The Devil's Cage Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Breathing
Chapter 685: Breathing
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After Mayer took responsibility for compensating all the damage caused because he suggested the friendly spar in the first place, Anne Aldrich Augen quickly smiled once more.

She then returned to the main building and ordered the family doctor to patch Mayer up before bringing Kieran back to the study room.

The moment the study room door was shut, Anne Aldrich Augen sized up Kieran as though she had discovered a rare treasure.

Despite recovering a little, Kieran was still exhausted. He wasn't in the mood to tangle with her at the moment.

He rubbed his temple and asked, "Can you show me your investigation results?"

"Sure! I didn't think that you would actually defeat Mayer!"

Anne Aldrich Augen nodded and passed the file to Kieran, her mouth was praising him ceaselessly.

"Just being lucky."

Kieran answered after accepting the file.

It wasn't an act of humility but an actual fact.

If the [Knight of Dawn Body Tempering Art] didn't suddenly correspond to his actions and open up the special activation, Kieran would have lost the battle.

Despite him giving it his best, all he could achieve was a draw and the one getting patched up by the family doctor will be him instead of Mayer.

If he lost, he wouldn't have been sitting where he was now, going through the investigation results of Donna Bar and Ximi Candy House.

Though Anne Aldrich Augen didn't share the same thought.

"Being humble is a good virtue but excessive humility will become arrogance. But a person like you having such arrogance is normal too. You know, I am much more curious about your original identity now"

Anne Aldrich Augen was staring at Kieran in a very seductive manner and posture but it disappointed her when Kieran didn't bat an eye at her actions but concentrated his full attention on the investigation results.

Kieran's reaction made Anne Aldrich Augen scowl. She then lightly moved behind Kieran and threw herself over to him all of a sudden.

It wasn't a malicious act, she was just trying to hug Kieran from behind.

What other extra actions would follow after the hug?

It would only be in Anne Aldrich Augen's mind.

Unfortunately, Kieran didn't even give her the chance to do that.

The moment Anne Aldrich Augen threw herself over, Kieran moved aside and allowed her to move past him. He softly grabbed Anne Aldrich Augen's shoulder and tapped it down, removing most of her momentum before twisting her and sitting her down on the study desk.

"You like this position?" Anne Aldrich Augen spoke softly after she landed her bum on the table.

As she spoke, she lifted both her long fair legs on the desk, moving her fair slim finger across her white thighs. She slightly tilted her body backward, tightening her knight clothing and stretched the contour of her beautiful body line to the fullest.

However, Kieran didn't even lift his head up before turning away.

"This isn't how a gentleman should behave!" Anne Aldrich Augen's movements paused a bit.

Her soft and tender voice from a moment ago switched to an upset tone.

Still, Kieran remained unconvinced.

After he saw the investigation results in his hand, the gears in his mind started spinning.

Donna Bar, another gathering point of the mystics in Edland City. Being completely different than Mecathy and Borjane Books' seclusive traits, Donna Bar was open to all. As long as one could prove they were a mystic, they were allowed to enter.

Ximi Candy House, a shop that sold all sorts of magical potions and had been operating for a lengthy 210 years, a true antique shop.

The owner Ximi was the fourth generation of the Ximi family, he took over the shop from his father a while ago but because of his age, he couldn't achieve what his father had achieved back in the day. Though he was a highly motivated young man and friendly, a popular person among the Edland mystics.

Among the two locations, Ximi Candy House no doubt had a higher value of visiting. Even comparing all the three locations, the value stayed unchanged.

"Could he be aiming for Ximi Candy house? He wanted me to create a diversion and rob the place?"

Kieran thought of the possibility unconsciously but quickly shook his head in denial.

If the fake Gannett wanted to use him to create chaos, there must be some conflict involved.

Although the Mecathy and Borjane Books owner did make his move because of the bounty from the Elder Council, it didn't mean Ximi's fourth generation owner would as well.

Especially when the files did mention the fourth generation Ximi owner was serious and friendly.

Such a person wouldn't attract unwanted conflict by nature.

As for Donna Bar, the female owner Donna herself wouldn't either.

The female owner was an expert in socializing and being resourceful, she'd even part-time as an underground information broker as well.

An information broker wouldn't involve themselves in conflict easily, they were much more skilled in talking to earn money.

Kieran believed Donna Bar's female owner would easily sell him out if he'd been there but her making a move against him directly would have a slimmer chance.

So, what did that fake Gannett want?

Kieran couldn't help but frown as he was lost in his thoughts.

Even after getting the intel on Donna Bar and Ximi Candy House, the doubts in his heart weren't removed, instead, they became more and more clouded.

He felt like he was wandering through a labyrinth. With every new path before him, the higher his chances of being lost within.

"Then let us wait and see!"

Kieran suddenly made up his mind and revealed a cold grin on his face.

He had planned to pay a visit to Donna Bar and Ximi Candy house. Regardless of what the fake Gannett had planned, he would get his answers there.

But not at the moment. He needed much rest to regain his strength.

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't think as such. The manor's female owner came down from the desk and went up to Kieran's face.

"I've given you what you want, so is it time for you to keep your side of the deal?" Anne Aldrich Augen asked.

"What do you want?" Kieran replied with his question. He didn't mention the zipper incident from before as it was just a joke. A lousy joke from Anne Aldrich Augen which wasn't her request at all.

Both of them knew it perfectly in their heart.

"Tonight, we"

Anne Aldrich Augen purposely prolonged her tone.

"You requests have been limited to a certain range!" Kieran reminded her.

"I finally know why you and Mayer could get along so well, both of you are so dull and block-headed Or do you both share feelings for each other?"

Anne Aldrich Augen crossed her arms over her chest, looking upset after being interrupted.

Instantly, her chest shook in a breathtaking manner.

Right after that, a heavy breathing sound echoed within the study room.

Anne Aldrich Augen was stunned instantly as the breathing did not come from Kieran.