The Devil's Cage Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Killing Off The Witness

Chapter 718: Killing Off The Witness

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One of the three Gravens!

Kieran wouldn’t mistake the man despite his twisted facial expression.

He tilted his head down to inspect the sudden head and turned his eyes to the corner of the corridor.

Three bodies were scattered all over the corridor when Kieran saw them.

One was headless lying down on the floor, the other two were torn to pieces.

Their bloody and mushy flesh scattered all over the corridor together with their organs, the gruesome scene would easily disgust anyone who saw it.

However, Kieran sized up all three bodies with a calm face.

Right at the next moment, the dead bodies and body parts stood up.

The fallen head even flew straight towards Kieran but Kieran’s expression didn’t change at all.

He quickly kicked the incoming head and sent it back.


The flying head was kicked into the corridor’s wall, after a clear skull-cracking noise, the head splattered like a watermelon.

At the same time, a grenade was hurled towards the standing bodies and landed right in between them.


The explosion further blasted the Gravens’ remains into bits.

Kieran dashed through the smoke and followed the set of footprints other than the dead Gravens with [Tracking] which was heading towards a certain room in the building.

He didn’t even care about the death of the three Gravens, instead, he was extremely concerned about the books and information about the [Dien Stone].

The Gravens promised to bring him Harondentte’s research data and notes but were murdered silently by someone along the way.

If the murders and data were unrelated, Kieran would be the first to doubt it and the facts proved him right.

The room the extra footprints led to was already emptied out.

Other than an empty shelf and a study desk, there was nothing left behind, not even a piece of paper.

Kieran maintained his [Tracking] vision, in hopes of finding more clues but nothing came up.

Even the footprints that he tracked all the way vanished at the window.

The window was open, allowing the night breeze to flow into the room.

It lifted up the curtains and revealed a single footprint on the edge, but there weren’t any traces on the ground beneath the window outside through Kieran’s vision.

“Flying? Or…” Kieran wondered and his eyes turned back to the room.

He inspected the empty shelf which was taller than a grown man and around two meters wide plus the study desk that was bigger than a single bed.

The leftover traces through [Tracking] told Kieran there was at least hundreds of books and papers on the emptied furniture.

Now, someone beat him to it.

“Who would be interested in these books and didn’t even mind killing to take them away?” Kieran frowned.

He was sure that the dead Gravens trio didn’t die because they came in contact with that outsider, the traces at the scene were obvious.

The outsider had enough time, to the point that they took the entire room’s worth of book and data, leaving nothing behind.

Then, the outsider waited patiently for their chance in Harondentte’s room.

When the Graven trio appeared, the outsider killed with without hesitation, using extreme suppression methods, the trio didn’t even have the chance to cry and they welcomed their deaths.

In the end, the outsider still purposely left behind a surprise using their bodies.

If Kieran didn’t make sure a normal dead body wouldn’t have appeared suddenly like the head, rolling down to him, he might really be frightened by the outsider.

After double checking the room and absence of clues, Kieran returned swiftly.

Teresa and Hoskin were waiting anxiously in the room and when they saw Kieran returned safely, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Both of them had heard the explosion just now but they didn’t simply move around since they remembered that Kieran asked them to stay put.

Teresa and Hoskin weren’t regular folks, they knew they would cause more trouble than help if they simply made a move.

“What’s wrong?” Teresa asked.

“I think you need to call your men down here. I, however still need to investigate something!”

Kieran didn’t explain in details. He left the room after simply briefing them both.

This time around, Kieran directly went outside the building.

He first checked the rooftop and all the windows on each floor, followed by the ground further away from the room.

After some investigation, Kieran was sure the outsider had the ability to fly, at the same time, he was certain that the outsider was quite familiar with the Graven Society room.

The outsider didn’t leave traces elsewhere and immediately headed towards Harondentte’s room.

“Not only was the outsider thoroughly familiar with the Graven trio and their club room, but they must also have a certain level of understanding of us as well… Jorffany?”

Kieran subconsciously thought of the Elder Council’s observer but soon shook his head in denial.

If it was really Jorffany, the previous efforts were too obvious, to the point that anyone would suspect him easily.

It wouldn’t be possible for him to wash away his doubts after being suspected, because after comparison, Kieran could tell the footprints left behind wasn’t Jorffany’s but a stranger who he never met before.

Just as Kieran was thinking to himself, the campus police appeared in a group of ten.

Teresa was instructing them to swiftly seal off Graven’s club room and under Hoskin’s supervision, they started to sweep the place for clues.

Teresa then went over to Kieran.

“What happened? You need to fill me in on the details! Even though it might sound extremely absurd, I’m all ears! I’ve been through the things that others couldn’t have experienced in their lives, nothing will scare me now!”

Teresa didn’t press on the topic suddenly when she saw Kieran was in deep thought.

She only asked after Kieran raised his head up.

Kieran’s sharp senses noticed a slight difference in Teresa’s words.

Her words sounded like she wanted to share the burden with him, it contrasted the hot-tempered image in Kieran’s impression.

Kieran laughed into a question right away, “Are you comforting me?”

“Shouldn’t friends do that?” Teresa emphasized the word “friend”.

“Of course!” Kieran didn’t deny it but nodded. Then he told everything to Teresa about what happened before, plus the little things he found.

“Another moving corpse? Damn it!” Teresa couldn’t hold back her whisper.

It was obvious that she had a hard time forgetting her first contact with the mystical realm but it didn’t stop her from deducing

“Harondentte died in the Winchester’s explosion and now his research data was swept clean by someone, plus killing the three Gravens who might know something. I am suddenly very interested in the stolen collections of Edland Museum.” Teresa said.

A thought bloomed in Kieran’s heart but he only nodded on the outside, “Me too!”

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