The Devil's Cage Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Scarlet Red And Brilliant White


The heavy fall came together with a bad smell and splashes of water.

Kieran practically stepped Harondentte’s half devilized head into the underground sewer.

The spot they had fallen into was the water sewer of Edland City.

When Anne Aldrich Augen’s men brought back the information regarding Harondentte, it wasn’t just simple whereabouts but it also included where he was, what was his surroundings, and all sorts of details were stated in that report.

Kieran’s character would naturally want to make the best use of the information, especially when he has an untellable secret.


Harondentte let out a roar mixed with unwillingness and chaos after his sanity was completely taken over by the Fusion Heart but he couldn’t move at all after losing both his arms and had Kieran’s feet over his head.

Harondentte furthered his devilization again almost instinctively to counter Kieran.

Boiling magma erupted from his body but stopped at the very next moment.

The cracked greatsword chopped down like a guillotine and severed Harondentte’s head.


[Sturdy Heavy Greatsword]’s cracks spread out rapidly and eventually shattered to pieces after being tainted by magma-like blood.

Kieran couldn’t stop shaking his head when he looked at the bald hilt.

Despite how careful he was in handling the greatsword and even with Dandon’s buffs, the greatsword couldn’t sustain the intensity of such a fierce battle.

It made Kieran miss his own [Arrogant Word] even more.

He then turned his attention to Harondentte.

The moment Harondentte lost every sign of life, his head and body petrified rapidly like his arms did, turning into a plaster-like material and dissolved into the stinking dirty waters.

A beating heart was left behind, floating in front of Kieran.

[Fusion Heart]!

While feeling the familiar aura from the heart, Kieran quickly opened his bag and took out the box that he prepared earlier.

As his biggest and strongest ace in the hole, Kieran wouldn’t have ditched [Fusion Heart] but a heart transplant surgery was too dangerous.

With the executioners on his tail, Kieran would never choose such a way of overly exposing himself.

So, the best way was to store it safely for the time being.

But suddenly, a drastic change occurred!

The floating [Fusion Heart] beat fiercely like war drums when Kieran’s finger touched it.

Dong Dong Dong Dong!

Then, the [Fusion Heart] transformed into a river of light and flowed into Kieran’s chest.

“Sh*t!” Kieran’s face suddenly changed.

He didn’t know why the changes before his eyes were occurring but he knew he already had a common heart in his body now. Regardless of how the common heart appeared in the first place, this heart was filled energies that he accumulated since he entered the current dungeon world.

Kieran clearly felt the Marulyn inheritance skill that was derived from the basis of Dawn Force was glimmering with his heartbeat.

Dawn Force was compatible before, so the [Fusion Heart] didn’t have a problem with it but the inheritance skills of Marulyn were different!

Once the original balance of the [Fusion Heart] was broken, it would really be a disaster for Kieran and with his Spirit attribute lowered, what would happen?

Kieran didn’t even want to think about it, he had witnessed with his own eyes what a puppet of flesh and blood looked like.

He didn’t wish to share the same fate as Harondentte.

Kieran instinctively moved the box he prepared in front of his heart in the quickest way possible but even the sturdy box that Kieran purposely searched for didn’t have an effect in containing the glowing light from the [Fusion Heart].

The box practically shattered upon contact but it bought Kieran a bit of time, enough for him to move the bag in his hands to his chest.

What had Kieran placed in his bag though?

A cracked [Soul Shard], [Edeariel Skull Replicant], [Syriard’s Breath] and [Marulyn Prayer]’s scroll, plus the [Dien Stone] which was still a mystery.

The flow of light directly crashed into the bag, shattering the [Soul Shard] and reducing it to dust, together with the [Edeariel Skull Replicant].

Only the Legendary rank [Syriard’s Breath] was giving out its own unique glow but it only stalled the [Fusion Heart] a little before turning gloomy and dim.

The whole process didn’t even last longer than one or two seconds!

Kieran didn’t have the time to calculate the time and he quickly grabbed [Marulyn Prayer]’s scroll, tearing it up directly and uttered his wish quickly.

“I wish that I will be fine and safe!”

The scroll then lit up without fire.

Right after that

[Fusion Heart]’s light still seeped into his chest without stopping.

Kieran was stunned right away.

“It failed?!” The thought rose up in Kieran’s heart irresistibly but before he could further think about things, the excruciating pain that followed drowned him.

He fell on the ground, twitching.

As he was dazing away, he thought he saw weak glimmers from the [Dien Stone], it felt like an illusion from the pain but it looked real enough.

He couldn’t tell it apart but his protective instinct made him reach his hand out.

The new special effect [Shadow Cover] was activated with the buffs from [Undercover, Shadow Cloak] after limit breaking the skill restrictions.

[Shadow Cover: Increase Shadow Cloak’s range by 5 meters, increase Intuition authentication by 1, Stamina consumed decreased by 10%]

A large area of darkness covered the place, including Kieran and the elusive light.

[Came in contact with sealed organ Fusion Heart, fusion occurs]

[Similar organ detected, fusion failed, force fusion occurs]

[Force fusion failed!]

[Conversion to puppet of blood and flesh begins]

[Detected special energy, conversion failed, reinstating the organ’s cycle]


Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong!

A powerful heartbeat appeared in Kieran’s chest again but the beating didn’t just come from a single spot.

On the left and right side of his chest, two different hearts were beating at the same time.

Two different hearts were giving out different energy auras.

They faced off against each other but didn’t disturb each other’s flow.

Kieran raised his hand over his chest.

When he felt the powerful beats from the left and right, his face become extremely weird.

The inhuman feeling arose from his hearts spontaneously and of course, the more familiar feeling that came with it was the power!


Kieran raised his left hand, the devil’s flame burned brightly again.

At the same time, Kieran’s right hand was buzzing, the unparalleled white spots gathered quickly above his hand and Dawn Force was radiating beside the fire.

Scarlet Red and Brilliant White! Both contrasting powers resonated with each other.

The rampant and chaotic aura was rumbling relentlessly, the wicked and sinful aura stared across with a cold gaze.

Then, the coldest and the proudest of all had some minor changes that were hard to detect.