The Devil's Cage Chapter 650

Chapter 650: Decision
Chapter 650: Decision
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Kieran exchanged gazes with the bloody and morbid eyes.

Grudgeful and full of enmity.

That wasn't the sole stare at the living from the dead anymore but rather a naked killing intent.

The slight chills followed the eyes into the room and temperature slightly fell.

Hoskin twisted his body out of uncomfort but with it being his first time in solving a case and capturing the murderer, the young officer had not noticed any of those.

Kieran was like facing his greatest enemy.

[Fusion Heart] was temporarily sealed, which also caused [Charles' Fire] to be rendered useless since it's fire had merged with the devil flame.

With all skills -1, his Transcendence [Hand-to-Hand Combat] was no longer effective against spirit beings, plus Kieran didn't bring any of his equipment this time around.

He would have to be extra cautious and vigilant when facing an evil spirit.

Not only because Kieran didn't have any better ways to deal with one, but also its appearance caused Kieran to be cautious.

Based on the level of [Mystical Knowledge] he mastered, when a normal person died, the soul would quickly dissipate and leave the mortal realm, there was only a small chance for it to turn into a wandering soul.

For a wandering soul to transform into an evil spirit, it must first go through the poltergeist level and it wasn't anything easy.

In fact, most of the wandering souls would remain as they were till the moment they vanished.

The probability for a wandering soul to fall into poltergeist level was 1/10000 and the same went for a poltergeist to an evil spirit.

While the nurse who was just killed not long ago and right after her death she turned into an evil spirit? It was nearly impossible, even for those brutally killed because it would need a lot of time.

A long period of time for a regular person.

"Is this one of the special traits of this dungeon world?"

Kieran thought of the possibility but quickly discarded it from his mind.

If that was the case, he would not have met anyone alive from the moment he stepped into the dungeon world because the whole place would be the realm for the dead.

Which means

"Someone is behind this? Or did something special happen?"

Kieran wondered in his heart while he lit up the kerosene lamp beside with the lighter.

Fire and electricity were effective against spirit beings, even for evil spirits. At least it would prove stronger than going in barehanded.

The evil spirit stuck its face tightly on the window screen but it seemed like it was unable to enter the building.

Kieran was astonished.

The reason why people were helpless against spirit beings was the ability to go through things other than the invisible figure.

Even walls and floors were easily passed through by the spirit beings let alone a glass window.

Especially some poltergeists and evil spirits which were strong enough to even move objects and cause real damage to people while their negative energy would freeze them like falling into an ice pit.

Yet the scene before Kieran's eyes

"There is something in the office that prevent its entrance! What is it?"

Kieran started to scan the office again. Any type of item was useful enough for Kieran since he had no equipment on hand.

He wouldn't want to face an evil spirit with a lighter, would he?

Without a proper arrangement, it would be a suicidal act.

The office wasn't huge by any means, scanning it once before gave him a general image of the place. The second time of scanning would imprint the image and placement of the office in his mind, but this time around he didn't notice anything worthwhile.

Whether was it his vision or pure intuition, he got nothing.

"Could it be that it isn't inside this office?" Kieran frowned hard.

Just when Kieran was hard at thinking, rushed footsteps approached the office.

The senior officer appeared in the office soon enough, though he looked a little dubious about why Hoskin cuffed himself with Kieran, the senior officer tapped Hoskin's shoulder hard with a laugh.

"Well done rookie!" The senior officer wasn't stingy of his compliments.

"No It wasn't all me, I'm just"

Hoskin was an honest man. Although he wanted the achievement for his career, he'd still explained Kieran's help and the work that he had done.

The senior officer glanced over Kieran with a strange look, he remembered clearly that Kieran had suffered memory loss. It was natural of his suspicion since an amnesia patient could solve the case.

"Are you sure you are not a police or a detective when you didn't lose your memory?" The senior officer asked.

Maybe it was because of what Kieran did, the senior officer's tone wasn't as rude as interrogating a convict anymore but sounded more courteous.

"If I could remember that, I wouldn't be labeled as an amnesia patient." Kieran shrugged.

"Don't worry young man, you will recover soon enough!"

The senior officer offered a word of comfort before going through the standard operating procedures.

More officers then stepped into the scene and took the doctor, who killed his mistress out of an impulsive thought and tried to make it look like a suicide.

The doctor's mental defense was surprisingly weak, after being questioned by the uniformed officers, he quickly confessed to everything.

"I think the hospital will install protective nets outside in the future! If only I can open a company that provides protective net installation, I will earn big bucks!"

Hoskin joked on the way back to Kieran's special ward. After a quick collaboration, it seemed like the young officer was much closer to Kieran.

"You can open a company part-time!" Kieran joked as well.

"No, no, no! Being a police officer is my dream job! I live for the force!" Hoskin said in a strict face.

Under the reflections of the hall lights, Kieran thought he saw a faint layer of glimmer on Hoskin's face.

If Kieran's didn't spare his attention on the bloody ghost face on the window throughout the hallway, he would clap for Hoskin's words.

"I'm sorry, this is the C.O.'s order"

After returning back to the special ward, Hoskin re-cuffed Kieran back to the bed with an apologetic face.

Right after that, Hoskin felt like compensating Kieran and quickly said, "Do you need anything? Something to eat, drink? Or some magazines or papers to cure your boredom?"

"Some food and magazines, papers would be nice. After all, the night is still long!"

Kieran said with a slight ridicule tone.

When Hoskin left the room, Kieran's face that was still smiling a moment ago quickly turned serious.

He turned his attention to the window.

That evil spirit was still sticking its face on the window, those thirsty eyes were longing for Kieran's blood and flesh but a formless energy prevented the evil spirit from entering.

"It isn't something or someone but a barrier? A barrier that formed over the entire hospital!"

Kieran recalled how the evil spirit followed him back to his ward along the window.

He was curious as to why a barrier would form over a hospital.

At the same time, he was confident that it would provide him with a sub-mission but the more important matter was he couldn't leave the hospital anymore.

An evil spirit had locked on to him outside the hospital.

Once Kieran left the hospital's premises, it would be suicidal for him without corresponding measures but if he stayed in the hospital, once his identity without a background was exposed, it will become troublesome for him because of the explosion case from before as well.


Kieran exhaled heavily and turned his eyes to the evil spirit.

His decision was quickly made while he was exchanging gazes with the vicious and hideous ghost face.