The Devil's Cage Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Rascal
Chapter 633: Rascal
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Prairie King's strike was not only fast and silent but also possessed unparalleled sharpness!

[Armor of Excellence] after embedding [Dark Nether Stone] had a defense of Extreme rank but all it did was delayed the sharp strike slightly before it pierced Kieran's chest.

It was also because of that slight delay, Kieran's heart wasn't crushed at that instant because of the deviated course.

It was millimeters away from his heart yet it felt like thousand miles apart.

Kieran who was grateful that strike didn't kill him laughed softly, as though he was delighted that he escaped death.

"Isn't it too soon for you to be happy?"

The Prairies King said in a heavy tone.

Although Kieran avoided that fatal strike, all it would take was a little more effort for the Prairie King to obliterate Kieran.

However, when the thought about the worm that he could have crushed easily yet it consumed one of his Origin Force bangles, even though the Prairie King was about to win, he was not delighted at all and instead his face looked even heavier and gloomier.

"Your heart too has the Origin Force, it's little and vague but I've prepared a big welcoming gift for them. Although I don't need it now, I won't let it go to waste as well. I will make you open your eyes wide and witness how I tear you apart alive! I will make sure you suffer the worst pain but I won't kill you! Otherwise, how can I relieve the hatred in my heart!"

The Prairie King spoke in a gruesome, vicious tone. He then exerted more strength into his hand through Kieran's chest as though he wanted to tear Kieran part.


A sudden churr sounded. Rings after rings of sharp white light that felt like blades and sword came out from Kieran's heart. The rings of light then surrounded Kieran from his head to his feet and were circulating around him in an irregular motion.


It exploded!

A big stain of blood appeared on the Prairie King body. He was fine a moment ago but now he was simmered in blood.

Kieran on the other "hand" started to recover from his last breath back to his healthy self.

If it wasn't for that hand through his chest, Kieran might look totally intact.

The moment Kieran felt he would suffer a fatal hit, he activated [Saint Thorn] without hesitation.

"You damned worm! Still playing tricks, are you?!

With one of his hand pierced through Kieran's chest, the Prairie King could clearly feel the beat of Kieran's heart. He noticed Kieran's heart housed the power of the devil and the Creature of Desire and he also noticed the power of [Saint Thorn] after it was activated.

Though he didn't understand the powers or should be he looked down at the holy power.

Compared to the devil's power and Creature of Desire which had Origin Force, [Saint Thorn]'s obscure properties were not worthy of mention from the Prairie King point of view.

He retaliated without further hesitation. He wouldn't believe how long could Kieran hold on with a hand through his chest.

The Prairies King opened his mouth and sucked in the scarlet red aura around him like a whale feasting on water.

Right after that, the hand through Kieran's chest suddenly transformed.

Rough furs started to grow on the back of the hand and the palm was growing in exponential speed. The fingers and nails too transformed into a paw with sharp claws.

The hand embedded in Kieran's chest even grew twice thicker than its original size but what more shocking was the transformation of the Prairie King.

His body grew up to 3 meters in an instant and was covered with white, tensile fur. His nose and mouth extended outwards and bared his sharp fangs outside. His ears were dragged upwards in a stiffened position.

He transformed into a wolf! A werewolf!

The three-meter tall werewolf king easily dragged Kieran off the ground, as though Kieran was a broken doll skewered through his chest.

In fact, the moment the hand in his chest grew, the recovering wound behind Kieran's back was torn apart once more, his ribs and spines were breaking non-stop.

As Kieran's organs were being crushed, he coughed out a mouth full of blood and reverted to his pale face that looked like he was living on his last breath.

The werewolf king laughed coldly in disdain when he saw the weaken Kieran but a moment later his eyes widened.

That circular sharp light appeared once again from Kieran's chest.

Circulating around Kieran again and exploded after a while

It caused damage to the werewolf king when it exploded and brought Kieran back from the verge of dying.

"What power is this!? It surpasses even my Origin Force!"

Even in his werewolf form, the Prairies King looked down at the injuries he suffered from the reflective damage, his heart was terrified beyond words.

The scene before him had crushed his perception. He believed that his own Origin Force was the strongest and the stronger the Origin Force, the more powerful he would become and would be immune against other sources of energy.

He was terrified by the unknown!

The Prairies King wanted to pull out his werewolf hand but was caught tightly by Kieran's hands instead like an iron clamp.

"Come on! GO ON!"

Kieran said loudly as blood was still spilling from his mouth corner.

The Prairies King shook his arm fiercely after hearing the mocking words from Kieran. He fiercely gazed at Kieran's back on his arm and roared angrily but none of that was of any use.

The Prairie King even smashed his arm down at the ground with Kieran on it, despite Kieran's body being smashed at the ground multiple times, it was useless as well.

The baffling sharp white light appeared once again, healing Kieran and reflecting the damage onto himself. It would happen everytime he damaged Kieran and it seemed to be an infinite loop.

The Prairies King was suffering more damage as he struggled, more and more of his Origin Force were begin drained, causing him to break into a cold sweat.

His Origin Force wasn't unlimited!

If he consumed all the Origin Force that he gathered from his ancestors, he would be no different than the current Duke of Zilin and might even be weaker from a certain aspect.

The Prairie King raised his right hand up, trying to strike down Kieran who was hanging on his left hand but he hesitated.

The effect of [Saint Thorn] made him think twice, he wasn't sure how much damage would be reflected on him if he really killed Kieran.

If the light would reflect death as well

Amidst his hesitation, [Saint Thorn]'s effect occurred on Kieran once again.

The Prairie King felt that his Origin Force was being drained again and this time around, he discarded his hesitation.

Without his Origin Force, he would die as well, he might as well take a gamble with it.

The Prairie King wasn't an irresolute and hesitant man, he mustered up the courage to raid his ancestor's tomb and forged the bones of his ancestors with mystical crafting techniques into succeeding himself.

Perhaps he was an arrogant man but once he came to a decision, he would carry it out with persistence!


His right claw swept over Kieran who was hanging on his left hand with a violent wind.

Kieran took the hit!

As blood splashed all around, Kieran's body was torn into two and fell to the ground from the Prairies King's left claw.

Kieran's remarkable Constitution prevented him from dying at the first moment and because of that, the Prairies King witnessed the scene that sent him into despair!

That sharp white light appeared once again, healing Kieran and damaging him.

"I don't believe you are an immortal!"

The Prairies King growled loudly, more and more Origin Force gathered between his claws as a couple more golden accessories felt off his body and were turned into dust.

The Prairie King infused his absolute Origin Force in the next strike.

The energy had exceeded the levels what a mere mortal could comprehend, a dazzling light was radiating brightly between his claws.


The Prairies King swung his claws down at the ground like a comet falling on earth.

Its energy was blasted out 50 meters in range and left behind a giant crater with of dozen meters deep.

Inside the crater was Kieran's body completely obliterated and without any signs of life.

The sharp white light that struck a chord in the Prairies King's heart didn't appear this time around.

"Dead! You are dead! You are finally"

The Prairies King panted heavily as he roared in delight, he was venting the fear caused by the unknown but a few words later, his roared stopped abruptly.

Kieran's body which was completely obliterated and should be dead moved!