The Devil's Cage Chapter 673

Chapter 673: Anne Aldrich Augen
Chapter 673: Anne Aldrich Augen
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The moment the unusual blade-like feeling appeared, Kieran knew he was exposed.

After all, it was just Musou [Undercover] he was using and compared to his original above Transcendence level with the buff, the difference in effect was vast.

It wouldn't be a problem to fool regular natives and surveillance cameras even in close range with Musou but against the fighter that Kieran deemed as a formidable opponent, it became lackluster.

Pak Pak Pak!

Kieran fired out three shots without hesitation before the man could even make a move.

He understood what the so-called fighter could achieve a while ago. Unless it was an assault rifle or machine gun, the small caliber silencer handgun could never perforate the man's muscle. Except for his weak spots, the eyes.

Therefore, Kieran aimed every shot he fired at the man's eyes.

Musou level [Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm] allowed Kieran's shot to be fired precisely at the target, forcing the charging fighter to a stop and dodge the bullets.

At the same time, Kieran took a big step backward each time he fired a shot and after all three shots were fired, he had retreated from the middle part of the corridor to the other end.

He was less than 10 meters away from the window at the very end of the corridor too.

Bang Bang Bang!

Another three shots were fired.

Kieran didn't have the slightest intention to tangle with the man because the place was his turf!

Once he tangled with the fighter, more enemies would appear.

The sole thought of hundreds of guns fired together at him made his scalp numb.

Without his original equipment and a sealed [Fusion Heart], he didn't possess any abilities to help him to deal with such a situation.


The fighter coldly grunted when he saw Kieran firing the second round.

He didn't continue to perform any dodging movements at the second round but he placed both his arms in front of his face, covering his head to a forward charge at Kieran.


The moment he stepped out, a raging wind followed.

The bullets that were fired at the man's arm only embedded on the surface of his muscle, there wasn't even a drop of blood.

The fighter appeared in front Kieran almost instantly, the arms that he placed in front were fired out simultaneously at Kieran like a powerful whip.

Pak, Pak!

Two clear punching sounds at the air later, Kieran was sent flying away as if he was hit by a speeding truck, his feet left the ground instantly and flew towards the window behind him.


Another cold grunt came from the fighter. It seemed like he had expected Kieran to escape through the window.

Pak, Pak!

Another two clear sounds later, his arms that were fired out retracted backward, defying the human body structure and mechanics. His palms became claws, grabbing towards Kieran's ankle fiercely but he missed!


Snake hisses sounded while Kieran's legs twisted in a freaky way, not only did he avoid the fighter's grip, he tapped lightly on the fighter's arm and boosted himself faster towards the window.

The fighter's face was shocked. He did not expect Kieran to perform such a strange kicking technique.

Since the outcome had gone out of his expectations, it wouldn't be possible to further chase Kieran.

The window's glasses were smashed right away and Kieran leaped out of the building.


The siren sounded almost instantly.

Nearly a dozen patrol squad gathered swiftly at the window area but they were just common elites who were stronger than regular commoners, none of them could locate any traces of Kieran after that.

That fighter stared helplessly at Kieran who landed on the ground after a tumble and swiftly vanished into the night. He didn't have the slightest intention to give chase.

"What happened?"

Anne Aldrich Augen's voice sounded from the study room.

She then came out to find out what was going on.

A blonde lady with a big wavy hair to her shoulder, hanging over her fair skin. Her one-piece dress was reflecting pure whiteness. There weren't any extra decorations on her face, it was young, delicate, beautiful and somewhat seductive.

Especially in the area of bright red on her one-piece white dress, Mrs. Augen's temptation was very lethal.

"Mayer, what's going on?" The young Mrs. Augen asked.

"Someone was eavesdropping."

Mayer the fighter said softly.

"Eavesdropping? Why didn't you catch him?" Mrs. Augen frowned.

"Are you commanding me?" Mayer frowned as well.

Both of them glared at each other in dissatisfaction, in the end, Mrs. Augen compromised because unlike the secretary's empty threats, the person before her eyes was serious.

She quickly apologized when her plans came into her mind.

"Pardon me, something bad happened, it really irritates me"

"Enough with your silly act, it's useless against me! I am here because of the promise with the Aldrich family and I'll only help you three times. This is the second time and the next time I lend my aid, we will no longer have any relations!"

Mayer finished and entered the study room.

Seconds later, he carried out the secretary's body and headed downstairs.

Throughout the process, Mayer didn't further speak with Mrs. Augen.

Mrs.Augen looked at Mayer's back and her face turned heavy.

She put away her disguise immediately because there was no need for disguise before Mayer since he already witnessed her true self.

Further disguising herself would only insult her own dignity.


"Naive fella!"

Mrs. Augen didn't even mind whether Mayer heard what she said. She returned to the study room after uttering it softly.

She must locate the bastard who eavesdropped her, otherwise, her plans would be ruined!

Mrs. Augen quickly picked up the phone as a thought came to her mind.


After Kieran successfully slipped past the road filled with surveillance cameras, Hoskin already started the car and opened up the passenger's seat door for him.

The moment the alarm went off in Augen Manor, Hoskin's heart was beating non-stop, afraid that some accidents had occurred.

Teresa was much calmer, she did take out her gun and was prepared for the worst but when she saw Kieran return, she was relieved.

The moment Kieran jumped into the car, Teresa shouted, "STEP ON IT!"


The engine of the car roared loudly, causing the car to tremble hard.

The whole car then dashed off like an arrow let loose, driving straight back to the city.

Only the vast traffic in the city would force the pursuers to be helpless.

In fact, ditching the pursuers was even easier than Kieran thought. Hoskin's driving skills were beyond his expectations.

After arriving at a secluded alleyway without any surveillance cameras, the car stopped slowly.

The pursuers on their tail were ditched three blocks back without any further signs of them.

"Nice driving!" Kieran was not stingy of his compliment.

He then gave Teresa the phone that he took the recording with.

After Teresa hearing the contents of the recordings, her face turned pale.

"Anne Aldrich Augen!"

Teresa said with almost clenched teeth.

The sudden rage from her made Kieran surprised.

Even though the chief officer was hot-tempered, she wasn't a person that would vent her anger on someone else.

The only reason that could infuriate the chief officer was that it wasn't Anne Aldrich Augen's first time doing this.