The Devil's Cage Chapter 649

Chapter 649: Outside the Window
Chapter 649: Outside the Window
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As far as jumping off a building was concerned, people will immediately think of the bloody body on the ground plus the spot where the person jumped off.

What if the person didn't even go up to the rooftop?

Kieran remembered that the doctor who was still breathing heavily after even regulating his breath before entering Kieran's room, he said 'my office is at the other end of the corridor.'

The seventh-floor rooftop and the fifth floor weren't much of a difference for a person who fell of the building, especially under some intentional arrangement.

Death was predestined long ago.

There was only one office for the doctor on duty in the fifth floor and after passing by a nurse, Kieran had gotten the exact location of the office.

He stood in front of the office door and kicked it opened with his leg.

The doctor from before was sitting behind his desk and an extra cup of coffee on his desk.

After Kieran barged in uninvited, the doctor and Hoskin were shocked.

"What? What happened?"

"The nurse who jumped? I've checked on her when I arrived but unfortunately, there weren't any signs of life when I arrived." The doctor looked regretful when he said that.

"No...No Nothing, it's just...uhhh" Hoskin was stuttering an explanation.

At the same time, his eyes were locked at Kieran, he hoped that Kieran was the one who was explaining and not him.

To be honest, Hoskin was still confused over the situation and Kieran, on the other hand, had no intentions of explaining. All he did was activate [Tracking] and scan the whole office.

"Is there anything that I can help you both? If no please leave my office, I have a lot of things to handle because of the sudden suicide!"

The doctor started to ask Kieran and Hoskin to leave since he couldn't get a satisfying answer.

"Of course there is a lot of things you need to handle. An unexpected homicide would leave too much evidence behind, if you don't clean up nicely, it will lead into more troubles," Kieran said with a smile.

"What did you say?" The doctor shouted.

"I am saying, you murdered that nurse! Right in this very office!" Kieran said.

"Me? Murder? When that lady jumped off the building, I was in your room. Did you forget about that or other than your memory loss, you are starting to hallucinate? Even if you do, would this young officer as well?"

The doctor mocked Kieran with his disdainful face.

Hoskin's face turned worrisome instantly.

The young officer knew if both of them couldn't bring up evidence that proved the doctor was the murderer, then the new rookie officer would have to kiss his long-anticipated career goodbye.

Hoskin's superior was not a chatty person. He then turned to Kieran with a face of begging.

He hoped Kieran would say less or even comply to the doctor's demand to satisfy him.

At least Hoskin hoped that it wouldn't turn out awful in the end.

"I see you are quite confident of your tricks which are full of flaws." Kieran smiled coldly.

"Evidence! You need solid evidence to prove your words! If you don't have anything, I can sue you for defamation even if you are a patient of memory loss!"

The doctor was infuriated and became outraged, his pitch went even higher than normal.

"There is a lot of evidence around here. The nails that you haven't pulled out from the door frame, the water puddle on the floor plus the bandages that you've thrown into the trash can. Other than all of that, the most crucial evidence was your words, doctor. You said out loud that you are curious about my amnesia but all you did was ask questions simply before you left the ward. Coincidentally, someone jumped off the building because of suicide?"

"Isn't it too coincidental? It was so coincidental to the point where I can think of tying a ring out of the bandages, hanging it over the nails on the frame and the other end on the victim's body. The bandage rope doesn't need to be too strong and might even have been torn before, it was only connecting together because the bandage rope was frozen beforehand! As time goes by, the ice melts"

Kieran explained and the doctor's face turned right sour right away and eventually turned as pale as paper.

Hoskin too started to look at the doctor with caution.

Although Hoskin was young and lacked field experience, he wasn't an idiot since he could graduate to become a police officer. As Kieran explained his theory, Hoskin too noticed something wasn't right.

"Doctor, please stand up and place your hands where I can see them!"

Hoskin took out his gun and pointed it at the doctor.

"This is all your saying! Your theories!" The doctor tried to argue.

"If all of that was my theory, then what about this?"

Kieran picked up the air-con remote control and switched it on.


The screen on the remote control was showing 30 warm air instead of the usual chilling one.

"Even with the weather now, there is no need for switching on the warm air, isn't it? Let alone you've set it to maximum temperature, to quicken your plan but once again turned into your flaw!"

"Of course, there is also your fingerprints over the office"

"That's right after you killed that nurse, you cleaned up your office in a hurry, trying to wipe away all your fingerprints but did you think about this? Your own office with your fingerprints all over or your own office but no fingerprints of yourself at all, which one is more suspicious then?"

Kieran shrugged as he said.

If it wasn't to complete his sub-mission in a better sense, Kieran wouldn't explain the way the did. Even though the doctor cleaned his office with his best efforts, the fingerprints were still exposed under [Tracking]'s vision.

It wasn't hard for Kieran to draw a conclusion based on the outcome that he already knew when it happened and the traces all over the place plus the unusual actions of the doctor. It was like Kieran had seen the incident with his own eyes.

"How could you HowYou are an amnesia patient, how could you see through everything?!"

The doctor shouted loudly with rage.

"I may be suffering a memory loss but I am not an idiot. How could I not notice the other intention of the visit from you?" Kieran said.

The doctor was stunned. He then started to mumble on his own.

"It's her fault! It's her fault! I was forced to kill her! If she wasn't like a blood-sucking ghost that kept on blackmailing me, I wouldn't have"

"Doctor, the judge will give you a verdict based on your comments!"

Hoskin quickly went over to the doctor, pulling out another pair of handcuffs from his waist and cuffed the doctor on the table before Hoskin was completely relieved.

Hoskin's young face was still looking excited after the case was solved but he didn't forget the person who did all the work.

Hoskin turned over and wanted to thank Kieran but he noticed that Kieran was staring straight out at the window.

Hoskin turned to the direction out of instinct but all he saw was a dark scenery with nothing unusual.

"What's wrong?" Hoskin asked.

"Nothing." Kieran shook his head.

Hoskin felt weird but the expression was instantly replaced by the excitement because he caught the murderer with his own hands.

He took up his walkie-talkie and called in his partner. Then he used his smartphone and reported into the station.

Throughout the whole process, Hoskin didn't notice Kieran had lifted a lighter from the doctor's table.

The young officer also wouldn't notice that outside the window, there was a bloody figure with a nurse outfit, sticking its hideous face with disoriented features tightly on the window screen.

That bloody and morbid eyes were locked tightly at the doctor beneath it.

Right at the next moment, that pair of eerie eyes turned its attention to Kieran.