The Devil's Cage Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Draw The Snake Out Of Its Hole
Chapter 692: Draw The Snake Out Of Its Hole
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"You knew this would happen? Then the reason you donated Mecathy and Borjane Books to them was to bait the Dandon Church?"

Anne Aldrich Augen suddenly reacted to Kieran's smile after rushing into the guest room and delivering the news to him.

Kieran didn't reply which meant he acknowledged it.

Anne Aldrich Augen wasn't an idiot, even if Kieran kept denying, she wouldn't buy it.

Of course, Kieran wouldn't give a clear answer either because leaving a subject for a woman like Anne Aldrich Augen to ridicule would be troublesome.

"You are really a bad guy! I didn't expect you to use the fact that the Dandon Church was lacking a knight to set them up. Did you get the information from the secret room in Mecathy and Borjane Books?"

"But why did you do it? Don't tell me it was just because of the title of "knight"!"

As Kieran's collaborator, Anne Aldrich Augen realized almost half of the truth after noticing the clues. Still, some details baffled the lady and Kieran, of course, wouldn't explain clearly to her.

"I am just trying to search for my memories and I noticed my powers share a trait with the so-called knight." Kieran replied.

Anne Aldrich Augen couldn't help but laugh after hearing the reply. The lady before Kieran's eyes would never believe the excuse Kieran had prepared and of course as a smart woman, she wouldn't press the subject either.

She stood up from the sofa opposite Kieran, wearing her pajamas and stretched her body without concealing anything, instantly revealing a big portion of her skin in front of Kieran.

Anne Aldrich Augen then walked over to Kieran, leaning over on the sofa that he was sitting on and lowered her head to his ear, whispering, "What do you think I should wear during the speech? Gray? Black? Seems old-fashioned but pink and red seems too raffish, not too appropriate for that kind of situation."

Anne Aldrich Augen appeared as if she was asking her dearest, closest friend, but Kieran frowned when her whisper tickled his ear. No doubt Kieran was not used to such close contact and affection.

"I don't know. I really don't know about coordinating outfits at all, and since you've already consulted your fashion designer, I think you should take the professional advice," Kieran said directly.

As the real owner of Augen Manor, Anne Aldrich Augen was a woman that knew how to enjoy herself. Every single piece of clothing and accessory she wore was uniquely designed, let alone the personal chefs and gardeners.

Kieran's S+ Intuition could easily hear how Anne Aldrich Augen ordered the fashion designer to sew her dress through the phone in the study room despite him being in the guest room.

"What astonishing hearing! Which mean I...I All the whispers about how I like you, heard it as well?"

Anne Aldrich Augen exclaimed at first before turning red, she raised her arms shyly trying to hug Kieran's neck.

However, just when Anne Aldrich Augen tried to lift her arms, Kieran stood up from the sofa, grazing her arms subtly.

"There's less than two hours to your speech. Considering how long you need to put on makeup and do your hair plus the traffic, if you don't want to screw up your mayoral election due to being late, you need to get ready now."

Kieran then opened the guest room door, performing an "after you" gesture at Anne Aldrich Augen.

"What a heartless man!" Anne Aldrich Augen glanced at Kieran with hidden bitterness but she didn't further tangle with him.

Just like what Kieran said, if she didn't want to screw up due to being late, she would need to get ready.

Anne Aldrich Augen left the guest room after that and Kieran shut the door tightly.

He didn't overthink the actions that Anne Aldrich Augen made moments ago as he knew clearly what her purpose was. It was just her habit of mixing things up like she was investing.

Whenever a beautiful lady smiled and winked at you, don't ever think that she is fond of you, it may just be her habits.

The unconscious habit of investing into a man, which could potentially bring her benefits.

Beauty itself was an asset, especially for a woman like Anne Aldrich Augen. Not only did she treat her beauty as her asset, but she also made it her weapon as well.

Kieran was certain had he revealed some other thoughts about her, he would definitely fall into Anne Aldrich Augen's trap.

He would not have eaten the mutton but instead invite a strong smell all over his body.

The title Black Widow wasn't given to her without a reason.

Kieran returned to his sofa and discarded all thoughts regarding Anne Aldrich Augen out of his mind, even though he had to fully protect her throughout the mayoral election speech.

Things had their priorities and compared to his own matters, Anne Aldrich Augen always came in second.

"Now since the Dandon Church has intervened, what will you or your people do against one of the Saint Relic Association? Take the risk or give up like this?"

Kieran slight grinned, the answer had been decided a while ago.

This was the reason why Greed was listed as one of the cardinal sins, especially when some usable excuses presented themselves.


11.30 a.m.

Edland City central square, Anne Aldrich Augen, who donned a white pantsuit, was slowly walking up the temporarily built rostrum.

Her beautiful face was set off by the white and the western suit styling made look more experienced.

When Anne Aldrich Augen appeared on the giant screen in the square which was showing a real-time transmission, it attracted cheers from the audience.

Some of the cheering folks were arranged beforehand and some of them were cheering for her beauty.

"If it's possible, I really didn't want to stand on this stage but below, watching my husband in his rightful place. He was a reliable person, as a man, a husband, and a mayor, but"

While Anne Aldrich Augen spoke, her eyes teared up.

Kieran who was standing in the shadows beside was nodding in high praise.

Compared to the meticulously coordinated outfit and her makeup, the script of the speech obviously was more brilliant and of course the most brilliant aspect of all that was Anne Aldrich Augen's acting.

Kieran knew the real situation between Anne Aldrich Augen and Symende Augen but the audience below the stage didn't.

All they knew was Symende Augen, the original mayor candidate died in an explosion and Anne Aldrich Augen stepped up to take her husband's place in the mayoral election to fulfill her late husband's last wish.

The public would always sympathize with the weak and winning over hearts in that manner was a brilliant move, especially when a beautiful lady did it, the effects were outstanding.

Kieran saw the crowd's expression and eyes and he knew Anne Aldrich Augen had successfully pulled it off.

He himself was no exception either!

After sensing the occasional malicious intent from the crowd, Kieran walked into the cheering crowd after signaling Mayer not far away from him.