The Devil's Cage Chapter 703

Chapter 703: A Word Of Cursing
Chapter 703: A Word Of Cursing
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Kieran didn't underestimate Charlie Graff who was charging at him.

Even though Charlie Graff had lost to Zaigen before, the Zaigen that Kieran killed, nothing would change.

Kieran knew Charlie Graff. In fact, he knew everyone inside the hall with a certain identity level, excluding some bodyguards and workers.

Before Kieran reached the place, Anne Aldrich Augen had briefed him about the people that she believed would be there and things that might happen.

If Edland City was divided into day and night, Edland City in the day would be a merry, prospering city but when night arrived, Edland City would become a paradise for many criminals and a place that bred crime.

Inside such a paradise, Symende Augen was one of the best. With a large faction of power and many men under his command, Symende Augen's ambitions weren't small at all, he wanted to place all the others in power under his feet.

Most of them were eliminated within a night or two but some persisted and operated their forces with utmost persistence, thus becoming a character that Symende Augen dreaded.

Urtegand, Siberk, and Weldon were among those listed.

The three of them had combined their forces in the beginning when they noticed something wasn't right, they had maintained a precise and clear route for each of their businesses.

One of them ran military arms deals, one of them was into human trafficking, and the last one dealt in drugs.

The combination of such forces forced Symende Augen who was supposed to be able to cover the sky with one hand to slow down his "conquest" of the city.

All they did was stall and slow him down though.

The cooperation between the three of them could barely keep them alive in front of Symende Augen as well.

As time passed, everything would unfold according to Symende Augen's plans, the entire Edland City would become his own backyard.

Well, given that Symende Augen was still alive.

Following his death, not only did the other mayoral candidates have other thoughts, those characters that dwelled in the darkness even revealed their ferocious fangs.

The so-called dinner tonight was actually a process of laying out the cards between forces.

It wasn't even a negotiation.

Kieran remembered the heavy expression and contempt when Anne Aldrich Augen spoke of the three men.

'None of the three men were anything good. You can do whatever you like to them but be careful of their dirty methods. They are afraid of Mayer so that Charlie Graff who lost to Zaigen before will surely be a handful for you!'

Kieran agreed, but why would Anne Aldrich Augen say that?

Other than reminding him to be careful of Charlie Graff, she wanted him to kill them without any burdens to his mental state. But it seemed like Anne Aldrich Augen was over thinking.

Kieran would never be careless against anyone, despite how weak and how harmless they were.

Being merciful to your enemy is being cruel to yourself.

Kieran wouldn't even hesitate since he had understood the saying long ago.

Therefore, when Kieran looked at Charlie Graff, killing intent has filled his heart.

The scorching heat waves from Charlie Graff's body were blowing Kieran's hair, his hair was waving and fluttering, it even messed up his jacket and shirt.

Kieran used his hand to moved his bangs upwards after being messed up, allowing himself to see more clearly.

At the same time, it allowed the others to clearly see his sharp and energetic eyes.

He couldn't be considered as handsome but his eyes were something noteworthy, especially when they were filled with killing intent, they were as sharp as blades!

Everyone within the hall who was watching the fight and caught the gaze from the eyes felt cold at their necks and it became hard for them to breathe.

They felt like they were in the battlefield of myriads of troops and horses, being surrounded by broken limbs and dead bodies, stepping in a river of blood and organs.

The warhorses neighed sharply, crows cawed in despair and the screams of the dead souls echoed!

Kieran was standing on top of a mountain of bodies, staring them with his cold eyes.

"Don't kill me!"

Cries of terror sounded. All the illusions that occurred with the suppression of aura vanished with the cry but the scene that they saw was branded in their hearts, causing them to crawl backward in fear, some of them even peed their pants.

In the end, they were just some regular men who stood in the dark side of the common world. They weren't elite soldiers that fought on the battlefield and were incomparable to Kieran who went rampant before in the battlefield.

Charlie Graff was no exception either. He who had made his name famous in the underground fighting ring was forced to slow down against the sudden blast of aura.

Fighters were much stronger than regular folks but still the same without the baptism of the battlefield.

Even though Charlie Graff relied on his experience in the ring and his own strength to swiftly recover, it was already too late.


An irritating whistle that sounded like tearing up linen came, Kieran dashed towards Charlie Graff while ignoring the scorching heat waves.

He raised his leg and landed his kick hard on Charlie Graff's chest.

Compared to Charlie Graff's enormous body, Kieran was scrawny and petite.

The right kick that Kieran landed on Charlie Graff's chest looked extremely weak like a small wooden stick smashing onto a wall.

Everyone thought the wooden stick would break.

However, the fact was that the "wall" crumbled!

No! Not crumbled! The wall flew!


A heavy loud bang later, the huge Charlie Graff was sent flying backward faster than his charge, bringing down countless pillars and walls down with his body.


The continuous crashing caused the entire hall to shake.

At the end of a loud bang, it started to crumble.

Dust and debris flew everywhere, agonizing cries sounded here and there.

Kieran neglected all and turned back to Anne Aldrich Augen whose eyes was glimmering in a weird glow at the scene.

Anne Aldrich Augen had her excitement peak at that moment. She never would have thought things would turn out so easy.

Charlie Graff, who she deemed as one of her biggest foes, was sent flying with one kick?

Urtegand, Siberk, and Weldon who she felt worrisome were buried in the debris just like that?

The huge amount of men that she brought with her didn't even have the chance to come out and it ended?

Happiness came all of a sudden, to the point that it felt unreal.

Anne Aldrich Augen's heart was filled with weird emotions at Kieran who caused the unrealistic feelings. Her face was so excited that it blushed and smiled like a flower, she stepped forward and opened her arms, wanting to hug Kieran.

But Kieran changed his steps and Anne Aldrich Augen's arms grazed his shoulder.

She was stunned but reacted to the situation immediately. The lady wasn't embarrassed at all but instead, she pulled out a specially made phone from her handbag and dialed the number on speed dial.

"Action!" Anne Aldrich Augen gave her order through the phone before turning to Kieran.

"Well done! We have a perfect start now but the deal between you and me is only half completed, I am anticipating your next performance! Of course, if you are willing

"I'll deliver the rest as promised."

Before Anne Aldrich Augen could finish, Kieran interrupted her.

Kieran's figure then quickly vanished before Anne Aldrich Augen's eyes.

Her breath became quick and heavy after Kieran disappearance.

She wanted to suppress her anger inside her but Kieran's actions were too despicable.

At the end of the struggle, she gave up her image and ditched her elegance by stomping her leg, cursing out loud for the first time in her life.

"That f*cking p*ssy!"