The Devil's Cage Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Magical Zipper
Chapter 681: Magical Zipper
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"What's this?"

Anne Aldrich Augen glanced over the places written on the paper, her eyes seemed to have reacted differently but her face showed confusion.

"Obviously it's what you've always known. When I woke up in St. Reid Hospital, unimaginable things happened, a nurse who jumped off the building became an evil spirit, one of the Twenty Hounds from the Elder Council came after my body and this is what that fake Gannett told me. I couldn't even determine what was true what was false. Also, that piece of paper was also handed to me by him." Kieran pointed at the paper in her hands.

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't reply immediately, instead, she went straight towards her study room by pushing the door open. She didn't choose to sit down but leaned back on her study desk.

She then habitually displayed her perfect body curves before Kieran's eyes before she continued.

"So, you chose Carose Cafe to meet with me?"

"2567, do you know if you do that, you will waste all the debt of gratitude for you this morning!"

In the end, there was a slight rage lingering on her face.

But after the slight rage, how Anne Aldrich Augen postured herself in front of Kieran's eyes caused an illusory feeling in Kieran's heart making him want to dominate her.

[Charm: Spirit has passed the authentication, no unusual effect will occur]

Kieran raised a brow when he saw the Spirit authentication that popped up.

He then sized up the woman before his eyes with surprise and shock.

Right at that moment, Kieran was sure Anne Aldrich Augen didn't use any tools, spells or other possible means to achieve that but relied solely on her beauty and body to allow the system to determine a [Charm] authentication.

Kieran was awestruck by her beauty again and at the same time raised his caution against her higher.

Tools and spells might be strong but could be defended, instead, this type of natural [Charm] that appeared out of nowhere would easily catch people off guard.

"No wonder after being labeled as the Black Widow, there are still so many pursuers behind Anne Aldrich Augen!" Kieran silently took in a breath and muttered to himself.

"Being honest is the basis of deals," Kieran said.

His strong Spirit allowed him to recollect the messy thoughts in his mind swiftly and his tone was maintained at an optimal level. He was clear that if he didn't want to be the Black Widow's next prey, he better do so.

Being a hunter was quite the experience but being the hunted?

No thanks!

"Fancy words and ingratiating talk," Anne Aldrich Augen commented.

In fact, she has been observing Kieran meticulously and when he noticed Kieran's face swiftly return to normal, she knew her alluring body wouldn't work on him.

Fortunately, it wasn't the only trick she had prepared, more tests were necessary.

"But I really want to know what your means of "cooperation"?" Anne Aldrich Augen asked.

"You help me, I help you," Kieran said directly.

"You help me? An AMNESIA PATIENT wants to help me?"

Anne Aldrich Augen purposely emphasized the term 'amnesia patient'.

"I am suffering amnesia, not an idiot. You and that fighter, Mayer don't share a common employer and employee relation, there should be some contract or promise of sorts right? The so-called contract or promise tied your hands down so you couldn't order him around. Otherwise, I don't believe you wouldn't bring him together to meet me in the morning."

Kieran wasn't affected by Anne Aldrich Augen's charm and said what he analyzed.

Human always feared death. Even if they dare disregard their lives and look death in the face, it would only be for a slight moment because their emotions were driving them towards the end.

Nothing in their nature would change, especially when they acquired a certain level of wealth and power, the fear for death would be enlarged infinitely.

Kieran was no exception either, and Anne Aldrich Augen who exhausted all her efforts to gain her current level of wealth was even more so.

So, Kieran didn't believe she wouldn't do it if she had the chance to order a fighter like Mayer to do her bidding.

There was only one real reason that she didn't order Mayer around: Anne Aldrich Augen allowed Mayer to protect her but she couldn't give him orders, possibly the protection range was only limited to the manor alone.

This was Kieran's chance!

If he wanted to borrow Anne Aldrich Augen's influence and power to investigate, he would have to pay a certain cost. He knew the principal in his heart.

While inside this current dungeon world, Kieran could only offer his combat abilities as leverage in the negotiation with Anne Aldrich Augen, coincidentally she direly needed muscle around her.

Mayer being inside Augen Manor was the best example.

"You want to sell your body?"

Anne Aldrich Augen purposely added some insulting terms in her words, unfortunately, the Kieran before her was as though his emotions were lost.

"Not selling my body, but a contract. Like Mayer, I can offer you help without crossing my baseline and principals," Kieran replied.

"Baseline? Principals? I'm sorry, you are begging me now right?"

Anne Aldrich Augen laughed.

"Yes! But you are not the only collaborator, I don't want to follow the other person's pace in his plans which will put me in a passive position. If your conditions are too harsh, I guess I have to take the risk." Kieran nodded without denying it but also presented his baseline once more.

Even though he needed help, Kieran didn't want to agree to any conditions that could suck benefits out of him wantonly.

"Are you really having amnesia?"

Anne Aldrich Augen stood straight and stepped forward to Kieran, sizing him up closely before his face.

Two pairs of eyes of the two people stared at each other statically, their faces were less than 10 cm away. The small distance was closing by the second as Anne Aldrich Augen leaned her body forward and closer.

"What do you think?" Kieran backed up a little subtly.

"Of course, yes! Because No one would like to be deceived by a fake Gannett!"

Anne Aldrich Augen couldn't hold back her laugh when he noticed Kieran slowly backed off, as though she had gained some victory.

"Well then, we can work together now. You want me to get someone to investigate Donna Bar and Ximi Candy house right?"

Her laughs were paused and continued on with a serious tone.

"And that fake Gannett. He shouldn't be alone, it's easy to avoid the surveillance camera and sneak into St. Reid Hospital but the streets around the hospital would surely have some traces."

Kieran added.

"No problem, but now I am curious what are you before you lost your memory?"

Anne Aldrich Augen had curiosity over her face as she stepped forward, closing up to Kieran again.

"If I can regain my memory, I'll tell you. So, what should I do now?"

Kieran backed up subtly again, drawing distance from her.

"Now? Well, let me think" Anne Aldrich Augen prolonged her tone.

She then turned around instantly, lifting her hair up and revealed her fair back of her neck.

"The zipper of my dress is stuck, can you help me with it?"

Kieran was stunned when Anne Aldrich Augen's words echoed in his ears.

He never thought she would perform such a request.

Then an even more unexpected scene unfolded before his eyes.

"Eh? It seems to be fine again!"

Amidst her full of surprise voice, Anne Aldrich Augen pulled down her zipper right away.

Her white one piece then slid off her fair body.