kieran.

Kieran wasn't affected by his words at all. Although it was partially true, it was still quite the distance from the entire truth behind Kieran's strength.

First of all, [Transform Devil] and [Desire Summoning] didn't consume Stamina but after exposing both his ace cards, it wouldn't be his first choice in fighting the Prairie King.

The king must have something up his sleeves to directly counter either of them, Kieran was utterly sure.

[Transform Devil] and [Desire Summoning] was undoubtedly strong but their weakness was also very obvious. Kieran wouldn't want his opponent to get the upper hand and deliver a fatal blow to him.

Secondly, his stamina. The Prairies King did not calculate how fast Kieran could recover his Stamina in a short period of time. S+ Constitution plus [Body of Evil] granted him exceptional recovery abilities beyond anyone's imagination given that he wasn't suffering from severe injuries.

Still, Kieran pretended to be exhausted because he wanted to observe his powerful opponent. He wanted to know the attacking pattern, the pace and the story behind the king's golden bangle.

From what Kieran saw initially, the Prairie King's golden outlook was just something to express his nobility and dignified manner or even his personal preference but after engaging him for the first time, Kieran noticed something wasn't right.

Regardless of how one favored something, they wouldn't have altered their fighting style based on that particular something.

A moment ago, the Prairies King was calm as the sea but a moment later the sea turned into a storm just because of an accessory?

Excluding the fact that the Prairies King might be insane or mentally unstable, the only explanation was the golden bangle had an important meaning to him beyond anyone's guess.

"What is it?" Kieran wondered.

After firing another blast of energy wave, the Prairie King didn't plan on keeping this up forever since Kieran might look like he was exhausted by the way he dodged the energy wave easily.

He wanted to eliminate Kieran faster.


A stunning loud roar later, the giant white wolf emerged once more.

Its giant claws was dished out at Kieran swiftly like a clap of thunder. The speed and strength of that claw strike were far more powerful than the Prairie King himself.


Kieran managed to place [Arrogant Word] in front of him as a shield against the sudden strike. Upon impact, the collision noise sounded like a sonorous bell, sending Kieran backward with his legs dragging across the ground.

Kieran was sent back 10 meters! A full 10 meters with one strike!

Two lines of trench appeared over his course with the size of his legs, more dirt piled up behind him and even formed a mini hill.

Right after that, the mini hill burst and sent the dirt all over the sky as another claw strike was hit on [Arrogant Word]. Kieran crashed hard at the mini dirt hill and was sent flying further.

Then, a third strike!


As Kieran was flying in mid-air, he was struck down vertically and plunged deep into the ground.

The Prairies King didn't hold back at all, his fourth strike followed like a shadow.

The giant white wolf leaped up into the air and dived down at Kieran with a fiercer strike than any before, wanting to tear Kieran into pieces; the Prairie King couldn't be relieved by other means.

Just as the fierce white wolf was about the thrust its claw into the ground where Kieran was, a dash of bright, bewitching glare of the greatsword shone brightly.

[Sword Skill, Tiger Stance]!

Kieran gripped his greatsword with both his hands tightly, he didn't even care about the giant wolf diving down at him, the reason he stayed passive and withstood three strikes from the wolf was to numb its senses, to prepare himself for a counterattack.

Right at that moment, Kieran's eyes were locked at the giant wolf's head, he wanted to behead the wolf with the greatsword in his hand.


After acting as a shield and withstanding multiple strikes, [Arrogant Word] let out a fearsome growl with the counterattack, as though it was a suppressed butcher that regained its cleaver!

It exploded! The counterattack exploded without holding back!


Out of his defensive stance, Kieran went all out regardless of consequences and strangely he resonated with [Sword Skill, Tiger Stance] and [Arrogant Word] in that exact moment.

The greatsword growling was like thunder and swung out like explosives.

A striped tiger faintly appeared on top of the greatsword's edge.

Right after the tiger appeared, it leaped out from the sword's edge and threw itself at the giant white wolf, like a fierce tiger sprang down from the mountains.

The tiger went after the white wolf's neck and crunched it with its sharp fangs.

The white wolf then growled in pain and with a shake of its body, the striped tiger was shattered into nothing.

Although the white wolf beat the tiger mirage with one strike, the painful growl didn't go away.

Seizing the opportunity, Kieran leaped out and thrust [Arrogant Word] towards the white wolf's neck where the bite mark was.

Even though all the greatsword did plunge in a little into the white wolf's neck and was instantly stopped by the force that gathered within its body, the pain that the Prairie King hadn't felt for a long time infuriated him more.

A mere bug that should be crushed with a squash yet it hurt him.

"Tiger Sect! You damn worm!"

The giant wolf threw itself down at Keiran once more, the sharp glare on its claws was shining brightly. Before Kieran was even struck, his exposed face could already feel the pain as though his flesh was being sliced open.


The giant white wolf struck its claws into the ground and fired out a circular shockwave in all direction, destroying everything within hundreds of meters like breaking a twig from a dead stump.

But Kieran was not caught in the shockwave.

He appeared in the shadows ten meters away from the range, bringing up layers and layers of force field barriers on him to withstand the shockwaves.

Then, a blueish white ice spear formed in his hand and was hurled out silently towards the white wolf with a bone-chilling aura around it.

The ice spear plunged directly onto the white wolf which had just completed its shockwave attack!