The Devil's Cage Chapter 634

Chapter 634: A Reserving Light
Chapter 634: A Reserving Light
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The charred, obliterated body moved!

A bulge appeared on top of Kieran's corpse and expanding rapidly.

From the size of a pea to the size of a knuckle, all it took was a breath's time.

Then, the bulging knuckle-sized layer of skin burst.


Air flowed out as the skin burst, revealing a pale palm within the Prairie King's sight, followed by a second palm.

As two of the palms pulled open the layer of skin, a whole person was squeezed out from the charred body.


Kieran who was supposed to be dead appeared before the Prairie King.

"You! YOU! How is it possible?! Viper Sect's highest ultimate technique!"

The Prairies King growled loudly in an unbelievable sense, his eyes widened extra large when he saw the skin that Kieran came out from.

The Duke of Zilin on aside shared almost the same expression with the Prairies King. He might be even more astonished than the Prairie King.

A moment ago, when the Duke of Zilin saw the Prairies King spared no reserves in utilizing a huge amount of his Origin Force in that attack on Kieran, the Duke didn't think Kieran would survive that attack since he knew how powerful Origin Force was.

"The highest ultimate techniques of Viper Sect"

The young Duke mumbled to himself as the unbelievable growl of the Prairie King echoed in his ears.

When he saw Kieran renew his skin like a snake, the young Duke suddenly thought about the secret that was recorded in his family books, "snake transforming into a dragon!"

A method that could once again grant the son of Dragon its former power.

The young Duke instantly gazed at Kieran with burning eyes without him knowing.

For the Duke of Zilin who had to carry the honor and pride of his house, if there was a way that wouldn't taint his honor and could grant him immense power, he would be glad to take it.

Therefore, when the young Duke saw the Prairie King headed towards Kieran again, he too forced his body up and headed towards Kieran.

He wanted to lend his aid to Kieran at the same time it would be helping himself as well.

But the Prairie King had different intentions, after draining most of his energy, all he had was a single thought in his mind.

Death! Kieran must die!

How would he be satisfied if Kieran didn't die after the Prairie King drained a huge amount of his Origin Force?

"So what if you have the ultimate technique of Viper Sect? You should be feeling weak now! Just like a snake that renewed its skin!"

The Prairies King gazed over Kieran who stood up in the crater, his claws were gathering the keen energy blast again. However, it was different than the previous strike before, after consuming most of his Origin Force, the second round of energy gathering was much slower and that keenness was weakened by a lot.

If the first keen energy blast was an unrivaled famous sword, the second one was like a normal, rusty blunt sworda blunt sword which still could kill.

The Prairie King approached Kieran step by step, he wanted to make sure he'd kill Kieran with a fatal blow.

Though when he saw Kieran pick up [Arrogant Word], the Prairie King's step halted for a moment before hastening further ahead.

Anyone could tell with an eye that Kieran had not enough strength to wield that heavy greatsword, he was only barely holding on.

[Ring of the Serpent King, Snake Molt] was much more amazing that he imagined but it weakened Kieran further than he expected.

After coming back from the dead, even though all his stats had suffered a -6 debuff, it made him feel like all his stats had been depleted. He felt lazy and soft, without any intentions of moving a finger.

"Is there any extra, hidden after effects?" Kieran thought in his heart and he looked at the Prairies King who was moving towards him.

The Prairie King was in bad shape as well, Kieran was certain of that but another thing was despite how bad shape the Prairies King was, he was still much stronger than Kieran after the molting.

Even though the Prairies King couldn't fire his energy blast from afar, he would still be able to do so after closing the distance.

What about Kieran himself though, he couldn't even muster enough strength to wield [Arrogant Word].

Fortunately, he wasn't robbed of all his means of resisting.

If he was a native, he would have depleted his tricks at that moment but he was a player.

A player's attributes and skills were a crucial part of his strength but not the entire set without adding in the equipment and items.

Kieran had just used [Ring of the Serpent King], although [Snake Molt] was the highest value skill that he had, it wasn't his common means.

But [Serpent Spirit] was!


When the Prairies King was 7 to 8 meters away from Kieran, he raised his claws and fired out the weakened energy blast, he believed even with that caliber of energy blast, it would be enough to slice Kieran's throat.

As for the Viper Sect ultimate technique, Kieran would never have the chance to perform a second time in a short period of time.


After his vicious cursing, the Prairies King was waiting for blood to splash.

However, a giant twin-headed snake sprung out from the ground and blocked the energy blast.

The energy blast had struck the twin-headed snake's scale, causing a small spark but it didn't hurt its body a bit, instead, it infuriated the serpent spirit.


The twin-headed snake lunged its head down at the Prairies King with a hiss but it missed.

The Prairie King mustered his remaining Origin Force and moved away further from the serpent spirit.

He ran!

Even after utilizing his Origin Force, the Prairie King didn't retaliate but chose to run away. It made the Duke of Zilin showed contempt towards his shameful act but the Prairie King's action wasn't out of Kieran's expectation.

The Prairie King might bear a kingly manner but he certainly wasn't a fearless lion but a cunning jackal that utilized schemes that gave him his current position.

Even though he flaunted his prowess and acted like a lion during normal times, when his true nature was exposed, he was still a jackal.

A lion might take the risk despite the odds against its favor but a jackal?

The most instinctive decision was to run away with its tail between its legs.

But how could Kieran let his prey escape?


A fiery spiderweb fell from the sky and caught the escaping Prairie King completely.

The Prairie King struggled relentlessly and mustered his remaining Origin Force to break out from the spiderweb.

However, right at the moment where he broke free, another spiderweb flew down from the sky and this time around, a cone-shaped freezing energy followed.

The Prairies King was emptied of his energies.


"You can't kill me! Or"

The pitiful begging cried out loud but Kieran didn't even hesitated and went up with a follow up [Frozen Touch]!

Similar to [Frost Breath], [Frozen Touch] came from [Seattle Right Hand] as well and the Powerful rank freezing attack exploded once again.

The Prairies King was frozen instantly, removing him of the remaining signs of life.

The few remaining golden accessories and the wolf pelt turned into powdered bits as the king died.

A golden item fell off the Prairie King's body.

It was slightly different than the previous dazzling brightness but it was much darker in terms of brightness.

Though it seemed like it wasn't darker, but a more reserved golden glow.

Kieran reached out his hand at the item.