The Devil's Cage Chapter 652

Chapter 652: Crime Scene Investigation
Chapter 652: Crime Scene Investigation
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The item finding process was much easier than Kieran had imagined.

In fact, all he did was walk to the main hall of the hospital on the first floor and he found the item.

However, he was stunned when he realized what it was.

It was a statue of a nun in the size of a real person.

The statue's hand was placed before the chest in a praying posture. The eyes and face were overflowing with a merciful and empathetic feeling that looked lively.

[Name: Sister Reid Statue]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attribute: Protect (The statue will grant a protection barrier around the building where it is located from malevolent forces.)]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: No]

[Remark: Sister Reid is a truly respectful nun.]

After touching it with his finger, the details popped up before Kieran's eyes.

Hoskin beside him did his best to explain to the amnesia patient.

"This is the statue of Sister Reid. According to the books, the respectful sister founded and built this hospital, providing free medical services for the poor and also training a lot of famous doctors and nurses. The later generations built this statue to commemorate her and gave her the title of Saint. Right, you came to the hospital through the ICU and directly to the special ward, so you might have missed this statue. The statue was very realistic and lively in terms of restoring the respectful sister's looks but the weird thing was, the master who sculpted this statue wasn't stated in the books."

Kieran reflected on what Hoskin said.

He seemed to have seen a lot more than other natives.

"If it isn't stated in the books but the master could sculpt a Legendary statue. Had he ascended beyond human capabilities? And this sister"

Kieran looked at the statue's merciful and emphatic facial features once more and it reminded him of a certain statue of a God without noticing.

It was very similar, not just how it was sculpted but it possessed a similar presence as well.

"Hoskin, which church is the sister from? Is that church still around?" Kieran asked and pretended to be curious.

"Sister Reid came from Marulyn Church, a small one that preached peace and had only around two hundred of them even during their prime time but unfortunately, after the war, the church vanished." The young officer sighed.

"The war?" Kieran asked once more.

With the title of amnesia patient, Kieran's questions had become natural and Hoskin answered him without any doubts.

"Yes, the war!"

"A total of three wars broke out in the past hundred years across the Union. Many lives were lost and the survivors plunged further into misery. During the Third World War, it almost triggered a catastrophic tragedy. Fortunately, during the last moments, those crazy bastards rein in at the brink of a disaster. Then, the Union was born!"

"We should be glad that we are born in this age!"

The young officer's sigh didn't resonate with Kieran.

Why would the crazy ones rein back on the verge of succeeding in what they were doing?

Kieran didn't even buy the talk one bit. There must be something that happened without commoner's knowledge.

Just like the vanishing of the Marulyn Church, regular people might see it as a common small church but how would a church with merely two hundred believers own a Legendary statue with [Protect]?

If something like that really happened, Kieran might have to reevaluate his current dungeon difficulty.

With a small church having such a legacy left behind, what about the bigger ones?

Would they be protected by divine beings or Gods?

Information! Kieran was desperately lacking information!

Kieran said to the young officer as his heart grew anxious.

"I'm quite interested in such histories. If it is not too much of a trouble, can you help me to find some related books?"

"That won't be a problem! I'll get you some related books when we return from the scene. Now, however, I think we need to get you to a clothing shop for a less eye-catching set of outfit."

Hoskin agreed immediately and pointed at Kieran's hospital gown.

Kieran didn't reject since he didn't have any fetishes towards a certain kind of bareback outfit.

As for the Legendary statue, as long as Kieran was still sane, he wouldn't carry the statue on his back and leave with that many eyes looking.

Before heading to the clothing shop, Kieran mentioned that he would like to visit the spot where the murdered nurse fell off the building along the way.

The blood on the spot had been cleaned up.

It was a big piece of concrete flooring, other than some cracks because of the fall impact and misalignment with the other parts of the ground, there was nothing unusual, regardless of naked eyes or [Tracking].

"Since 2567 you've caught the murderer that killed the nurse, she will be able to rest in peace!"

Hoskin seems to have misunderstood when he saw Kieran remain silent before the spot.

Kieran didn't further explain when he saw Hoskin's gaze acknowledging him more.

The young officer obviously had not come in contact with the underworld, so sudden explanations would only trigger unwanted problems. Besides, Kieran didn't mind the extra acknowledgments from Hoskin.

Hoskin was in-charge of his surveillance, more acknowledgments meant more convenience for Kieran in the future when he needed it.


Kieran nodded and stood up after getting nothing in particular.

Then, the duo went to a discounted clothing shop and acquired a set of casual clothes for Kieran.

White T-shirt with blue jeans, plus a black thin jacket and a pair of sneakers.

It cost Hoskin 75 bucks for all that.

"You have to return me the money when you get your bank card compensated. You are rich and I'm just a small cop that relies on thin wages to cover my everyday expenses."

The young officer stated officially before starting the police cruiser given by the station.

Kieran sized up the cruiser which obviously had been modified with extra horsepower and bulletproof glass windows.

"I guess it's one of the welfare from heavy crime unit, though I got it within a week when I join the force," Hoskin explained as he stepped on the accelerator pedal.

The cruiser went off like an arrow let loose.

The House of Winchester wasn't far from the hospital and with Hoskin's cheers and exciting driving along the way, the duo reached the ruins which was the Winchesters within 3 minutes.

The yellow police line was still surrounding the area.

The ruins had been cleaned up that very night. Two other officers were guarding the area and blocked anyone who wanted a peek at the scene.

Hoskin's badge allowed both of them to enter the scene easily after checking with the guarding officers.

However, after the explosion plus the cleanup, with all skills -1, Kieran's currently Grand Master [Tracking] couldn't pick up any useful traces at all.

In fact, let alone Grand Master level, even with Kieran's original Musou level, it was hard to dig up more useful leads but he wasn't entirely without findings.

Kieran didn't forget that mixture of blood and gasoline smell when he stepped into Winchester House last night.

"If the blood stench was present, it means the people inside Winchester house might be all dead, the gasoline might be the measure to destroy all the evidence and traces! Seems like someone doesn't want the police to find out who really died in Winchester House explosion Huh?"

While deep in his thoughts, Kieran suddenly felt a faint malicious gaze grazed over his body.


Kieran squinted his eyes.

He then quietly moved towards the young officer who was hard at wasting his effort in the ruins.