The Devil's Cage Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Club
Chapter 686: Club
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Sss Sss Sss!

When Anne Aldrich Augen was stunned, myriads of snakes sprung out from the floor before her eyes, hissing sharply with their heads up and drowning her like the rising tide.


Anne Aldrich Augen's mind instantly blanked, causing her to stand there absent-minded. Her eyes were out of focus completely. She tried to resist but couldn't even find a way.

Using Kieran's strongest Spirit attribute as its base, when [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] was used against people or living beings who had a lower attribute stats than Kieran, it would grant him the power to suppress every target within range, which also included that uninvited guest.

While being torn apart by myriads of vipers' fangs, the person exposed himself from the shadows and was immediately greeted by Kieran's kicking, drowning him completely.

Despite Kieran's face being pale and sick, he didn't hold back at all. After a barrage of kicks that ripped the person's bones and tendons apart, he didn't even have to chance to open his mouth before he ended up dead without the slightest signs of life.

Looking at the uninvited guest's distorted body, Kieran's face was still ugly.

He was fearful of what came after!

After the battle with Mayer, although he remained cautious and vigilant, it drained his energy a lot and it also highly affected his Intuition which led to the failure of discovering the uninvited guest.

If it wasn't for Anne Aldrich Augen's words, once the uninvited guest made his move on Kieran, the outcome will be unpredictable given Kieran's current condition after missing out on the first strike.

Any memory that came close to death would not be beautiful, let alone facing death directly.

Kieran took in a deep breath and looked at Anne Aldrich Augen.

The female manor owner was also showing an ugly face because she also suffered the effect of [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] and anger when her territory was simply invaded by others.

She didn't further care about Kieran but went back to her desk to press a button underneath.

Moments later, the lead security guard led a group of men into the study room.

None of the security guards had any changes of expression when they saw the distorted body. They quickly cleaned up the place and greeted Anne Aldrich Augen before they left again.

Until the bloody stench in the study room had faded away, Anne Aldrich Augen's face only started to relax.

"After Symende Augen's accidental death, I've become a hated woman in someone's crosshairs! This is the fourth assassination attempt in the past two days! If I didn't strike first and take out Symende Augen's secretary, that bastard would lead the group of well-armed mercenaries and storm the manor, occupying it in no time!"

"These damn bastards!" Anne Aldrich Augen muttered to herself, her tone had a sense of self-mockery but most of it was cold killing intent.

Kieran dare not doubt the killing conviction in the woman's heart right now. No one would spare those who tended to threaten their own lives, especially when the threatened had the capabilities to take revenge.

As for the well-armed mercenary group that she spoke off, Kieran had encountered it more than once.

"What are you planning to do?" Kieran continued rubbing his temple.

After using [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper], his already tired body was further exhausted, he might even sleep right away once he lied down somewhere.

Given his current condition, Kieran's still took the initiative to ask Anne Aldrich Augen but not because he was concerned about her.

The Black Widow needed no one's concern of her well-being, or rather, anyone who showed their concern for her would not end up happy.

Kieran was not willing to test whether he was an exception unless there was a sub-mission.

In fact, he never doubted the possibility of a sub-mission appearing on Anne Aldrich Augen, similar to how he never doubted her charm in front of other men.

"I need you to help me to deal with those mercenaries and fighters who don't want to comply with my orders. I suppose you've met the mercenaries before and those so-called fighters, you've just met one. That Zaigen was their leader, when Symende Augen pulled that bastard out of state prison, he did spend a lot of effort."

"If Symende Augen knew that right after his death, the underground factions that he spent so much effort in building had grouped up to take over his properties, harming his widow, I guess he would open his eyes again after being upset by his own actions."

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't beat around the bush with her words as it was spoken directly to Kieran.

Her self-mocking tone from a moment ago had instantly turned into her habitual sneering at others.

"Fine but I'll need at least two hours of rest." Kieran nodded straightaway.

He didn't care about who was in the race for the rights to inherit Symende Augen's properties because that was purely battle for benefits and it didn't have a lot to do with him as an outsider.

Or rather, the moment he chose to work with Anne Aldrich Augen, he didn't need to choose anymore.

[Discovered sub-mission: Suppression]

[Suppression: Symende Augen's accidental death caused the factions underneath his sphere of influence to fall apart. You've chosen to work with Anne Aldrich Augen and now you need to help her to clear the blockage in front of her path!]

The sub-mission arrived without any surprise. After glancing over the details, Kieran looked at Anne Aldrich Augen again.

"Also, I need their specific information as well. Of course, if you can provide me with some weapons, I'll be ever grateful," Kieran said.

"No problem!"

Anne Aldrich Augen agreed instantly and once again approached Kieran. The Black Widow leaned over like she had returned to her old habits, wanting to throw herself into Kieran's arms.

Still, the outcome was similar to the previous attempts, Kieran dodged her easily again.

"I need enough rest," Kieran frowned and said.

"As though you are really exhausting yourself."

Anne Aldrich Augen peeked at Kieran's jeans near his crotch, teasing him.

Kieran replied with a middle finger and directly closed his eyes.

He knew it would take forever to return to his prime form if he kept tangling with this woman.


Edland City, the outskirts.

Near the west side of the state bordering road, there was a big piece of private land.

The land was filled with brilliant green grass and trees forming a big jungle-like area.

From time to time, gunshots could be heard and wild rabbits would shuttle across the tall grass. Sometimes there were panicked musk deer and Pre David's deer running around as well.

The gunshots fired in the area would not attract attention at all, not even explosions because the place was a famous open country shooting club.

Groups of people from the city would spend quite the amount of money there, renting hunting rifles from the club and the coach cum guide would bring them into the jungle for a hunting session.

However, it wasn't the weekend now. Only a few were lingering in the club and a couple of fellas were on duty at the main hall.

"How long do we need to continue staying here?"

"Can our guns only kill rabbits?"

"Symende Augen is dead, the contract between him and us should be over, why are we still staying here?"

A couple of men were ranting to each other, thus none of them noticed a shadowy figure approaching them from behind.

Until a cold glare flashed over, blood was sprayed all over the place.