The Devil's Cage Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Steadfast

The malicious gazes were too obvious!

Despite being hidden in the dark, it was as real as it could be before Kieran’s intuition.

It wasn’t just one or two but at least… four!

Directly and indirectly.

The malicious gazes even gave Kieran goosebumps all over his arms.

“It’s not only the Graven Society that has the bounty rewards from Elder Council on their mind, even other mystical individuals within Edland City mystical realm as well? And they even planted enough men around Teresa!”

Kieran was almost certain, otherwise, those mystics that came for the bounty reward from the Elder Council couldn’t have collapsed the road beforehand and forced both of them into the small and bumpy route.

The mystics certainly spent a lot of effort to get their rewards.

It wasn’t that hard to know Teresa’s schedule and whereabouts, but knowing beforehand and spending the effort to prepare against her was quite difficult.

Judging from Teresa’s vigilant character, it would need at least a familiar acquaintance plus a “body”. The middle-aged man in the doctor’s robe then instantly appeared in Kieran’s mind.

“Teresa, I think after we return to Edland City, you really need to look for the guy in the unofficial forensics lab that looked after the bodies and punch his teeth out, it would also be better to break one of his fingers,” Kieran said slowly.

Teresa was stunned from her focused driving to avoid the bumps on the road when she heard what Kieran said.

“Something’s wrong with the collapsed road just now?” Teresa reacted quickly to Kieran’s words.

“The collapsed road is fine, the worker is fine too but if you keep driving on, we will be in trouble. Stop the car!” Kieran said.

After fighting alongside each other several times, Kieran’s performance had earned enough trust from Teresa. She stepped on the brake instantly without even hesitating.

The car was stopped abruptly and because of Teresa’s habitual driving, she hit her head on the steering wheel. But she didn’t care much about her swelling forehead, her eyes stared dead ahead of the car.

With the car light illuminating the front, the road which should have been a bumpy and harsh one vanished suddenly before a cliffside.

The car was less than a meter away from falling off the cliff.

“What the hell!?”

The sudden changes before her eyes stunned Teresa.  / update by box

She even shook her head hard to exclude the possibility of hallucinating because of the knock on her head but the cliff still didn’t go away from her sight.

Teresa’s face then changed, from her slightly angry face to fear after the event.

No amount of fear would be shameful when facing death.

Teresa breathed heavily several times and turned her eyes to Kieran.

She needed a reasonable explanation from Kieran to fight the fear in her heart at that moment.

“Not much of a brilliant illusive spell but still able to affect regular people’s vision. Especially when mixed with a certain drug.”

Kieran then raised his hand, the white brilliance shone from his palm and everything within a 20-meter radius was covered by the light.

The faint black gas was instantly revealed under the brilliance. His brilliance then became more dazzling and instantly fought off the black gas around the area.

[Detect Toxin] and [Repel Toxin]!

“What…The…” Teresa couldn’t help but widen her eyes.

Kieran smiled but stopped speaking, he reached his hand out to Teresa’s forehead, where she suffered a bump. His finger then lit up with brilliance again.

The swollen forehead swiftly subsided after the light and when Kieran retracted his finger, Teresa felt nothing but her smooth forehead.



A shivering voice sounded from the darkness outside the car.

The voice clearly entered the car and even Teresa could hear it clearly.

“Knight?” Teresa muttered the question to herself.

Kieran, on the other hand, had walked out of the car.

“There are a lot of magical things in the mystical realm but those things shouldn’t strike fear in you because, from the beginning, they are following their own set of rules and order. The rules and order might seem unfamiliar and complicated, to the point that its unfamiliar and hard for regular people to believe and the complexity is hard for regular people to record and master.

So, let us change the rules a bit, a rule that applies even to the common world. The strongest becomes king!”

He uttered each and every word clearly standing beside the car and when the last word of his sentence subsided, the brilliance in his hand radiated again.

It was different than the previous one, it was much more dazzling and brighter this time. A 9-meter radius around him was covered by a dazzling brilliance with Kieran in the middle.

Kieran’s coat and pants were instantly turned white by the light, his black hair, and black eyes even turned slightly sliver.

The light of holiness!

Teresa who was inside the car had such a thought blooming in her heart when she saw Kieran with the brilliant light.

Even more so when several ghostly figures were exposed under the dazzling white light and quickly retreated. Kieran who was beside the car emanated a holy and inviolable sternness.

Kieran then dashed into the darkness under Teresa’s gaze.

The darkness around was swiftly overcome the dazzling light and exposed several more figures hiding in the dark.

The men looked terrified and panicked. When they saw Kieran charging at them with an indomitable spirit, they who showed their ferocious fangs in the dark started to back off in panic.

Teresa then suddenly let out a long breath. Her mind started to recall the stories of knights from her childhood.

“Brave and fearless, protecting the weak,” Teresa mumbled softly.

Her childhood memories became clearer with her mumbling. It even allowed her to remember her childhood goal.

Wasn’t her childhood goal to protect the weak in a brave and fearless manner like Kieran?

Didn’t she become a police officer in the first place because of her goal?

The lingering fear of the mystical realms in her eyes started to disperse, the scene that made her feel like she was in a nightmare was shattered completely.

Teresa then opened the door. She wanted to fight!

Although she couldn’t determine the fate of the battle like Kieran could, her shooting skills could at least be of some assistance Kieran.

The car door was opened up, Teresa with her gun had come out from the car but Kieran had come back.

Kieran had dealt with the situation and the battle faster than Teresa’s could have imagined.

He couldn’t hold back his smile when he walked back with a dazzling body and saw Teresa with her gun in her hand.

“It seems like your ability to accept new things is much stronger than you think,” Kieran said.

Teresa felt irritation in her eyes when she saw the dazzling Kieran. It seemed like she noticed for the first time Kieran possessed a charm that exceeded regular moments with the dazzling brilliance.

Teresa’s heart was beating even faster after that.

“Of course I can! It’s just that…”

Before she could finish though, Kieran grabbed her arm and pulled her behind his back with his undeniable strength.

Teresa’s view was completely occupied by Kieran’s brilliant back. Her face even started blush heavily behind Kieran but her vigilance prevented her from forgetting the situation.

She tiptoed and extended her view over Kieran’s shoulder.

A figure was standing beside the car without her knowing.

The figure was staring at Kieran with a surprising gaze with a face displaying a look of disbelief.