The Devil's Cage Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Rabbles
Chapter 636: Rabbles
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The adept members of the Viper Sect had carefully infiltrated the Prairie's main camp.

Although it wasn't night, the shadows cast from the tents under the sunlight provided a smooth path for the excellent assassins to advance their goals.

As the leader of the Viper Sect, Perry Kaner was the first to infiltrate the main camp.

In fact, there was a large area of empty land between Lightning Fortress and the Prairie's main camp if, without her cover, the adept members wouldn't have gotten past the sharp eyes of the Prairie sharpshooters regardless of how good they were.

While hiding inside one of the shadow spots, Perry Kaner's body was giving out a dark glimmer identical to the shadows. The layer of glimmer kept changing as she moved along like a chameleon.

She might even be better in camouflage than a chameleon! Not only the color, but even her presence was also concealed from common sight.

The legacies of the Viper Sect were as old as 400 hundred years old.

Other than the Viper Sect's own techniques, there were also techniques that were gathered throughout the generations or even spoils of war. Some of the techniques were even created by a certain someone within the Viper Sect or a product of a trade.

Regardless of what it was, anything that was worth the Viper Sect's attention would be quality goods that were hard to come by.

Perry Kaner was using her [Ethereal Undercover] technique, it was a special technique that merged common undercover with a core technique of a certain sect that vanished in the river of time.

It wasn't on the ultimate level but it was close to it.

Perry Kaner was able to easily shuttle across the Prairie's main camp with the mastered technique.

She was waiting for the best opportunity to strike, not only to kill her enemies but also to search for a certain item.

The item that held the secret to the power of the Prairie King.

Every organization had their own information network, especially around the nobles and royalties in each region, it was natural if there was an extra pair of eyes and ears around them.

The Viper Sect was no exception and might even be on the lucky end.

One of the Viper Sect's informant managed to get in contact with one of the guards around the Prairie King before the guard was sentenced to death because of a certain secret leak.

In the end, the secret was leaked to the Viper Sect informant and even though the informant was later killed, the secret had reached Perry Kaner's ears.

It was also because of the secret that Perry Kaner kept her promise with Kieran, otherwise

Given Perry Kaner's choice, she would have rather suffer severe consequences than agree to this suicide mission.

She had a deep impression of how fearsome the Prairie King was but it was also because of that feeling that led her where she was now.

"Origin Force!"

When the word popped up in her head, Perry Kaner's always calm heart was getting unusually excited. Though, she quickly returned to her calm state because of her vast experience in infiltrating missions.

When she spotted Lapierre walking out from his tent, she quickly snuck into the tent before the cover closed down completely.

Perry Kaner knew exactly what Lapierre was there for but why would it concern her?

She had kept her promise with Kieran but it was also to fulfill one of her own tasks along the way.

As for the Ravens who were on support, she wished they would all die together.


The rude Lapierre opened up the tent cover and strode out, he didn't even notice someone snuck into his tent when the cover was opened.

Lapierre's mind was all about how he would take down Lightning Fortress and exchange his achievement for rewards from the king.

"Hmph! You dare oppose the king! You people really have a death wish!"

Lapierre expressed his disdain towards Kieran and the Duke of Zilin since he knew how powerful his king was.

Once Lapierre was wild and untamed, and because of his attitude, he was taught a lesson by the king, that one-time lesson was then branded in his heart.

The power of his king that had transcended above all mortals was enough to show Lapierre what should he do.

He would comply! Comply unconditionally because he didn't want to die under the hands of his own king.

Therefore, Lapierre was carrying out his king's order with all of his heart.

He didn't summon any of his and walked towards Lightning Fortress alone.

None of the soldiers in the main camp dared to stop the hot-tempered general, all they could do was stare blankly as Lapierre slowly approaching Lightning Fortress step by step.

When sparks of electric appeared on Lapierre's arms, the Prairies soldiers were astonished beyond control. They now realized what Lapierre was going to do.

He wanted to break through the fortress!

The soldiers were stunned for a while before cheering loudly at their general.

The Prairies people were infamous for their battle enthusiasm, after being frightened by Kieran a few days ago, their hearts had been suppressed for days. Now, seeing their general's actions, they would naturally cheer for him.

They were looking forward to their fearsome general, charging towards Lightning Fortress alone and slaughtering all the enemies.


The electric current was blasted out like thunder from Lapierre's hands, zipping rapidly towards Lightning Fortress.

Two clouds of blazing flames were then blasted out from above Lightning Fortress as well.

As two fiery clouds of flames stood before the thunder strike, a bigger explosion sounded upon collision, canceling both fire and lightning into nothing.

"Maxim, Celty! You two bastards dare stand before me?" Lapierre shouted loud disdainfully.

Sparks of electricity gathered on his arms again. He viciously smiled at the two people who were standing in his way.

Maxim smiled bitterly. If there was another way, he surely wouldn't confront Lapierre like this but he was out of options.

Unless he was willing to give up everything he had now and find a new place where no one knew him until the day of his death. Maxim would rather die right now than in an unknown place.

Everyone had something that they held onto persistently regardless of the consequences.

For some it was love, for some it was family, while for others it was friendship.

For Maxim, it was authority and fame.

Celty, on the other hand, has a much simpler reason. He wanted revenge because his back was still quietly hurting him.

"You left your main camp just like that, aren't you afraid something might happen to the troops back there?" Celty said in a heavy cold tone.

"Those bastards? I don't care if they die, we would get another batch of troops easily if we want to. We from the Prairies are lacking everything except men who wanted to make a name for themselves. You think you can threaten me with those silly troops?"


Lapierre was mocking Celty but before he could finish, he cursed loudly in a gruesome voice that caused one to shiver.

Maxim and Celty were shocked by the sudden shout and quickly channeled their flames through their hands.

Surprisingly though, Lapierre quickly turned around and ran fast.

Maxim and Celty exchanged a gaze in confusion.

"Seems like those from the Viper Sect had gotten onto something bad inside their camp but what does it have to do with us?"

Both of them smiled as they looked at each other.

The Viper Sect wished the Raven Sect would perish and so did Raven Sect of Viper Sect.


Meanwhile back in the tent, a wooden box was opened up.

Inside was a couple piece of goatskin papers which was taken out by Perry Kaner.

She glanced over the Prairies wording on top and her eyes were overflowing with delight.

It was what she was looking for.

However, her delight lasted for only a second before her face turned sour.

The brutal presence of Lapierre was approaching fast.

Perry Kaner kept the goatskins in her bosom and quickly sliced opened the cowhide tent without a second thought. She couldn't even care about her promise with Kieran anymore and only wanted to retreat according to the route planned out for her.

But when she leaped out from the tent, she was stunned by what she saw.

Not only Perry Kaner but Lapierre who had caught up with her was too.

A giant white wolf bigger than a horse and stronger than ox appeared before both of them. Lapierre even kneeled down quickly.

"Your Majesty!"

Lapierre's brutal presence was like a tiger a moment ago but when he saw the white wolf, he turned tamed like a house cat.

A shiver ran through Perry Kaner's body, a slight sense of fear flashed over her eyes but at the next moment, the young leader sniffed her nose a little before showing a face of astonishment.

"My lord, 2567 You are really frightening." She said.