The Devil's Cage Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Protection Of The trade?
Chapter 702: Protection Of The "Trade"?
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After Charlie Graff, whose body resembled a meaty mountain, fell on the floor, his immense weight shook the hall.

However, none of the people within the hall cared about the shaking as all of their eyes were locked on Kieran who was approaching them.

Although Kieran was a step behind Anne Aldrich Augen, under everyone's gaze, it felt like Kieran was the important person that everyone had been waiting for.

Anne Aldrich Augen who was in front of him was neglected instead, which was a first for her.

When she understood the destructive power of her beauty and learned how to display it, she had never been neglected in her life regardless of the situation.

As long as she was present, she would be the focus of everyone's gaze and yet now, someone had robbed her glory.

Undoubtedly, anyone who was in her shoes would feel furious but Anne Aldrich Augen wouldn't do anything about it because the scene before her was what she was aiming for.

The reason she brought Kieran to the dinner was to strike fear in all these ambitious jackals!

It was just that the effect was too effective!

The meaty mountain was obviously Urtegand's reliance of sorts and just after a small moment of eye contact with Kieran, the meaty mountain was scared out of his wits. If she didn't know the meaty mountain guy didn't leave the manor after being invited to Edland City, Anne Aldrich Augen might think the meaty mountain guy was just playing along with Kieran's entrance.

But it spiked the curiosity in Anne Aldrich Augen's heart even more. She wanted to know how Kieran did it.

She turned around and sized up Kieran with her curious gaze, as though it was the first time both of them meet. Together with her blushed and shy expression which she put on purposely, it was extremely moving.

As for anyone who saw Anne Aldrich Augen's expression, they would surely be moved.

Kieran was no exception either.

His vision had been spammed with "Charmed" notifications. Fortunately, his SS+ Spirit attribute allowed him to easily be immune to such "charms", allowing him to maintain his sanity.

The others, however, weren't that lucky.

Everyone was bedazzled by Anne Aldrich Augen's beauty, their breaths started to rush and they almost forgot what were they doing.

Especially Charlie Graff who was panting like an enraged ox. His eyes which should be filled with fear was instantly replaced by his lust.

He wanted to suppress the woman under him, ravaging her at his will. The thought made him climb back up swiftly and nimbly, as though his huge and fat body wasn't any burden to him.

Looking at Anne Aldrich Augen, who was less than 10 meters away, Charlie Graff's face somehow flushed right away.

It seemed like changes of emotions but also some kind of secret technique being cast on his body.

"Hey punk, who are you to Zaigen? How did you get the glove on your hand?" Charlie Graff questioned Kieran loudly.

His voice was so loud that it sounded like thunder, the others beside him even covered their ears and backed off. Everyone's gaze unconsciously landed on the glove on Kieran's right hand.

Of course everyone there wasn't from the underground fighting world, other than thinking [Power Glory] had an unusual look, they wouldn't know what meaning it bore.

Even Anne Aldrich Augen who had a certain understanding of fighters and the mystical realm was no exception.

She shifted her gaze down to the glove, glancing over [Power Glory] subtly. After she made sure she hadn't seen the glove before, she moved her gaze back to Kieran's face.

Anne Aldrich Augen hoped to see something valuable in Kieran's face but such direct observation was destined to be fruitless.

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't catch a glimpse of emotion on Kieran's face.

Whether from the beginning where Kieran scared Charlie Graff to the ground or when Charlie Graff climbed back up and questioned him loudly, Kieran's expression didn't change at all and he didn't have any intention of answering.

As though regardless of what the meaty mountain did, it wasn't worth his care.

Contempt and belittling.

Charlie Graff clearly felt the attitude Kieran was showing, at least it was what he had gotten from Kieran.

"I'll crush every inch of your bones and crushed your woman into meat paste before your eyes!" Charlie Graff growled loudly and dashed out towards Kieran.

Kak, Kak ka!

The sturdy marble flooring suffered crack after crack as Charlie Graff stomped on it. Quite the amount of broken pieces were produced together with the cracks and they flew everywhere, thus causing the others in the hall to dodge even further away from their original spots.

Their gazes were terrified when they saw the cracks left behind by Charlie Graff's steps, they then turned their eyes to the meaty mountain himself.

This time around, everyone else was awestruck as they witness the changes on the meaty mountain.

The redness that filled Charlie Graff's face had spread throughout his body in a short period of time.

Following the spread, it didn't only expand Charlie Graff's body further, it even produced a steamy heat wave around him!

When everyone in the hall felt the temperature of the heat wave, they went further away from that meaty mountain, let alone Kieran who was the target.

These few men could only imagine what kind of high-temperature Kieran would face as he was standing right in front of him.

Then, it seemed like they suddenly realized something and turned their eyes towards Anne Aldrich Augen. Despite her being their enemy, they didn't wish for her to be caught up in the attack.

However, right after that, they noticed Anne Aldrich Augen who was within the trajectory wasn't terrified of the sudden attack.

Anne Aldrich Augen, of course, felt the changes of temperature but the lady had been through enough rough waves to keep herself calm and maintained her elegance.

She wanted to move her feet behind subtly, leaving the scene to Kieran but before she actually moved her feet, Kieran stepped up and blocked her.

Anne Aldrich Augen was stunned as Kieran's figure appeared before her eyes suddenly.

Even though she could maintain her elegance in front of Charlie Graff's fierce dashing in his abnormal form, her expression looked weird when Kieran stepped up in front of her.

But soon enough, the lady let out a soft laugh.

"We have a deal, you need to protect me ya."

Anne Aldrich Augen told Kieran in a smiling manner after regaining her elegance.


Kieran didn't even look back and replied only in his nasal voice.

Then, he put his focus on Charlie Graff who was charging at him.