The Devil's Cage Chapter 690

Chapter 690: Donation
Chapter 690: Donation
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That's right, Donna!

The owner of Donna Bar, the information broker!

Following her appearance, most of the doubts that baffled Kieran before had been solved instantaneously.

The person that fake Gannett wanted him to meet was Donna but unfortunately, this Donna seemed to be unsatisfied with the fake Gannett's method of doing things and thus started to move on her own accord, trying to take him out.

However, Donna seemed to have underestimated Kieran's strength.

Therefore, Donna eliminated the witnesses without hesitation when she faced failure.

Using Ximi's death to cover her own and misleading everyone who knew her.

After all, who would be the most suspicious when all three owners of the establishments listed in the paper the fake Gannett gave him were all dead?

The answer was obvious! Kieran who had the address to all three of the locations!

Especially when the Mecathy and Borjane Books owner had died under his hand, people would be prejudiced by the first impression.

As long as Donna wasn't an idiot, she would definitely leave traces behind that pointed towards Kieran as the real killer.

Kieran could already picture the upcoming troubles he had to face.

On the surface, police were the ones who upheld the laws and rules and within the mystical realm, there was a similar existence as well.

Only a stable enough environment could produce enough value for anything.

"The Elder Council? Saint Relic Association?"

Kieran muttered the two organization that he had the greatest impression of but he soon recollected his attention.

He only solved about half of the doubts regarding the fake Gannett.

As for the other half, why would the fake Gannett be after him? Or why did the fake Gannett go through all that effort to test him?

Maybe because

He lost his memory!

The fake Gannett wanted to confirm whether or not Kieran really lost his memory!

Other than that, he couldn't think of the purpose behind the fake Gannett arranging him to meet an information broker.

The most reasonable explanation was that the information broker knew something about his true identity.

Not the identity like an adventurer, or an explorer that Teresa the chief officer could find out but something more secretive, such as Kieran's mystical identity.

According to the fake Gannett's plan, Donna would provide Kieran with leads about his true identity and as an amnesia patient, Kieran would surely cling onto the leads tightly, trying to recover his lost memories.

Throughout the process, the fake Gannett would surely get a certain benefit out of him.

"What will it be?" Kieran wondered.

Unconsciously, his hand reached inside his bag and touched the box with the [Unknown Mystery Object] in it.

Suddenly, Kieran's heart trembled a bit. He realized the one point that he had neglected throughout the process.

Kieran was also in the Winchester House from the start.


Meanwhile in a secret room somewhere.

Noises of quarrel carried on ceaselessly.

"Damn it! Why won't you proceed according to plan?" A sonorous voice scolded.

"Do you want to die? This matter has already involved the Elder Council, you still want to be part of it?" Another sharper female voice questioned without showing any weakness.

"I am sure that 2567 is indeed that bastard! Give me a little more time, we can flush that bastard out!" The sonorous voice was frustrated.

"A little more time? What kind of joke are you blabbering about? Being put up against those lunatics of Elder Council, you could have died a dozen times within a second! Of course, if you still want to go ahead, I won't stop you either." the sharp female voice said with a tease.

"How can I go now? You little bitch, everything has gone out of control because of you. If I were to go now, can I expect you to clean up my dead body?"

The sonorous voice seemed to be infuriated by the embarrassment, his words were getting less courteous as he spoke.

The sharp female voice didn't answer the sonorous voice anymore.

Without an opponent, the sonorous voice went silent as well.

The whole secret room fell into a dead silence. Both of them seemed to be given up but the real situation was only clear in each of their hearts.


When the sunlight shone inside Mecathy and Borjane Books, Kieran was already sitting at Carose Cafe, eating his breakfast in the outdoor section.

The bookstore opposite had welcomed its new owner, a bunch of children thirsty for knowledge.

At dawn, Kieran made a call to Anne Aldrich Augen and with that lady's help due to her extensive network, Mecathy and Borjane Books had become a free, charity bookstore that opened its doors to every welfare home child without further disruption.

Kieran didn't forget to bring all the things in the secret room and sealed off the entrance before he left.

Seeing the children's pure and delightful smiles, Kieran's appetite suddenly grew since he hadn't slept for the entire night.

Two beef burgers were instantly gobbled down without anything left. The only sad thing was, Carose Cafe didn't add orange juice in their set today because during the fight yesterday, the fellow that Kieran kicked into the cafe had wrecked the juicer.

Kieran declined the suggested coffee and drank only the complementary sky juice.

Until a middle-aged woman in a nun's outfit who seemed to be a clergyman of sorts walked towards him, Kieran stood up.

"Good morning, sister," Kieran greeted respectfully. It wasn't only because of the woman was a clergy but also because of what she did.

The woman before his eyes was different from other clergymen who only fished for fame that he knew off but a real kind, merciful, and a loving nun.

Based on what Kieran saw just now, the woman before him was even more responsible than the rumors had it.

Kieran definitely had the rights to say so as an orphan himself when he saw the smiles on the children

"Good morning, Mr. 2567, thank for you everything you've done for us. You can call me Liz or Sister Dandon," the sister said.

Dandon wasn't a surname but a general form of address given by Dandon Church. Every clergyman who joined the church would officially be granted the name.

Of course, when one could proudly add Sister or Father in their title, it would mean the person was different than a common member of the clergy.

They will be at least a senior or higher ranked clergyman and such high ranked clergyman weren't easily found in Edland City. If there were any higher-ranking clergyman around, they would surely be related to the Saint Relic Association, one way or another.

It was what the books in Mecathy and Borjane recorded in their collections.

"Very well, Sister Dandon. Truth be told, this bookstore wasn't mine before this. I met a friend here yesterday and well, in the end, that friend gave the bookstore to me but as you know, I am an amnesia patient and I have to recover my memory and not stay here to run a bookstore."

Kieran addressed the sister with a more respectful title and explained what happened yesterday in an obscure way.

Kieran did not worry that Sister Dandon would confront Anne Aldrich Augen and even if she did, given Anne Aldrich Augen's benefits-first personality, she would know what to do.

"I see if Mr. 2567 doesn't mind, I can send the brothers and sisters of the church to aid you in some ways." Sister Dandon said right after but was rejected by Kieran.

"That won't be necessary, sister. I've gotten my identity from the chief officer. You are also calling me by name 2567, right? I just need to return to Matam State, return to Xilidi and see what I've left behind. If I had a habit of keeping a journal, that would be great!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sister Dandon. Hope we meet again in the future given the chance."

Kieran was all optimistic when asked, he explained his situation and extended his hand for a shake.

Shaking hands to bid farewell was a kind of manners even in the dungeon world. It wasn't a standard norm but no one would reject it without a reason either, even for a clergyman.

"Very well, Mr. 2567, hope Oh, My Gracious!"

Sister Dandon shook Kieran's hand and wanted to bid farewell as well.

From her point of view, a kind person should get kindness in return. In fact, she had plans in her heart to help Kieran as well but everything changed following the handshake.

Sister Dandon cried in surprise as she tilted her head down at Kieran's hand, looking at the faint white radiance that flashed over.

When she felt the tenacity and hope inside the radiance, Sister Dandon's calm and merciful face was replaced by shock and surprise.

"Sister Dandon, this place is showering with sunshine, it's just a mere reflection or maybe your eyes were just dazzled"

Kieran swiftly retracted his hand back, looking panicked and quickly explained.

Sister Dandon shook her head.

"No, this isn't a reflection nor my eyes being dazzled. It's the proof of the love of God."

Sister Dandon placed her hands in front of her chest as she spoke.

A faint warm and peaceful radiance started to glimmer slightly and as though it called out to Kieran, the white radiance on his hands shone again.