The Devil's Cage Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Threatening
Chapter 701: Threatening
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During the night, a group of cars left Augen Manor

Two cars of the bodyguards took up their positions in the front and back, sandwiching the prolonged limo in the middle.

The group didn't drive into Edland City but went around the city's outskirts, heading towards another direction.

Kieran was sitting opposite Anne Aldrich Augen who was filing her red colored nails with a nail file. He stared at her while trying to perfect his plans for the night.

He wanted to use the guests of the dinner as witnesses and bring Sister Reid's statue away from the hospital to the library.

"My gosh, if this keeps on, my nails will be ruined!" Anne Aldrich Augen ranted.

Kieran kept quiet.

When he returned to the manor in the afternoon, she was coloring her nails enthusiastically. Since she couldn't have forgotten about the dinner at night and yet she still painted her nails, this meant that she had it coming to her.

Kieran would never respond to such a conversation in the first place; Kieran also has plans for the night.

Despite both of them only knowing each other for a short time, Kieran knew Anne Aldrich Augen too well. Everything was proceeding according to his expectations.

While Kieran was keeping quiet, Anne Aldrich Augen removed her plain colored flat heels from her right leg which was in in stockings. She extended her long leg, tip-toeing at Kieran's knee.

Although the limo was extra longed, giving it space that other cars couldn't compete with, when Anne Aldrich Augen extended her leg, the space between them was shortening by the second.

It was hard for Kieran to dodge in with such limited space, except for jumping out of the car.

However, as Anne Aldrich Augen's temporary bodyguard, he wouldn't leave her side, similar to the fact that he would never allow her to tip-toe at his knee.

Not only because of the plans but also because of the twisted feeling in his heart, plus a slight dislike for such actions.

Therefore, when the black barrel of the gun was pointed at Anne Aldrich Augen, she quickly changed her expression from a charming and beautiful ranting lady to a slightly paled face with embarrassment.

When she felt the temperature inside the car had plummeted, she knew that Kieran was serious.

"The weapon I gave you isn't for you to point it at me!" Anne Aldrich Augen emphasized.

"I know," Kieran nodded before putting away the gun.

Seeing Kieran go back to his silent state after putting away the gun, Anne Aldrich Augen raised a brow, she seemingly wanted to say something but nothing escaped her mouth.

In simple words, Anne Aldrich Augen was slightly frightened by Kieran.

Was it some bad memory that she reminded him of?

Throughout the rest of the journey, Anne Aldrich Augen's mind was full of that particular matter.

As for Kieran's whereabouts, a smart woman like Anne Aldrich Augen would never send her men to follow and watch him. She knew a fighter stronger than Mayer possessed outstanding and sharp intuition.

Her bodyguards were not even competent enough to follow someone like him and once discovered, their close relationship in working together would surely suffer a major crack.

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't wish for that to happen. It was the most crucial moment for her right now and she wouldn't allow any mistakes.

However, she would never be bored with petty things like sending a driver to drive Kieran to the place he wanted to visit and try to deduce and guess what Kieran had done.

Her secretary reported back to her dutifully about what Kieran had done before that.

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't believe the claims saying Kieran was an amnesia patient but as time passed, she was rather convinced by his actions because no one would act like Kieran, a guy without any common sense and logic.

Despite Kieran was a quick learner, Anne Aldrich Augen could easily tell that all the things were indeed learned in a short time, it was not a disguise.

A person like him in other people eyes was the definition of an amnesia patient!

But Anne Aldrich Augen was different.

Her acquired doubtful nature wouldn't allow her to fully trust anyone, anything, or even the truth.

However, it didn't stop Anne Aldrich Augen from continuing her little guessing game, deducing all kinds of theories and guesses.

Kieran squinted his eyes as he looked at Anne Aldrich Augen's manner. He knew his actions and behavior had successfully raised her suspicions.

After that, it would all depend on the others to "play along" with the plan.

Kieran had quite the confidence in the others "playing along".


The outskirts of Edland City didn't only house the Augen Manor but a couple more.

Obviously, Augen Manor was the biggest and the most luxurious amongst all of them.

When Symende Augen was still alive, Augen Manor lived up to its name of being the first manor of Edland City.

Following his death, however, the title instantly proved itself to be only aesthetics without any real worth.

Inside a gold glittered and magnificent hall, three men were sitting around a table.

These three men were powerful and influential people in Edland City, with every breath they blew, the city will shake.

The three of them looked at each other, no one was willing to open their mouth to speak first.

The silence in the hall suppressed the atmosphere.

In the end, the scrawny looking middle-aged man of the three spoke.

"That woman is coming, what are you guys going to do about it? You wouldn't really present Edland City to her right?"

"Keep dreaming!"

A fairly bloated man without any visible beard beside the scrawny men coldly grunted.

"When Symende Augen was alive, we had always been splitting the profits and now a single widow wants to take all? I don't mind sending her to her husband's side!" The bloated man continued.

"Don't rush, don't rush my friend. I can keep her for a while before the search. If it wasn't for Symende Augen, she would have been my most precious toy."

A mustached man opposite the bloated man said.

Compared to the bloated man or the scrawny middle-aged man, the mustached man wasn't that old. He maintained his energetic and youthful looks, his face looked exceptionally outstanding and could even be considered handsome. Especially with the scholarly presence that would turn heads.

However, the words that escaped his mouth made one frown but none of the two men did. Both of them revealed a smile with hidden meaning.

It seemed like both of them were sharing the same thought.

"The first beauty of Edland City, whenever the title came into my mind, I couldn't hold back my dryness!" The fair bloated man said rudely.

"Oh, do I need to cool you down?"

"Mayer!" The mustached man with the scholar presence uttered the name softly.

The bloated man opposite instantly changed his expression when the name was spoken.

"Weldon, are you looking for trouble? Want me to clear up all your turf?" The bloated man asked in a threatening tone.

"You can try, Siberk," the man named Weldon said with a squinted smile but the scholarly presence on him has suddenly changed into a cold and gloomy one, similar to an executioner.

"Oh, then let us"


The scrawny man shouted, he raised his head at both his collaborators, looking enraged.

If it wasn't for both his collaborators who kept dragging him behind, how could Symende Augen suppressed him for his entire mayoral run?

Now with Symende Augen out of the picture, his chance to come forward had arrived.

How could he tolerate the other two collaborators to keep messing around?

As his shout subsided, a group of gunners rushed into the hall.

Siberk and Weldon stood up in shock.

"Urtegand, what are you trying to do?"

Both of them shouted back with an ugly expression.

"Aren't you guys worrying about Mayer? Let me introduce you both to someone. Charlie Graff of Macken. He is the strongest wrestler and fighter after Zaigen."

Urtegand acted like he didn't even notice the disgusting look on Siberk and Weldon's faces and made his introduction sonorously.

Following his introduction, a huge bare top fellow who looked nothing like human came in from outside.

Dong, Dong, Dong.

With each step the huge man took, the ground would tremble. When the huge fellow reached in front of Siberk and Weldon, both of them looked tiny before the enormous and strong figure.

"Don't speak of Zaigen in front of me! He is just a coward who ran away after beating me once out of luck! Now I am ten thousand times stronger than he was!"

Charlie Graff grunted loudly as if he was a meaty mountain.

"Of course, Mr. Graff. Do you need anything else? Food? Booze? Women? Anything you request, I'll do my best to satisfy you."

Unlike his usual attitude to his collaborators, Urtegand was delighted and even a little flattering towards the meaty mountain before him.

Although Urtegand treated the meaty mountain as a fool in his heart, it didn't seem so on the outside.

"Food, booze, women! Everything! I want everything!" Charlie Graff said loudly.

"Very well!" Urtegand waved his hand and ordered his men to prepare everything listed.

However, one of the gunners that was guarding outside rushed in the hall.

"Boss, the woman is here!"

When the news was delivered, everyone inside the hall was awoken, Siberk and Weldon were no exception either.

Charlie Graff even grunted loudly, swollen with inordinate arrogance.

"There target is here? Let me deal with her and you will deliver my payment!"

Charlie Graff then wanted to head outside to settle the job.

"Mr. Graff, no need to rush. We have time, why don't you take a rest and we will" Urtegand wanted to elaborate more but he suddenly noticed Charlie Graff beside him was shivering.

Layers of meat were shivering heavily, as though the meat were waves, moving along the shore. Tiny sweat droplets seeped out of his skin and were splashing in all directions following the motion of Charlie Graff's body.

Quite the amount of sweat was sprinkled over Urtegand's face and body but the middle-aged man wasn't even bothered by that.

Urtegand noticed that Charlie Graff who could take down multiple fighters without even changing his expression was looking scared as he stared dead straight ahead at the young man behind the woman.

The young man noticed Charlie Graff's face, he looked back as well.

His eyes were absent of excessive emotions, all it had was a faint, cold killing intent.

Charlie Graff's body shivered hard after feeling the intense killing intent, forcing him to stagger backward repeatedly.

Dong Dong Dong Bang!

Four to five steps back later, he sat his big ass down on the floor.