The Devil's Cage Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Unexpected Effect

Chapter 725: Unexpected Effect


The water was murmuring inside a hole in the ground. It reeked of a vile stench.

It was the breach to the sewer!

The Dandon friars who had been terrified by the series of changes finally reacted to the situation.

Sister Liz Dandon also walked over to the edge of the hole, reaching her head down for a look.

It was dark, with her less than outstanding vision, she couldn’t see what was happening down there nor could she hear any fighting down there.

The situation worried her.

“Someone get down there quickly”

“I’m fine, sister!”

Sister Liz Dandon called out loudly to the friars unconsciously but she was interrupted by Kieran’s voice coming from below the hole.

Then, the sister saw Kieran’s figure slowly coming out from the darkness.

The “Holy Armor Spell” has vanished a while ago, now there was only [Tenacious Soft Mail] which was tagged as “Damaged”, some torn shirts on his body, and a bald sword hilt.

Everyone gasped hard when they saw the completely worn out soft mail and the sword hilt.

The Dandon friars automatically filled their own imaginations about what happened after Kieran and Harondentte fell into the sewers.

Right after that, the gazes of the friars at Kieran became more respectful.

In the eyes of the Dandon friars, Kieran had become the embodiment of the term “knight”.

Fearless against danger and fighting valiantly against evil, plus willing to help the weak!

Although the lord deacon didn’t survive in the end, everyone saw how brave Kieran was when he stood in front of the deacon before.

“I think you need to send someone down there to have a check, there are some things down there which should belong to Harondentte. I’m a little exhausted, to be honest, it would be great if there’s a place for me to rest for a while,” Kieran said to the sister.

“Of course! By the name of Her Majesty Dandon, I assure you will get the best rest you’ve ever had!” The sister nodded and said seriously.

After that, the sister proved that her words were not jokes at all.

Kieran was driven to the cathedral of Dandon in Edland City by a car that was simple yet luxurious enough.

After passing through a quiet area, Kieran arrived before a two story building.

From the looks of the outside, the building maintaineded the architectural style from a hundred years ago and yet there were several places that looked different.

It didn’t look abrupt but made the building extremely delicate.

The thin white steam-like mist came from within the building, accompanied by a slight scent of sulfur.

“What’s this?” Kieran was caught off guard.

“Lord Knight, please come with me.”

The younger sister who acted as the driver guided Kieran with a smile.

When Kieran followed the sister into the building, another wave of steam flowed towards his face.

After passing around a giant screen, a large spring with enshrouding mist appeared before Kieran.

Black rocks were surrounding the spring, preventing the clear water from overflowing.

Through the clear waters, Kieran saw there that were various sizes of rocks inside the spring as well with the faint presence of the “Bestow Spell”.

Other than that, the entire pool was absent of any traces of man-made fixtures.

“This is the only natural spring in Edland City! Since the three major wars throughout the hundred years, it has become Dandon Church’s private property. With more continuous blessings, this spring fountain has become the secret place for Dandons to heal their wounds.”

“Do you need someone to serve you?” The younger sister asked.

“No thanks! I am not that heavily wounded,” Kieran said firmly.

“This place has all sorts of supplies available but if you need anything extra, please call out for my name. The name is Grittel Dandon.”

The sister left the spring fountain after leaving her name for Kieran.

Kieran walked over to the spring, seemingly wanting to enter but actually, he went ahead and carefully checked the place to make sure there wasn’t any lurking danger.

Only then did he remove his torn shirts and entered the spring.

When the water reached Kieran’s neck as he submerged himself within, warm energies were seeping into Kieran’s body from all over.

Kieran’s sharp senses could feel that as the energy seeped into his body, the Dawn Force within his body became very active.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with the activeness though, it was the same extra effect as when he was cultivating the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

Kieran then quickly adjusted his breathing and posture without further ado.

Right away, a large area of warm energy was produced from his two new hearts and quickly spread throughout this body without obstructing each other.

The feeling, however, was very unfamiliar because the spreading speed was double that of before.

Kieran wouldn’t have mistaken the spreading speed since he was very familiar with the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]’s operation.

Which meant

“The cultivation of the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] has doubled?!” Kieran opened his eyes in surprise and delight.

He never thought he would get an extra reward after regaining the [Fusion Heart], likewise, he didn’t think that both of his hearts could coexist with the help of the [Dien Stone].

One heart was deemed as a special organ by the system, the other one was a normal beating heart. Both different hearts were beating in his chest in the same rhythm in the same energetic manner.

“What is the [Dien Stone] really?” Kieran’s curiosity peaked once more but he wasn’t in a hurry this time because the books that Harondentte left behind would have recorded many details about it.

All he needed to do now was wait for the Dandon friars to bring back the books.

The secret hideout of Harondentte was also within the sewer and not far away from the collapsed ground.

“The other “me” planned to use Harondentte to capture the attention of the executioners but now Harondentte has died by my hands. Which means, “my” arrangements were foiled by my own hands.”

“Although the incident tonight will surely be kept a secret by Dandon’s best effort, still people will find out soon. After all, Dandon is still part of the Saint Relic Association and in the process of information being delivered, the news would become less secretive and more people will find out as time goes by. Then What should I do to compensate for my flaws?”

Kieran submerged himself into the spring in deep thought. He didn’t regret getting his own heart back and if the chance was presented to him again, he would do repeat his actions once more.

It was two entirely different concepts of him having the [Fusion Heart] and him proceeding without it.

Without the [Fusion Heart], he had to worry a lot and always had his hands tied down because of of the lack of trump cards.

But with the [Fusion Heart], things were different! After regaining his ace, although there were still scruples, he wasn’t without the strength to resist it anymore!

Kieran glanced over his main mission, [Make sure your new identity is not exposed in 90 days, (Remaining days: 45)], he took in a deep breath.

His gaze was instantly sharp as knives.

There were a lot of ways to keep his new identity under wraps, the character that he was disguising hismelf as now was also one of those ways.

Given the assurance of the main mission success, he wouldn’t mind continuing to pretend but what if accidents happen?

Killing witnesses would eventually be another way.

Right at the next moment, his gaze was locked on a side of the spring fountain.

Someone was moving!

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