The Devil's Cage Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Goatskin Paper
Chapter 637: Goatskin Paper
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Lapierre who knelt was shocked.

The hot-tempered general couldn't relate the giant white wolf before his eyes with anyone else except for his own king.

Therefore, when Lapierre's head flew up and fell back to the ground, his dying face was filled with an unbelievable expression.

The giant white wolf glanced over the dead Lapierre and the orange glow on his body before switching its attention to the Viper Sect leader.

Perry Kaner shivered again. She couldn't see how the white wolf killed Lapierre.

From her point of view, the white wolf didn't even move at all. All it took was a breeze and Lapierre who was evenly matched or even stronger than her had died just like that.

He was beheaded!

The fresh blood that gushed out from his veins flowed like a stream beside Perry Kaner's feet but she dared not move a muscle.

She saw the cold and merciless eyes of the wolf and almost instantly, she made a bright decision. She quickly took out the goatskin papers.

"Lord 2567, I suppose we have a slight misunderstanding between us."

She placed the goatskin papers on the ground and pressed it down with a rock.

From the moment she took out the goatskin papers to placing it down on the ground, she had been extra careful and slow with her motions. Other than worrying about the occurrence of unwanted misunderstanding, it was also because of that bone-chilling killing intent which almost froze her body.

Except for her mind!

The gears in her mind spun rapidly, trying to think of a way to escape.

Surprisingly, after Perry Kaner placed the goatskin papers on the ground, the white wolf vanished into thin air in speckles of light.

Though before she could even move, the Fire Raven dived down from the sky and grazed the ground, grabbing the goatskin papers and the orange glowing item before soaring back into the sky.

Perry Kaner's face turned sour as she saw the Fire Raven vanishing from her sight.

She felt fortunate for being alive yet regretful.

However, everything was replaced by unwillingness at the very next moment. Perry Kaner knew she had missed a giant opportunity that could change her path of life.

She clenched her fist hard out of control.

Give up?

The Viper Sect leader's dictionary couldn't house such a word.


"What a pity!"

Kieran who was still riding on the horse raised a brow.

He felt pity because the duration of [Spirit of the White Wolf] was up and unable to take out Perry Kaner along the way.

Though, his pity was replaced by the description of [Spirit of the White Wolf].

[Name: Spirit of the White Wolf]

[Type: Summons]

[Rank: High]

[Attack: Extreme]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. Tenacious Fur, 2. Nimble Body, 3. Razor Claws & Fangs]

[Effect: Dominate Wolves]

[Prerequisite: Wolf's Remnant Feast]

[Remark: The summoned beast that was formed by the remaining power of the son of Wolf. It's powerful and reliable]


[Tenacious Fur: When receiving damage, an extra Powerful force field barrier will automatically form around the body.]

[Nimble Body: Its giant figure will not cause additional debuffs, instead, plus +3 Agility buff during running and evading]

[Razor Claws & Fangs: Its claws and fangs are treated as a Rare rank sharp weapon, gain extra +1 Sharpness.]


[Dominate Wolves: Able to control wolf beings below Rare rank.]


When the system displayed the details of [Spirit of the White Wolf], Kieran was still shocked despite having some guesses.

Aside from the attributes and special effect buffs, the fact that its attack and defense was at Extreme and having a substantial 4500 HP and Stamina was enough to widen Kieran's eyes.

On a side note, Kieran's S+ Constitution plus [Body of Evil]'s buff would only grant him 1300 HP and Stamina value.

The other summons such as [Serpent Spirit] would gain all sorts of HP and Stamina bonuses because of its species and type model but it wasn't as absurd as [Spirit of the White Wolf], let alone the Extreme attack and defense plus a couple of attributes that could be considered as Talents.

"So this is the power of an I rank item?"

Kieran couldn't hold back his astonishment when he saw that Lapierre was killed within a second through [Spirit of the White Wolf]'s eyes.

Even though he had the advantage of catching his opponent off guard, he believed Lapierre would at most last a few breaths in a one-on-one battle. Kieran even calculated the potential ace cards and the power of Lapierre's lightning but if those were out of the equation

Lapierre would perish in a second!

Kieran's sharp insight was enough to tell the outcome.

Gawk! Gawk Gaawk!

Fire Raven returned to Kieran and brought back the spoils of wars.

A couple of goatskin papers filled with Prairies writing and a Rare rank equipment.

The Rare equipment was a fingerless glove. Other than the thumb part, each finger was embedded with two bulging copper bolts on the joints.

The bolts weren't sharp but sturdy enough.

Kieran looked at the glove that was reminiscent of a sports glove, his mind unconsciously painted a picture of his enemy's bloody face when he punched it with the bolts.

[Name: Brutal Lightning Hand (Left Hand)]

[Type: Glove]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Strong]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Volt Strike, 2. Brutality]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is Lapierre's favorite, he could punch a man to death easily with this!]


[Volt Strike: Additional Average electric element attack added on each successful hit on target]

[Brutality: Each time a target is killed, +1 attack buff granted to the glove. When a total of 5 targets are killed, the next attack will have a +1 on electric element attack]


Even after seeing an I rank equipment, Kieran didn't think lowly of any Rare equipment.

In fact, any equipment had its value to a stingy person, let alone that the glove was a left-handed glove that he was sorely lacking.

Kieran equipped [Brutal Lightning Hand] without further ado and he turned his attention to the goatskin papers.

[Name: Unknown Goatskin]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attribute: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It has recorded some extremely secretive knowledge. You will need the corresponding language to truly acquire the knowledge from the records!]


When Perry Kaner took out the seven goatskin papers with extreme unwillingness, Kieran knew they were nothing simple, though he didn't think the system would describe the papers in such a way.

"Secretive knowledge eh"

Kieran squinted his eyes.

He thought of Origin Force.