The Devil's Cage Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Corresponding Energy

A sharp longsword attached itself on Kieran’s greatsword.

A brilliant dazzling armor appeared on Kieran’s body and a golden mantle hung over his shoulders, spreading out backward.

The bright and majestic aura felt like raging tides, spreading out unconsciously into the friars’ hearts. It made them join the praising and chanting right away.

Kieran after being bestowed by the three items looked exactly like the knights from legends and myths, he might be even more powerful!

A series of notifications then popped up in Kieran’s vision.

[Special energy corresponded with Dawn Force…]

[Player acquired temporary attack buff of +2]

[Player acquired temporary defense buff of +2]

[Player acquired temporary all attribute buff of +2]

“A corresponding energy with Dawn Force?”

Kieran was slightly shocked after looking over the notifications.

He did read through books and understood the ways of battle in the Dandon Church but he never would have thought the “Holy Sword Spell”, the “Holy Armor Spell”, and the “Bestow Spell” would work on a person that was not one of Dandon.

Though, the situation beforehand didn’t give him the time to think more.

He quickly dodged aside, evading Harondentte’s magma claws.

Kieran didn’t hold back at all since Harondentte had his sanity affected by the devil’s energy.

He swung the greatsword in his hand out after being buffed by “Holy Sword Spell”


An exploding light radiated on the huge magma claws and was split in half.

The claws were chopped off from the elbow and the moment it touched the ground after falling, it turned into a plaster-like material.


The clear cracking noise shattered the plaster-like material.

Kieran wasn’t a stranger at the scene. Every time the duration of his [Transform Devil] was up, he felt the exact same way. The only difference was that his [Devil Form] was much more complete.

Harondennte, however, could only transform parts of his body, perhaps it was because of the repulsion of the heart but his sanity was still consumed by the devil energy.

Of course, it didn’t mean anyone could twist Harondentte’s will, except for Kieran!

He was very familiar with his own power, and it wasn’t just data presented on the surface but the way of battle that was embedded in his bones.

Each move Harondentte made or was going to, Kieran could see through it with clear sight.

Not only could he evade before the attack, but he could also counterattack effectively as well.

Even more so after the buffs from Dandon’s high ranking clergies, the “Holy Sword Spell”, the “Holy Armor Spell” and the “Bestow Spell” boosted him a lot.

It really was a power suppression from Kieran as he faced the abandoned pawn from “himself”.


Another slash was dished out.

[Sturdy Heavy Greatsword] with only Average attacks was attacking with an explosive Powerful attack after the buff from “Holy Sword Spell”.

The magma arm that formed once more was slashed off just like that.

The boiling magma was sprayed all over Kieran but his [Tenacious Softmail] which already had a Powerful defense level, rendered the magma completely ineffective.


Another rageful and chaotic roar.

Harondentte extended his blazing wings on his back again and fired out the incomplete version of [Flame Blast], again ravaging the streets of Edland City in the night.

The blazing fire shone in nearby blocks brightly as though it was day and the scorching temperature felt like it was the hottest of summer.

But none of all those had any effect on Kieran.

The moment the blazing fiery wings were extended, Kieran had dodged in the quickest and safest way possible.

Even the Dandon friars effectively evaded the attack.

The half devilized Harondentte didn’t achieve the expected effect from his attack and it enraged him further.

A slight sense of wicked aura started to seep out after his enraged condition

“[Touch of the Cardinal Sins]!”

Kieran raised his alarm to an all-time high the moment the wicked aura came out.

Even when the following multiple Spirit authentications that occurred and didn’t affect Kieran in any way, he didn’t lower his guard.

“He’s half devilized and now the incomplete [Touch of the Cardinal Sins], then…” Kieran raised his head up.

The dark night sky became darker than black when a black shadow appeared.

The moon was completely blocked out and the night breeze was frozen.

An odd-looking monster sprung out from the darkness, many heads of men and women were connected together like siamese infants.

They opened their mouths wide, devouring each other within sight. None of the disgusting heads held back despite the gruesome scene they were causing.

Whether was it the men who devoured the women’s’ heads or the women who devoured the men’s heads, each time it happened an eyeball with a colorful glow would form.

It went up to almost a hundred of them right away!

The Creature of Desire!

Although it looked different from Kieran’s, the Evil Eyes were the same, including their attack pattern.


When the hundred Evil Eyes lit up, Kieran shouted loudly and stuck his greatsword up over his head like a shield.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to dodge the attack but he knew he couldn’t escape the shots after being locked on by almost half of the Evil Eyes.

[Thousand Evil Eyes Strike]’s attacking pattern had granted Creature of Desire a favorable attacking condition when it floated up the sky, it was still the same with a weaker version of it.

The burning beams were fired down directly at Kieran and almost 50 of them were locked on at him.

It engulfed Kieran within an instant.

The core eye with Extreme attack was replaced by the one with Powerful attack and so on with the main and derived eyes.

Kieran has suffered a Powerful attack, 3 Strong attacks, 5 Average attack, and no less than 41 Weak attacks altogether in a single attack.

Quantity incites qualitative changes.

Even the [Sturdy Heavy Greatsword] with the attribute [Sturdy Lvl 2] couldn’t escape multiple cracks over its body.

Kieran’s legs were plunged into the ground upon contact and still, it wasn’t the most lethal one!

The other lethal point was, the half devilized Harondentte was already charging at him.

He was without arms and left with a pair of legs and yet he lowered his head, sprung out a pair of devil horns, charging at Kieran like a raging bull but the devil horns were much sharp than a bull’s.

Sister Liz Dandon from afar felt the stinging pain of the charge.

“Be careful!” She shouted.

The others too looked at the scene with a worried face. It was a little too late for them to provide any effective aid though.

When Kieran shouted before to spread out everyone in the area, he sent everyone away from him and at the same time plunged himself into a difficult position.

But it was what Kieran was after!

Not the difficult position but the opportunity. Because there were things that Kieran could never show the Dandon friars.


Kieran took in a deep breath, he straight away lifted his right leg against Harondentte who was approaching him fast.

At the next moment…


Kieran swung his leg down with heavy air breaking sound like a battle ax, landing his kick precisely on Harondentte’s head.

The tremendous force forced Harondentte to cease his charging steps.

His half devilized skull was smashed at the ground hard. The heavily damaged ground suffered another powerful impact and created spider web-like cracks in all directions.

When the cracks intertwined with each other continuously…


The ground collapsed, devouring Kieran and Harondette’s figure into the giant hole.