The Devil's Cage Chapter 716

Chapter 716: Threatened

Kieran looked at Jorffany who bowed at him, he knew what Jorffany's action wanted to achieve.

Jorffany wanted others to have the illusion that Kieran had quite a relationship with the Elder Council.

It might even reach the point that once Jorffany mentioned that Kieran has survived three hunts, he would lead the others to believe that Kieran had joined the Elder Council's ranks.

"He would go to such extents just for a knight? Impossible! Even for a knight that can fight the strongest fighter in Edland City, the Elder Council wouldn't need to spend so much effort. The Elder Council's initial and ultimate goal has always been the Saint Relic Association!"

As Kieran figured out the points lightning fast, he had grasped the key factor of the entire picture. Kieran wouldn't belittle himself nor would he act arrogantly.

The title of "knight" was a valuable existence but the Elder Council, who owned the Twenty Hounds and even more hidden powerful characters within, have no absolute need for a knight.

But the Dandon Church who might lose a knight was different, Kieran knew how the Dandon Church direly needed a knight and so did the Elder Council.

So, the Elder Council wouldn't mind to mess things up and force the Dandon Church into the footsteps of the other branches of the Saint Relic Association, vanishing in the river of time, thus halving the Saint Relic Association's power!

Perhaps it was because of all that, Jorffany would appear before him and requested to tag along.

Then… Could an observer from Elder Council make such decisions?

Kieran guessed in his heart but under the gazes of so many pairs of eyes, he didn't have the time time to think about that.

Right after Jorffany's action, Kieran turned his eyes to the three Gravens.

"We are here for Hoskin and Professor Harondentte, others don't matter," Kieran said.

"Thank you for your generosity!"

The three Gravens immediately expressed their gratitude.

Even though the three Gravens had only been guessing the relationship between Kieran and Jorffany so far, Jorffany who represented the Elder Council was enough to let them know what should they do.

Should they face the mysterious and terrifying organization, Graven's power was too small even to be mentioned in the same sentence. Compliance would be the best choice for them if they wished not to be destroyed.

"Please follow us!"

Since the Gravens had chosen to comply, they would not delay the group any further.

Kieran then strode forward. He didn't even bat an eye at the young man who reeked and wet his pants.

He would never sympathize with such a person just like how he would never expect sympathy from others.

The students that gathered around chose to avoid Kieran when they laid eyes on him but Kieran's walking pace seemed to be quicker.

The panicking students moved faster away when Kieran was nearing them, a female student with glasses even fell to the ground in the process.

Her glasses fell on the ground and shattered instantly. Her palms and elbows were scathed as well because of the fall, causing her to bleed but the female student didn't even care about her own condition because Kieran was in front of her and he stopped.

"I…I didn't mean it! Please forgive me!"

The female student had panic smeared all over her face when her mind reminded her of the terrorizing rumors of the Graven Society. She quickly climbed up and apologized to Kieran.

Her tension reached the limit when she saw Kieran reach his hand over her.

She hoped that it would only be a slap and not other terrifying things, so when Kieran placed his fingers over her wounds, the girl was already shivering.

She thought it would be the end for her but at that next moment…

A warm, bright brilliance shone from Kieran's finger.

Her scathed wounds were healed! With speed visible to the naked eye!

The students around widened their eyes at the scene, all of them were utterly astonished.

Miracle! It was a complete miracle!

Everybody around couldn't hold back their awe.

The expression of the three Gravens changed abruptly amidst the student's awes. Their gazes at Kieran became even more respectful after that.

If the reason they showed respect to Kieran before was because of Jorffany, now their respect had come from within their hearts.

Compared to those ignorant students, they knew better what the white brilliance meant.

A knight! A knight of the Saint Relic Association!

"How would a knight be in company with an observer from the Elder Council? Could it be?

Some impulsive guesses bloomed in the Gravens' hearts, their expressions were filled with reverence and awe after that.

The three Gravens walked in front, leading the group, Kieran too followed them behind as though nothing had happened.

The crowd unconsciously opened up a path for Kieran.

When Kieran walked past the students, their faces were still terrified but now, it was mixed with extra emotions, especially the girl who was healed. She touched her recovered palms and elbows and stared blankly at Kieran's back.

"Thank..Thank you," she said.

However, the distance seemed a little too far away, the girl's voice was too dim and Kieran didn't stop.

Soon enough, the group went away from the students' sight.

After Kieran and company left the spot, the students who lingered exchanged gazes with each other for a while before dispersing.

Almost everyone, before they left, would unconsciously turn their heads to the direction where Kieran went despite it already being empty.

As for the young man who caused so many troubles in the campus, no one further spared him a glance.


Inside an independent club activity room, Kieran and Teresa were looking at Hoskin.

The young officer was sleeping soundly on a bed with no visible wounds on his body.

"Don't worry. Mr. Hoskin will be awake soon."

The Gravens took out a potion after that.

Kieran saw the potion and checked it carefully before passing it to Teresa.

He wouldn't mind being careful at any time.

"Sir 2567, you are a very caring person. Of course, you are kind as well and to able to be amidst your presence is really my honor! According to the rules, I shouldn't say anymore more but from my own personal wish, I hoped to remind you that the council will send a lord over for the invitation. I hope you can really consider the offer."

Jorffany said with a smile.

Then, before Kieran spoke, the observer retreated back into the shadows and vanished swiftly.

After sensing Jorffany's absence, Kieran laughed coldly in his heart.

Threats? He never cared about such things, especially when the threats were full of bluffs.