The Devil's Cage Chapter 640

Chapter 640: Harvest Time
Chapter 640: Harvest Time
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The Prairie soldiers ran almost instantly.

After being assaulted once, the Prairie soldiers didn't even have enough resistance against Kieran's [Light of Fear] during devil form.

Kieran too didn't plan to spare any of them despite them fleeing for their lives.

All Kieran saw in the fleeing Prairie soldiers were rewards not to be missed.

Perhaps quality wise, it wouldn't be ideal but the quantity would be something to look forward too.

Quantity will invoke qualitative change.

Regardless of where that saying was applied, it was reasonable.


Kieran extended his fiery wings and sent a blastwave sweeping across the battlefield.

A 130 degree, 40-meter range of land before Kieran was instantly scorched, leaving behind bits of green glow here and there.

Fire Raven dived down swiftly, collecting all the greens after it got the order.

Kieran, on the other hand, had dashed into the denser crowd.

There were almost no signs of weakness on Kieran as he leaped into the crowd like a tiger to a bunch of sheep. A swing of his blazing beheader sword with his magma arm easily whipped up a bloody storm over the crowd.

The Prairies soldiers who already filled with fear ran even quicker.

Regardless of how powerful the Devil was, he was only one.

As long as they could outrun the others, they would have higher the chances of surviving.

Almost all of the fleeing Prairies soldiers shared the same thought but right at the next moment, all of them tasted true despair.

A wicked voice sounded from Kieran's devil mouth, his voice alone was enough to make a common man sick.

After that slight whisper, a terrifying scene unfolded.

Those Prairie soldiers who were supposed to be dead were resurrected!

Despite being slashed in half, all of the resurrected dead stood up in their own way, whether by hands or by the torso.

The other more terrifying thing was the resurrected dead were as powerful as when they were alive, their attacking pattern were identical as well. They could even be considered as stronger.


Even without Kieran's command, the resurrected dead which naturally had a grudge against the living the moment they crawled back up from the ground rushed into the crowd after a series of eerie screams.

Although some of them were comrades, friends when they were alive, after being turned, all the dead could do was kill the living.

It was either the living being killed or the dead being defeated!

Mary widened her eyes at that tall blazing figure and the resurrected dead bodies.

If she didn't see it with her own eyes, she'd never believe that was Kieran.

Though the unfamiliar feeling only popped up for a moment before it was replaced with tranquility in her heart.

She was used to Kieran stepping up, dealing with everything.

It was no exception at that very moment either.

However, Kieran's devil form was too frightening for the others.

Especially when he called back the dead, all the Warren riders gasped. The educations and how they were brought up rendered them unacceptable to such a scene.

But the fact that they were on the same side with Kieran and the reverence for him made them quiet. The reverence in their eyes grew.

Maxim and Celty exchanged gaze. Their faces were expressing disappointment that they couldn't conceal.

No one knew what they had missed but almost out of instinct, both of their eyes at Kieran had a sense of hatred. Yet the moment the hatred filled them, they wisely discarded it from their minds right away.

Kieran before them was absurdly powerful, to the point that it had exceeded even their wildest imagination.

"Origin Force?" Maxim uttered in uncertainty softly. He shivered hard.

Besides the shadow cast by Mary's horse, a cold gaze was staring at Maxim and soon increased in numbers surrounding him.

The cold gazes felt as though they were the winter's wind, causing them to shiver.

Maxim and Celty smiled bitterly. Both of them knew their unusual expressions were discovered by the "guards" that Kieran left behind for Mary.

Maxim and Celty had doubts against those "guards" because of a sense of familiarity.

It was also because of that sense of familiarity, they knew that one of the gazes was on par with both of their strength and the rest of them were also adept in their own fields.

Maxim and Celty had no idea where Kieran found all these "guards" but they dreaded Kieran even more.

Devil Kieran was spending his effort in maximizing his battle achievements across the battlefield. Through the Fire Raven's sight from high above, it looked like he was sweeping away the entire Prairie troops.

The black and dense crowd fled in panic, the devil was chasing them from behind.

Flames, a sulphuric smell, fear, and chaos.

A sense of satisfaction rose up in Kieran's devil heart. It felt familiar and nostalgic.

Then, a stronger chaotic force rose up from his heart and spread across his magma body within a breath.


He couldn't hold it back and growled loudly.

Kieran suddenly realized the lingering weakened effect had suddenly vanished.

It wasn't [Transform Devil]'s buffs that compensated his weakened state but it was expelled from his body directly.

"The power?" Kieran was stunned.

He then became even more furious and powerful driving his devil body and burned the Prairie soldiers with even hotter flames.

The phenomenon that occurred was definitely worth researching but increasing his rewards was much more important at the moment.

Kieran imprinted that moment in his mind and continued slaying the Prairie soldiers in a more vicious manner.

The Devil seemed to have powered up.

All of the Prairies soldiers that were being chased felt that way, they couldn't confirm whether it was their mind playing tricks on them but they knew they should run faster.

The chasing went on for almost 10 km in distance.

When Kieran suddenly stopped, the fleeing Prairie soldiers ran even faster because they saw the chance of survival.

The resurrected dead fell back to the ground without moving further.

The tall devil then petrified into a stone statue before Kieran broke out from it, leaving the stone statue behind as it turned into dust and was carried away by the wind.

Fire Raven cawed before stopping before Kieran.

He took back [Crimson Ghost Stomach] from its claws and an uncontrollable smile appeared on his face after checking.

He had gotten a total of 50 low tier Magic rank equipment !

Despite it being low tier equipment, the value of that quantity was enough to shock other players.

It almost equal to dungeon clear rewards!

An absolute grand harvest!

"As expected! The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards!"

Kieran mumbled. He knew if it wasn't for his own decision of going through this path, he wouldn't have gotten such a huge number of rewards. Other than those extra rewards from bosses, he might only get rewards equal to a tenth of the current numbers!

Now, he had gotten at least 10 times of rewards of other common players.

Kieran clenched his fist in excitement.

Fire Raven was baffled by the excitement on Kieran's face despite it having exceptional intellect.

It landed on Kieran's shoulder and looked at him in confusion.

Kieran too rewarded the Fire Raven with a piece of fiend's meat by feeding it on his palm. It was what the least Fire Raven deserved. Without its help, Kieran would be rushing from one end to another at the time of harvest.

[Main mission complete: Protect the capital of Warren, Riverdale, from falling]

[Player will leave the dungeon in 5 minutes]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]


After seeing the notifications of return popping out, he finally took a deep breath.

He turned back and saw Mary running towards him.

This time around, he could say his goodbyes properly though they would meet again in the future.