The Devil's Cage Chapter 635

Chapter 635: Wolfs Remnant Feast
Chapter 635: Wolfs Remnant Feast
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After the reserved golden glow, a yellowish white fang appeared on Kieran's palm.

It was tied with a black hemp string and fell down between Kieran's thumb and index finger.

The fang pendant looked unusually simple and with the hemp string, it felt sophisticated and mysterious with a sense of viciousness!

Gazing over the pendant on his palm, he felt like he saw the giant white wolf on the edge of a cliff, howling sharply at the moon as myriads of other wolves knelt beneath it.

An illusion?

No, it was just a simple Fear effect because a small bit of its presence came out from that fang pendant. It didn't bear any malicious intent yet it affected Kieran.

"I'm much weaker than I think!"

Kieran took in a deep breath and discarded the affection before checking the details on that pendant.

[Name: Wolf's Remnant Feast]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: I]

[Attack: I]

[Defense: I]

[Attribute: 1. Wisdom of the White Wolf, 2. Body of the White Wolf, 3. Spirit of the White Wolf]

[Effect: Wolf Pack]

[Prerequisite: Slay the Prairie King.]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It isn't a complete product as it was merged together in an accident, still it didn't diminish its power!]


[Wisdom of the White Wolf: Whether attack of defense, whenever a Spirit authentication occurred, gained extra +3 buff]

[Body of the White Wolf: Able to transform into a werewolf, 1/day]

[Spirit of the White Wolf: Summon the white wolf spirit to aid you in battle, 1/day]


[Wolf Pack: All species of wolf lowered than I rank will submit to you without resistance]


"I? What kind of rarity is this?"

A new rarity appeared before Kieran, it wasn't Legendary, wasn't Epic nor was it above Legendary or Epic but I!

Kieran suddenly felt that he discovered key information when he saw the number or could even be considered as a symbol rarity ranking.

There wasn't much information about the underground game to begin with.

Although every player would gather information about the game eventually whether passive or tentatively, the information with real value was limited.

Or in other words, valuable information was only in the hands of a certain portion of the players.

For example, [Wolf's Remnant Feast], and I rarity item. Even its description of [Wolf Pack] mentioned the ranking I.

"A rarity that transcends above common rarity and a rank that exceeds common rankings! So this is the true meaning of a transcendence ranking?" Kieran mumbled to himself.

Kieran then unconsciously turned his eyes towards the frozen Prairie King. The presence that struck fear in Kieran's heart had vanished following his death but Kieran's impression of his strength didn't diminish at all because of his demise.

In fact, it became clearer.

The ice statue before him acted as a warning to himself, reminding him that he had to stay humble at all times and try not to tear his opponent apart slowly while he had the chance to rip the head off.

If he had the chance to directly kill his opponent, he must without an excessive means.

Other than the warning, there was also notifications that caught Kieran's attention.

"[Sword Skill, Tiger Stance]!"

"[Saint Thorn]!"

The former's changes made Kieran understand that he was far from understanding the skill completely and not only that particular one but others as well.

The latter too made Kieran alarmed once more.

It was so absurdly powerful to the point that it went beyond his imagination.

Kieran had no idea what was the Origin Force but he knew the power that could harm the Prairie King was surely not a simple one.

Even [Arrogant Word] after its enchantment, all it did was graze the Prairie King's skin yet [Saint Thorn] blasted him with heavy damage, sending him into a bloodied state.

Kieran tried to communicate with the power that belonged to [Saint Thorn] but he got nothing else other than the presence of showing empathy to all living beings.

Kieran frowned.

[Fusion Heart]'s power was all distinguishable with its own uniqueness yet they were wild and untamed in nature except for [Saint Thorn].

Other than the time he faced Ohara where he faced a certain limitation, the holy power inside him had been obedient ever since. Not only did it not cause any unwanted accidents, it also helped Kieran overcome multiple difficult hurdles as well.

But it was also that very reason that made Kieran's heart sank further.

There was no unconditionally love in the world, nor was there ever a free meal.

Any seemingly great things held a hidden goal in the end.


Though it might mean something else as well.

Kieran couldn't make up his mind on that topic.

He knew his own point of view would be extremely biased from other's eyes but he who had gotten used to living alone at an early age admitted the saying persistently.

"The more the initial investment, the more benefits will be reaped at the end."

He experienced it when his first friend in the orphanage cheated his snacks that were only given once a month. Since then, that saying has been branded in his heart.

"Sir 2567? We need to return to Lightning Fortress swiftly! Otherwise, his troops will still cause tremendous damage to Lightning Fortress and Riverdale!"

The Duke of Zilin had to remind Kieran when he saw Kieran stand still and get lost in his thoughts.

It seemed like the threats that the Prairie King made before his death made the Duke related to more matters.


Kieran swiftly recollected his thoughts and nodded in acceptance.

He already knew what was going on when the Prairie King appeared by himself without his squad that he traveled with.

Fire Raven's surveillance in the sky had discovered the Prairies King long ago but after he left the Prairies main camp it became harder to track him down. It wasn't to divert Kieran's attention but to cover Lapierre's true destination.

Everyone knew what Lapierre's goal was.

"How is your body feeling?" The young duke asked.

"It's not that bad, I'll be fine in riding back."

Kieran said which was not entirely true.

Although the young Duke presented his respectful side, the spirit to die for honor would easily create fondness for him.

Still, Kieran didn't choose to believe him despite the presentation.

Kieran's vigilance, or more likely suspicions, had been branded in his bones long ago.

The young Duke didn't notice that though, he sent an order to his remaining subordinates and right away, two fit horses were dragged over to them.

A couple of eagles too flew towards a certain direction.

"We'll make a move first, the knights of Zilin will join us later What about his body?"

The duke explained before his tone turned doubtful.

What will they do about the Prairie King's body?

Judging from how the young Duke honored his pride, he would probably put the King's body into a coffin and send it back to the Prairie main camp.

However, the Duke wasn't the victor this time, he had no right to deal with the body.

Kieran too wasn't interested in dead bodies but the Prairie King's one was different. No doubt his body was valuable, especially towards the mystical studies field.

Even though Kieran wasn't skilled at such field, it didn't stop him from getting more benefits for himself.

"Put him in a coffin and send it over to Riverdale!"

As his words subside, Kieran had ridden away on the horse.

The duke too followed tightly behind.

A fierce war was about to break out at Lightning Fortress.