The Devil's Cage Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Headless Soul
Chapter 632: Headless Soul
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The ice spear that plunged deep into the white wolf's body exploded.

[Chilling Spike]'s freezing aura has a 3-meter diameter range and it caught more than half of the white wolf in its explosion range.

The faint blue layer of frost was rapidly freezing the white fur on the wolf, forming a layer of dazzling lustrous but it still couldn't cover the fierce killing intent underneath.

[Shadow Cover]!

[Armor of Excellence] triggered the special effect, allowing Kieran's figure to transform into a void the moment the wolf struck him and sent him 10 meters away, allowing him to counter with a surprise attack.

Since it was a hard to come by chance to counterattack, Kieran wouldn't just end with one strike.

He formed another ice spear in his hand and hurled it out at the white wolf just as he did before.

It once again plunged into the white wolf's body easily as it couldn't have dodged it because of the first round of frost. Upon contact, the ice spear exploded its freezing energy once again.

The freezing energy that could easily chill one's spine covered the white wolf completely this time.

It glossy layer of frost encaged the vicious white wolf with its sharp claws and fangs underneath.

Even though the Prairie King had suffered multiple Powerful rank freezing attack, still it was nothing but a slight injury. His unique power of origin inside his body had caused him to transcend above mortal beings.

"I will show you what is worse than death!"

The Prairie King growled angrily in his white wolf form under the layer of frost.

Right after that, the harder than steel layer of ice started to shake, cracks started to appear and spread all over rapidly like a spider net.

However, Kieran was not bothered. He saw the Prairie King who was about to burst out of his icy encagement and he slowly raised up his left hand.

The Devil Flame was burning fiercely on his hand. The scorching waves were rumbling everywhere, the pain that burned one's soul stunned the Prairie King who was breaking out of his ice encagement. He felt slightly threatened by the flames burning on Kieran's hand.

Grand Master [Charles' Fire] did not require charging and was able to directly fire out Powerful rank flames with only the [Fiery Sulphur]'s buff. If the flames went on charging further, it would be powered up to the Extreme rank of Devil Flame!

The scorching temperature even made the air around Kieran distort, even his figure was turning blurry.

His black feathered mantle was blowing under the heatwaves and was slightly expanded. The moment Kieran charged out, the mantle fluttered hard.


The rhino's mirage flashed on him and granted him the most primitive force of nature with his charge that could cause the land to tremble with each step.

He was like a furious war sword swinging in a flurry or a man of unusual strength, trying to dampen the land with a swing of his giant hammer.


The flames rumbled furiously and the burning red whipped up waves of ripples in the faint blue. It was like a tyrant dragon rushed into a small puddle of water, causing a tremendous splash upon contact and left behind a giant crater.

The white wolf that stayed in its trajectory would be obviously caught in that explosion.

Despite the Prairie King giving all his effort in breaking free the ice cage, he was a step slower than Kieran who activated [Reckless Rush].


The Extreme rank Devil Flame landed directly onto the king, causing an agonizing cry from the white wolf.

Unlike the Powerful freezing attack from before, the Extreme rank was almost at the same level of the Prairie King's source of energy within him and more importantly, the special trait of the Devil Flame was able to burn soul itself.

The giant white wolf was engulfed in flames and rapidly crumbled.

At the next moment, the Prairie King reverted to his human form and was rolling over the ground, trying to dispel the Devil Flame with his Origin Force after being placed in an ugly position.

Still, small fires still burned relentlessly on the wolf pelt that he wore over his shoulder. Even though the Prairie King reacted quickly, he couldn't save the intact wolf pelt from being burned into many small holes.

When the Prairie King saw the burnt holes over his wolf pelt, his absurdly young face slightly expressed his heartache but soon was replaced by immense amounts of anger.

The anger made his young face twisted, the way the he was looking at Kieran was filled with killing intent and cruel desire.

The Prairie King then raised up his right hand, ready to utilize his Origin Force without any more hesitation.

However, right at that very moment


A clear breaking sound came from the Prairies King's right hand.

That golden bangle that suffered a little crack before was covered by cracks entirely and as he utilized his Origin Force, it shattered completely.

The golden bangle fell to the ground and shattered into many pieces.

The outer part of the pieces was still radiating in gold but the inner part was grayish and black. It seemed like the bangle wasn't pure gold to begin with.

Kieran glanced over the scene and frowned a little.

As the king of the Prairies, if he would to wear a golden bangle, it couldn't be a gold plated one instead, yet he did.

To cover the thing inside the bangle!

Kieran easily understood what the Prairie King's thoughts were and in addition to the suspicions he had before, he felt the thing that was covered by the layer of plated gold was not something simple.

What happened next still struck Kieran in awe.

A cloud of misty haze sprung out from the greyish and black part of the shattered bangle. The mist quickly fused together and formed a translucent figure over the sky.

A headless translucent figure!

"A headless soul!"

Kieran's lightbulb in his mind suddenly lighted up when he saw the headless soul and it led him into a conclusion.

"The headless soul should be the Prairie King whose head was crushed by the duke's father or the first generation duke. As time passed, the lineage of Zilin has been weakening after giving birth to the next generation, the current generation didn't even possess half of the powerful traits of the first yet after so long, the Prairie King's powers weren't affected and still had the powers to suppress the Duke, no wonder!"

Kieran took in a deep breath. The smile that he showed towards the Prairies King had a sense of contempt.

In order to strengthen one's power, a lot of people would achieve it by any means necessary but to raid his own ancestor's tomb was definitely one of the rarer cases.

Yet the Prairie King did what he did and even forged the bones of his ancestors into his personal accessories to increase his own power. The gold plated exterior was a cover-up, allowing others to think the Prairies King was fond of gold.

"You bastard! Where is your honor! Where is your respect for your ancestors!?"

The Duke of Zilin managed to stand up after he saw that headless soul, as a native that upheld his honor and pride heavily, he reacted faster and stronger than Kieran as he shouted loudly at the Prairies King.

"We Prairies men live by the rule where the strong will devour the weak. That hypocrisy won't work with us. It's better this way, now I don't have to care so much, rather than putting the power to waste, might as well use it for my own!"

The Prairies King mocked the Duke without mercy and he opened his mouth to sucked in the misty headless soul into his body.

After absorbing the soul of his ancestors, an extremely ruthless and vicious aura erupted from the Prairies King's body, it turned into a scarlet red aura with vile stench and burst out to the sky like a bloody great sword.

The aura whipped up a violent wind, sending the Duke flying backward. The violent wind was ineffective against Kieran but the vile scarlet red aura was something different.

The chills that Kieran felt from his soul made him alarmed, he knew he couldn't afford to even touch the scarlet red aura.


Kieran hurled out another ball of Devil Flame at the scarlet red aura as he quickly back off, drawing distance from the danger but right behind him, the Prairie King's voice could be heard.

"You think you can escape?"


The Prairie King plunged his hand through Kieran's chest.