The Devil's Cage Chapter 717

Chapter 717: Stare

Jorffany was bluffing. Kieran was utterly sure about that.

Otherwise, judging from how crazy the Elder Council sounded from the rumors, how could they mixed up the relation between him and the council and allow the world to decide for him whether to join the council or not?

Such methods were too timid! It didn't seem or feel like the council's way of doing things.

Forcing and ordering him to join their ranks was what the council should display and should he reject, they would kill him directly together with the people related to him, which would only fit the image of the Elder Council in people's hearts.

Especially facing against people or factions related to the Saint Relic Association, no mercy should be shown.

"Did something happened within Elder Council?" Kieran guessed silently.

The guess didn't relieve him though. Although the fewer the lunatics like the Elder Council, the better, it was a disadvantage for Kieran.

While trying to win both sides and stall as long as he could, Kieran wished that one side wouldn't just withdraw like that and after he had presented a greater value of himself, one side was already attracted tightly.

Kieran was confident that the little healing session with the female student back on the campus gone public, the Dandon Church will surely pay him a visit very soon.

No one understood how dire it was for the Dandon Church to recruit a knight more than Kieran. Before the church even truly verified his identity, they had helped him without any hesitation and now with Kieran's identity confirmed, the Dandon Church will be more impatient than ever!

The church that had been through all three major wars throughout the hundred years was not something to be underestimated.

Kieran wasn't naive enough to believe his "joining" was just a verbal term.

Still, he didn't regret his previous decisions because not only did Kieran just draw a line between him and the Elder Council, he was creating his new identity as well.

In order to better conceal his real self, this move was a necessary one, it was just a matter of time.

Rather than choosing a particular timing, might as well go with the flow.

What other situation was more suitable than the previous one?

Now, all Kieran needed to consider was the time. A time slot that would perfect his plans.

Kieran's gears in his mind spun quickly, his face, however, didn't show any changes as he looked at the three Gravens.

"Harondentte was the founder of Graven, the society was founded initially with us being under him. But Harondentte didn't take up the position as leader but instead he shared the responsibility with us. If anything would happen, we would discuss it meticulously and come to a mutual agreement."

"At first, Harondentte would still participate in the discussions but a while later, he didn't even bother to show himself. He spent most of his efforts on his research and about this research…"

The Gravens were sensible enough to spill the information after picking up Kieran's gaze but their expressions looked stranger than before.

"What about the research?" Kieran pressed the matter.

"Immortal Fountain, The land of Fallen Gods, The Fruit of Yggdrasil, and other many kinds of mythical items were all Harondentte's research project titles."

"Although we part of the mystical realm, even these things were legends and myths to us. It's outrageous but Harondentte persistently assumed that all of them were real."

The Gravens said with a bitter smile.

"Immortal Fountain, The land of Fallen Gods, The Fruit of Yggdrasil…" Kieran squinted his eyes.

It reminded him of the [Dien Stone] that drew Harondentte to Winchester House in the first place.

What kind of item would it be if it could attract the attention of a professor that studied mythical legends and other such topics?

The answer was self-explanatory!

Kieran's heart was burning with eagerness instantly.

"Where are the related notes and books of his research data?" Kieran asked directly.

"In his room."

"We'll bring them to you!" The Gravens said.

"You didn't think that the collections stolen from the Edland Museum would hold that kind of mythical item right?" Teresa asked with a strange look while helping Hoskin up who was still a little blurry from waking up.

The existence of the mystical realm had surprised Teresa beyond logic but compared to "Immortal Fountain, The land of Fallen Gods, The Fruit of Yggdrasil", how would the mystical realm look?

Both topics were on entirely different levels.

Teresa knew as well, in fact, anyone in this dungeon world who heard bedtime stories before knew the three things mentioned.

"If my childhood memories serve me right, the Immortal Fountain produces spring water that can grant immortality with one drink and the land of Fallen Gods is where the God's treasures were hidden. The fruit of Yggdrasil will grant anyone status of a New God after eating… But aren't all these stories and myths?" Teresa frowned.

Police Captain Teresa's worldview had suffered another heavy impact.

"Who knows? The world lacks no rumors that snowballed themselves, especially through the river of time. Countless truths have lost their real face and it has become hard to tell them apart. But… They all should have a single point of origin," Kieran said.

"You believe in all those?" Teresa was baffled by Kieran's thoughts.

"Do you?" Kieran then raised his palm and Dawn Force shone brightly in its rawest form.

Teresa went silent for quite a while when she saw the white spots and felt the warmth.

In the end, Teresa smiled bitterly, "I really can't argue with facts like this."

She then turned to Hoskin who was astonished like never before.

"Don't worry, this is not an illusion or a dream. It's just that a new door leading to a brand new world has been pushed open from our side. And trust me, this is the mildest and most timid thing you will ever experience!" Teresa tried to comfort Hoskin.

"The door to a new world?" Hoskin's face was astounded as ever, he had no idea what was going on.

Teresa wanted to further explain but was interrupted by Kieran when he suddenly walked towards the door that led outside.

She didn't ask what happened as anyone else would but swiftly pulled out her gun. The young officer was not slow as well, he pulled out his gun which he had regained and stood beside his superior, shoulder to shoulder.


Kieran opened the door and a faint stench of blood floated right in.

The corridor lights revealed a fresh blood trail heading towards the room from the corridor's corner.

Kieran put up a "stop" gesture to the two officers behind him and carefully walked out the door.

He slowly walked towards the corner of the corridor and the blood stench was getting heavier as he approached.

Suddenly, a head fell down into the puddle of blood.

The twisted expression on the face with the wide eyes stared eerily at Kieran.