The Devil's Cage Chapter 687

Chapter 687: A Door Apart
Chapter 687: A Door Apart
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The couple of ranting mercenaries didn't think they would be ambushed at all, nor did they think about how powerful the person who ambushed them was!

Their self-righteous combat techniques and shooting skills that they relied on back in the day couldn't even withstand a single blow. The mercenaries didn't even get the chance to react to what happened and fell straight into their own puddles of blood.

After making sure the couple of mercenaries were dead, Kieran calmly sized up his surroundings.

It felt like he didn't take out a couple of disappointing mercenaries but more like he had squeezed a couple ants with his finger. In fact, it really was.

Kieran never showed mercy to his enemies nor would he have empathy for them.

Those were luxuries that might cost him his life.

As for the mercenaries' strength that regular people couldn't even bear, that was just limited to regular people. It was too easy for Kieran to take out a couple of not fully armed mercenaries.

According to the blueprint Anne Aldrich Augen provided, the big hall before his eyes was one of the main buildings of the club.

The entire main building could be divided into two stories.

The first floor was completely open to the public, there was a huge bar with various types of outdoor equipment for selling and renting. Beside the bar was a small locked door which was the firearm room that was used as a cover.

It was indeed the firearm room for customers as it was filled with all sorts of hunting rifles but to the mercenaries there, the true firearm room was underground.

However, the underground room had to be entered from the second floor as there wasn't an entrance made on the first floor.

The second floor was the resting quarters and entertainment spots for the mercenaries.

Most of the mercenaries who gathered on the second floor were causing a clamor.

Kieran raised a brow when he heard the noisy cursing above.

Symende Augen obviously had a huge plan in his mind, surely it wasn't just because of a "mayor" title but he really wanted to control the entire Edland City in his hands.

Otherwise, he wouldn't spend so much effort and form a mercenary group and recruit fighters in the dark.

However, although the mercenaries Symende Augen recruited might possess quite the combat abilities and maybe even be on par with a real army, that was it.

Other than that, the mercenaries discipline and organizational thoughts were even worse than Augen Manor's security guards. Especially when news of Symende Augen's death news was all over the city, their discipline went directly down the drain.

At least when Kieran infiltrated Augen Manor, he would still have to avoid outposts and guards openly and secretly but here?

He marched in right away.

Kieran took another glance at the stairs leading to the second floor. He didn't go up but turned around to the corridor beside the big hall.

The corridor was connected to the other attached building of the club and it was a prohibited place for outsiders and even the mercenaries because that place was where Symende Augen's true reliance lived.

Four fighters with Zaigen as their leader. Compared to the undisciplined mercenaries, the fighters on the other side of the corridor were what Kieran thought highly of.

Despite Zaigen died under his hands and Tonita who was Symende Augen's driver cum bodyguard died in the Winchester explosion, the remaining two fighters had always been in the club.

Of course, those two remaining underground fighters didn't stay behind in the clubhouse because of some honorable code to uphold to their contract, it was just after Symende Augen's death, the two of them had their ambitious intents over the large amount of wealth their employer left behind, which also included Anne Aldrich Augen.

Both of them even contacted Anne Aldrich Augen privately and that was what forced her to ask Mayer to protect her.

However, Kieran had reserved his own opinions when Anne Aldrich Augen told him all of this. He preferred to lean towards the fact that she was just asking for pity and cheating empathy out of habit. After all, she didn't get the title of Black Widow for nothing.

After Symende Augen's death, it was possible that Anne Aldrich Augen, who had been suppressed for so long, had her own ambitious thoughts blooming in her mind.

As for what the dirty deeds in her ambitions were, Kieran didn't and would not interfere. He knew clearly what his purpose for coming to the clubhouse.


With the key prepared by Anne Aldrich Augen, Kieran unlocked the corridor's main door and entered with a flash. The corridor was spacious and lit up properly.

When the opposite searchlight shone over to the door, it was blinding for anyone who saw the strong light. One would subconsciously close their eyes, Kieran was no exception either.

The moment Kieran closed his eyes, an air-breaking sound came.

The sharp powerful wind caused goosebumps at Kieran's neck.

A pair of strong robust arms reached out from Kieran's back and grabbed him by the waist.

"Hey pal, you really think we're similar to those idiot mercenaries, not having any precautions?"

A rough voice echoed in Kieran's ears.

The smell of death from the breath made Kieran frown. He was kind of regretting choosing this tactic instead.

Under Kieran's S+ Intuition, while being on the other side of the corridor, even with a door in between, the two fighters indeed held their breaths but Kieran was still able to notice what was going on.

But Kieran didn't mind taking them out in a more energy-efficient and safe way, so he was ready to meet one's ruse with another as he purposely stepped into their trap.

However, when Kieran's nose picked up the terrible stench, it was really hard to bear.

Kieran stretched his arms outwards, not only did he break free from the strong robust arm locking him down, Kieran even treated the fighter like a sandbag and threw him forward towards the powerful wind.

The fighter in front of Kieran who wielded a longsword twisted his steps and easily dodged the human sandbag, allowing his competitor to crash onto the searchlight, burning him and causing him to release a painful scream.


The sword-wielding fighter commented on his competitor. His sword instantly brought up a series of shadows and as it moved around in a flurry, changing between real and unreal, the sword edge had covered Kieran's eyes and throat completely.

The sword-wielding fighter's face had a sense of delight on his face, his mind already started to picture Kieran falling down.

Even a top-tier fighter whose body could withstand bullets, the eyes and throat were still weak, especially the former as it could be labeled as 'unable to withstand a single blow'.

Therefore, the sword-wielding fighter's heart had sentenced Kieran to death a while ago. He was very confident in his quick sword, so when his sword was kicked away by Kieran, his face was filled with an unbelieving expression.

It was only when Kieran landed his heavy kick on his body that the fighter reacted to what happened.


The agonizing scream had become the last call the fighter left on earth.

"Hold...Hold on! I am willing to serve you, great sir, plea"

The robust arm fighter who Kieran threw off immediately kneeled down and begged for his life and yet it didn't draw mercy from Kieran.

A powerful kick down to the fighter's throat, crushing his neck completely.

Kieran went along and picked up the two green glowing items before his eyes turned around.

There was a door apart yet the malicious intents were like having prickles on his back.