The Devil's Cage Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Trade (Part II)

Kieran had made his decision based on his skills optimum attribute growth and attacking power.

[Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] was at the top of the list, followed by [Hand-to-hand Combat] and [Sharp Weapon (Dagger)], [Firearm Weapon (Light Firearm)], [Evading],

[Undercover], [Tracking], and finally the [Barsical Kick], which was restricted by the level of the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

[Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] was a core skill to Kieran, so when there was room for an upgrade, he would definitely take it.

Both [Hand-to-hand Combat] and [Sharp Weapon (Dagger)]s related attributes were Strength, Agility, and Constitution. The attributes overlapped, so in order to upgrade either skill, Kieran would have to depend on the kind of weapon he would be able to acquire, either a dagger or a gauntlet.

Kieran preferred [Sharp Weapon(Dagger)], because it was cheaper by 1,000 Points than [Hand-to-hand Combat].

According to his calculations, even if he chose [Hand-to-hand Combat], which was more costly, he would still need to spend 25,500 Points, 14 Skill Points, and 1 Golden Skill Point.

After selling the jewels, he would have 30,200 Points, 14 Skills Points, and 1 Golden Skill Point. To Kieran, this was the better option.

Better still, there would also be a balance of leftover Points, which would allow him to have more freedom in choosing a weapon.

His stock of grenades had been used up during his battle against Primus too, so he would need to restock. After the grenades outstanding performance, he had already become emotionally attached to this expensive consumable.

Despite the timeline restrictions, the grenade had still proved to have a formidable destructive power.

Of course, there were two more skills, [Explosive Weapon (Explosion)] and [Lockpicking], which both needed to be leveled up from Basic to Entry, or even Master Level.

"Im still some skill points short!"

Kieran looked at his calculations after the selection. The Points were still sufficient, but the Skill Points were not enough to meet his needs.

He opened his mailbox and PMed Lawless.

"How many Points is 1 Skill Point worth?"

"At least 3,000!"

Lawlesss reply shocked him. He could not even process it.

Without hesitating, Kieran screenshotted the nine jewel fragments and sent them over along with their prices.

Lawless did not reply immediately. He went silent for quite a while.

Then suddenly, Kierans mailbox was spammed with messages.


Lawless: BRO! Where did u get so many jewels?

Lawless: Did u raid the dragons lair?

Lawless: I thought u were just a noob? U cant have encountered a dragon!

Lawless: Youre so lucky, man!


A series of surprised messages started popping up nonstop following the screenshots.

It had not been hard for Lawless to guess that Kieran was a newbie. Kierans earlier questions about the underground game had said it all. He was just a very lucky bastard.

Kieran typed, "Cut the crap! Let's get down to business already!"

Lawless had proven to be a worthy friend, but after multiple trades with him, Kieran knew that his one problem was that he talked a lot.

If he did not stop Lawless from spamming him any further, this could turn into a very long conversation.


Lawless: I cant buy it all myself!

Lawless: Ill introduce u to someone!

Lawless: Besides, you have 5 rubies and 3 emeralds in ur stash. The price will vary depending on whether you sell them individually or in bulk!

2567: How much?

Lawless: 5 rubies for 12,000 Points, 7 SP

Lawless: 3 emeralds for 7,000 Points, 4 SP

Lawless: Hold on, Ill contact my guy!


As Lawless went offline, Kieran smirked. Those extra 3,000 Points would allow him to have more choices.

Lawlesss honesty had made a favorable impression on Kieran as well. Honesty was always a welcome virtue.

As for trust? It was still too early to decide at this stage.

After a while, Lawless invited a player nicknamed Blacksmith into their chat, creating a group chat.


Lawless: 2567, make an offer to Blacksmith!

Lawless: Blacksmith, this is the guy that sold me the [Tekken-II]!

Lawless: Oh Blacksmith, u missed the scene where I blew that Burrow Dragon to hell! It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Lawless: 2567, If u are looking for embedded items, hit up Blacksmith! He is a trustworthy merchant!

Lawless: Too bad the Burrow Dragon had only a tiny bit of Elder Dragon Blood! It was strong alright, but it did not collect treasure like the others!

Lawless: What a let down!


Ignoring Lawless usual mumbling, Kieran made an offer to Blacksmith, just like Lawless had told him to.

5 Rubies: 12,000 Points, 7 Skill Points.

3 Emeralds: 7,000 Points, 4 Skill Points.

1 Topaz: 2,000 Points, 1 Skill Point.

Blacksmith ignored Lawless crap as well. After the deal with Kieran was done, he went offline.

Kieran looked at the 21,000 Points and 12 Skill Points and messaged Lawless that he was looking for a dagger or gauntlet (Right Hand), at least Great Rank, priced around 1,000 Points.

He was about to logout of his mailbox when, after a short consideration, he added "Magical Rank will do as well" and sent it to Lawless.

As for Rare or Legendary Rank? Kieran dared not even think about it.

If there even existed such a weapon in the market, he would not be able to afford it.


Underground game, location unknown.

Lawless had been typing about his game experience excitedly in the chatroom when, after about ten messages, 2567 and Blacksmith both went offline.

"Come on, guys! Dont be such party poopers!" Lawless started to rant about 2567 and Blacksmiths ignorance.

He whined about the two of them for ten minutes, acting as if they had done something unforgivable.

He only stopped when a name on his friend list lit up.

It was Monien.

Lawless saw the name come online and frowned. He and Monien had both been beta players in the earlier stages of the game.

He did not like him, because he was an unpredictable player, but Monien had helped Lawless enough times for him to add him to his friend list.


Lawless: What?

Monien: One of my clients, Starbeck, wants to enter a Fifth Time dungeon, and hes looking for a reliable team to do it.

Lawless: Im a lone wolf.

Monien: What about Blacksmith?

Lawless: Dont u drag other people into this!

Monien: Then How about that lucky newbie that you mentioned? He should have a certain level of strength. It would bring down the average times in the dungeon as well! Definitely the best teammate one could ask for!

Lawless: I said, dont drag others into this!

Monien: You know I could make you a good offer, right? Why dont you ask the newbie for me? After all, you cant replace him, can you?


Lawless was left speechless as he looked at Moniens last sentence.

He knew that Monien would make 2567 an offer he wouldnt be able to refuse. Plus, it was exactly as he had said. Lawless could not replace 2567.

"F*cking c*nt!" he cursed quietly.