The Devil's Cage Chapter 700

Chapter 700: How To Do It?
Chapter 700: How To Do It?
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As Kieran halted his steps abruptly, he stared directly at the building not far away from him.

The building was quite big and had a total of four stories. The architecture style wasn't modern, each side of the exterior wall has an obvious outer column and arched beam, forming a bulging extension on the upper part of each of the windows.

Not only did it beautify the structure but it also served its purpose to block the rain waters.

The columns and arched beam on the main entrance were standing out even more than others, it was almost 5 meters long, forming an oval-shaped entrance.

Following the oval-shaped entrance, one could easily reach Edland City Library. The signboard on one of the sides was written as such.

But, Kieran's eyes were concentrated at the other side of the pillar.

In front of that pillar, a 2-meter tall, 4-meter long with a width of two palms stone monument was built there.

The traces of time left obvious mottled marks all over the monument but the words carved on it were clear.


Thank you Marulyn Church for building this public library and donating 1192 books.

Following the merciful sister and Chief Friar, Marulyn Church had done another admirable act again. It will definitely be remembered in the generations to come.

War Era 81 Years.


"War Era? The time before the union was even formed?"

Kieran was stunned for a while before locking his gaze on "sister" and "Chief Friar".

No doubt with Marulyn Church in front, both the terms were referring to Sister Reid and Chief Friar Gannett and according to the map in his mind, this was the place where the other statue was located.

"The Marulyn Church kept its last "hope" here?"

As Kieran pondered on the thought, his eyes couldn't help but start to burn of eagerness.

What would a church do when facing impending destruction?

Other than struggling at the last breath and attacking in retaliation, they would surely keep the assets to fight again another day, staging a comeback.

Even the Marulyn Church, a civilian church was no exception.

Perhaps there might not be a lot of wealth spared but there would definitely be some powerful tools with intact legacies because an intact legacy was the source of restoring Marulyn and a powerful tool acted as a guarantee of their restoration.

Kieran's interest in the legacies was piqued. He wouldn't mind perfecting his skills.

As for powerful tools and items, he was determined to get his hands on them.

In his current situation, he was in dire need of powerful items.

Any plans made would require a powerful force to drive it smoothly.

Kieran understood the saying back during his newbie dungeon.


He took in a deep breath, keeping away the gaze on the monument and slowly walked towards the already opened Edland City Library.

However, the moment he lifted his foot, he was forced to stop.

"Something doesn't seem right! If the books, scrolls or some powerful items that recorded the legacies were placed in the library, with the monument built in front the entrance, despite how secretive it was kept, it couldn't have escaped intentional people's searching. Aside from the Elder Council, even the internal Sant Relic Association would be glad to utilize such legacies to fortify their forces, let alone other individuals and stray mystics."

Kieran understood clearly how concerned a mystic was regarding knowledge and magical tools.

One would be desperate to get their hands on one.

A powerful magical tome or a powerful item, it was common for one to whip up a bloody storm revolving such powers.

A set of intact legacies and a possibility of multiple powerful items would increase the temptation at least ten folds, or even more.

Under such circumstances, how could Edland City Library not be "visited" by someone else?

There might be countless men who visited the place before him.

Despite spending all their efforts and means to search for the legacies left behind by the Marulyn Church, every one of them returned empty-handed.

Otherwise, Damien of the Twenty Hounds wouldn't appear at St. Reid Hospital

Similarly, Damien's appearance at the hospital also told Kieran the key to finding the Marulyn Church's legacies hidden within St. Reid Hospital!

The statue! Sister Reid's statue!

Kieran has been wondering why Damien would teach the fake Gannett the spells to resonate with the statue and now at this very moment, Kieran realized Damien wanted to move the statue to the library!

Only by using the secret spell to resonate with the statue's power could it be achieved without anyone noticing and Damien could easily shift the blame of "stealing" the statue to the fake Gannett, hence avoiding conflict between the Elder Council and the Saint Relic Association.

"I see now," Kieran sighed in his heart.

He looked at the map in his head that used Sister Reid's statue as the marking.

Before this, he was thinking that the marking was to show respect to Sister Reid and didn't even think about the fact that the statue was really needed.

"The statue itself is one of the important factors! But trying to move the statue"

Kieran frowned. He didn't possess the secret spells inside the statue that could conceal itself from common people's senses.

He had only gotten the part of the hidden map inside the statue by accident. This map should be the last resort that the Marulyn Church set up as a precaution.

However, it somehow didn't show any effect that it was supposed to.

A high chance was that there was a powerful enemy that eliminated the entire Marulyn Church, leaving no survivors behind.

The three wars that happened throughout the hundred years was much more horrifying than what regular people could imagine.

Despite Kieran only briefly reading about the history, he understood that among all the three wars, each organization had spent all their effort in killing the opponent.

Once given the chance, one would eliminate their enemies down to the roots and leave nothing behind.

So, mystical realm factions being completely annihilated in the three wars was quite a common scene, to the point that a lot of people couldn't precisely tell what organizations were annihilated by who and when.

For example, the Marulyn Church.

Of course, Kieran didn't want to explore the remains of the three wars. He was thinking about how to move [Sister Reid Statue] to the library, without leaving traces.

If Kieran's skills didn't suffer the -1 penalty and he had all his original equipment, he might still have some confidence by utilizing illusions and above Transcendence [Undercover] to pull the trick off.

Now, however, many difficulties stood before him. Even from a certain aspect, it was near impossible for him to do it alone.

Fortunately, it was just near impossible, not completely!

Inside Kieran's head, there was a less mature idea.

That night, he had promised Anne Aldrich Augen to accompany her to the dinner. If during that particular period, Sister Reid Statue was stolen, his suspicions would be decreased to the minimum.


How would he do it?