The Devil's Cage Chapter 677

Chapter 677: Crushed To Bits
Chapter 677: Crushed To Bits
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Kieran didn't answer. His eyes were all over the thin mist in the area.

The seemingly harmless thin mist didn't only block sight, it had a certain level of toxin in it as well. Despite its main drop point being beside his dining table, the lingering toxin knocked the regular customers out cold and numbed their movements.

Anna Aldrich Augen who Kieran hugged in his arms was no exception either, although she didn't faint, her numbed body made her widen her eyes and look around in panic.

Especially when she saw the attacker appeared behind Kieran because of her viewpoint and she couldn't warn him with her silenced voice, the panic and fear in her eyes grew denser.

Anne Aldrich Augen wasn't a naive woman, she understood what her end will be should Kieran fall.

One time of that horrible experience was enough for her, she didn't want to go through it again for the rest of her life.

No! She wouldn't give up!

Once she thought about how hard and how much effort she put in order to reach her current position and goals, a never before experienced unwillingness bloomed in her heart, she would never want to suffer such fate again. She didn't want to end her life in a dim way before she could really enjoy her achievements.

She must warn Kieran!

The burning thoughts in her heart squeezed out all her effort in twisting her body despite the thin line of hope.

However, the toxin was too strong for a regular person, regardless of how hard she struggled, her numbed body didn't even budge.

Just as Anne Aldrich Augen fell into despair, Kieran made his move.

To be more precise, he launched a kick backward.


The silently approaching attacker was sent flying by the kick with bones and tendon cracking noise.

As the attacker was kicked into the cafe, it acted as a signal for more attackers to emerge from the thin mist, like hot oil pouring into a jug of cold water.


The attackers charged towards Kieran with ferocious and cold roars.

They weren't from the same organization though, some of them only met each other for the first time but all of them shared a common goal.

Kill Kieran and get the high bounty reward!

The Elder Council might be crazy but they were generous.

That value of bounty rewards was enough to strike a chord in anyone's heart.

Kieran stepped to the right, grabbed the tablecloth from the table beside him and tied Anne Aldrich Augen onto his back along with the motion.

He tied a dead knot in front of his chest with the two edges of the tablecloth to stabilize the woman behind him. Kieran didn't back off though, instead, he charged head on towards the attackers.

Two giant leaps later, Kieran was already in front of the fastest charging attacker.

A kick on the face!


The tremendous power of the kick caused bones to twist with a teeth numbing screech, the attacker was sent flying backward, tumbling back into the group behind him.

The attacker brought down a couple of unlucky bastards who couldn't dodge in time and more clear bone cracking sounds could be heard.

Kieran didn't even glance at the outcome and after that kick, he grabbed another guy closest to his right hand. The unique looking glove [Power Glory] flashed and [Heavy Hand] was activated.


The attacker who Kieran grabbed by the arm had all the muscles and bones in his arm torn and it still wasn't the end.

The moment [Heavy Hand] was activated, Kieran proceeded with [Death Throw]'s authentication and it passed without a doubt.


Kieran dragged the attacker, whose left hand was completely crippled, into a roundhouse toss, toppling even more attackers in front of him before throwing him upwards overhead.

The attacker was hurled towards the larger group like shot put or a javelin.

Bang Bang Bang!

A series of crashing echoed in the street.

[Death Throw]'s crashing was even scarier than Kieran's kick because of the special effect.

This time around, it wasn't just cracked bones and torn tendons but it completely obliterated the attackers' body, as though the attackers were hit by a speeding truck into a concrete wall.

The bloody gruesome dismembered bodies was a scene harsh on the eyes.

The attackers who bore a very intimidating manner moments ago was forced to a delay, they were too scared to take another step forward.

While glancing over the bodies beside and beneath their feet, the attackers who lost their sanity to the bounty reward started to wake up.

Some of them started to retreat and those who didn't had started to hesitate.

The attackers were astonished and terrified by Kieran's attacking methods, except for one person who saw the scene and had different thoughts.

Anne Aldrich Augen's eyes were glistening in odd brightness.

In fact, when Kieran strapped her on his back, the Black Widow's gaze towards Kieran had changed completely.

A very subtle change at first and when Kieran was brave enough to charge back at the dozens of men alone, the subtle changes started to grow stronger. Even more so when Kieran suppressed every one of the attackers, her breaths even started to get faster.

Soon after, when she saw Kieran go after the remaining attackers, Anne Aldrich Augen really wanted to scream out loud.

Not the scream of fear but the scream of excitement!

She was excited that the attackers that attacked her were killed to the very last one ruthlessly!

However, the toxin in her body only allowed her to produce several nasal voices, nothing else.

Kieran heard the soft grunts from Anne Aldrich Augen but he didn't care.

[Interrogator Knife] in his left hand, [Dark Venom Dagger] in his right hand, the dual-wield allowed him to dash forward ceaselessly.

The knife and dagger combo were like the sharp fangs of a viper, slicing throat after throat of the attackers.

None of the attackers could escape Kieran's slaughter despite strapping a woman on his back.

The attackers could only catch the dust behind Kieran's attacking speed.

Panic. Disbelief. Regret.

The three expressions became the only thing the attackers could show on their faces after they died.

"Please, spare me! I Arrh!"

The last one tried to beg for his life but Kieran's cold eyes were ruthless and the speed of his attacking dagger was faster than before

Blood gushed out and splashed away, the last attacker fell in a puddle of his own blood.

He wasn't really ruthless or merciless but he knew if he was in the begging position, his enemy would do the same to him and maybe be even more ruthless.

Begging for the forgiveness of the enemy was a childish thought, let alone all the attackers were the lures to stall Kieran for the spellcaster to cast his spell.

The lures might be overwhelming in numbers but none of them could withstand a single blow even with their true strength.

They were stronger than regular natives but none of them had any mystical power.

The previous scene with the mist wasn't their handy work but the work someone else.

Kieran didn't pause his steps and dashed right into the thin mist and after a few steps in, he stopped.

His target wasn't far away. The target was a pale middle-aged man standing in front of the Mecathy and Borjane Books entrance.

In front of him was a number of casting materials and his mouth was chanting incantations plus his hands were performing mysterious hand gestures.

When he saw Kieran emerged from the mist, his face turned even paler and concentrated sweat broke out on his forehead.

The middle-aged man didn't expect Kieran could deal with his "pawns" so fast.

Although he didn't think the pawns were worthy of any of his concern, efforts were required to kill a chicken, let alone killing a man.

The person before his eyes was a butcher without a merciful heart!

Such thoughts suddenly inserted themselves into the middle-aged man's mind causing him to be more nervous.

He gave his best effort in getting the incantation correct to prevent a repulsion but that was it.

Kieran raised his right hand and grabbed the man's crown, lifting him up from the ground.

[Heavy Hand] then activated.


His brains exploded!

Kieran swung his hand, ditching the excessive brain matter away and instantly tainted Mecathy and Borjane Book's signboard with a splatter of red and white.