The Devil's Cage Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Arrival

On the Edland City intercontinental highway, a group of cars was speeding down the road.

Inside the car in the middle sat a middle-aged man with a buff body, plucked up cheeks, tall cheekbones, and a rather dignified manner.

He took the cigar that his aide handed to him.

The meticulously roasted cigar slightly dipped in alcohol had its smoke rapidly filling up the interior of the car after a puff from the man.

The alcohol scented smoke made the man lean back to his seat in delight.

He slightly squinted his eyes and spoke in a rather casual tone, “That woman still doesn’t want to submit? ”

“The recent success and thriving made her forget herself,” the aide said.

Meanwhile, he took the ashtray and half squatted before the middle-aged man, watching him shaking off the ashes before continuing, “Her main reliance is that Mayer and now 2567 who appeared out of nowhere.”

“We’ve checked Mayer’s background and this fighter seemed to only protect Anne Aldrich Augen within a certain range because of some promise. As long as we don’t hurt him, there won’t be any trouble there.”

“As for that 2567, he is much more interesting! He was caught in the explosion where Symende Augen was killed. 2567 is barely harmed but he lost his memory. Basically, his memory loss is authentic but when we checked 2567’s background, we’ve noticed something interesting.

The aide held on to the ashtray with one hand and took out a briefcase from his seat. He took out the prepared documents inside and handed over to the middle-aged man.

The man took it but didn’t open it up, instead, he placed it aside.

The aide wasn’t concerned at all since he already knew the middle-aged man’s habit.

“Before this Mr. 2567 lost his memory, there is nothing particular about him, he’s very much similar to the other young man with a slight asset. He considered himself as a traveler and an adventurer but basically did nothing all the time! But after he lost his memory, he displayed some powerful shooting skills, combat ability, and some powers used by a knight. The shooting and combat could’ve been learned somewhere else but the power of a knight comes from inheritance.”

“Based on 2567’s age, we’ve searched all the missing church knights in the past 20 years and have shortened the list down to five. If we listed 2567’s skilled shooting and kicking techniques, there is only one possible candidate, The Knight of Eagle, Delcobalt and more coincidentally the Knight of Eagle Delcobalt was last seen in Xilidi, Matam, where 2567’s hometown is.”

“I think after all the sisters, fathers and deacons of the Griffin Church died in the war, the heavily wounded Knight of Eagle knew that he had limited time left and gave up the idea to revive his own church. He turned away and lived in hiding in Xilidi, Matam waiting for his death. Then, he happened to notice 2567 who displayed outstanding talents and maybe because of his unwillingness in his heart, the Knight of Eagle trained and guided 2567 before his death.”

“Of course, the core legacy of Griffin Church wasn’t mastered by 2567. Maybe it’s the lack of time or maybe he didn’t pass the trials of the Knight of Eagle.”

The aide puckered his lips showing slight jealousy and contempt as he said.

Jealous because of a civilian like Kieran could get in touch with the admirable church’s inheritance.

Contempt was because Kieran had gotten the opportunity yet didn’t know how to appreciate it, a reckless waste of good gifts.

If it was the aide instead?

With his wisdom, he would not only get the inherited secret techniques of Griffin Church and also get his hands on the legacy items.

Such thoughts were rumbling in the aide’s mind but his mouth didn’t pause.

“We’ve found 2567’s family grave in Xilidi’s graveyard. Other than his parents and grandparents, there is another unmarked gravestone. After our men opened up the coffin, it is confirmed as the Knight of Eagle’s body. The wounds on the corpse were identical to the records of the war, the Griffin Church emblem was also found in the funeral objects beside the corpse. Unfortunately, the armor and sword of the Knight of Eagle were missing.”

The aide had a thick sense of regret all over his face.

Back in the days when the Griffin Church was still around, the armor and weapon of the famous Knight of Eagle weren’t any common items, it would be at least some legacy level items.

The middle-aged man glanced at his aide and continued his cigar on his own without stating further.

He didn’t comment on the report from his aide nor did he ask anything about the mentioned Kieran as though from his point of view, Kieran was not worthy of mention even though it was related to the once glorious Griffin Church and the famous Knight of Eagle.

Likewise, after the regrets of the aide who reported everything, he focused back on holding the ashtray before the middle-aged man.

As if holding an ashtray was his true occupation.

The reports that he gave sounded like nothing but jokes before a meal.

The group of cars continued driving until they reached Augen Manor’s premise before slowing down.

The manor’s security guided the cars to the main gate after their arrival.


The aide glanced around at the securities and surveillance camera before commenting as such and since the middle-aged man didn’t stop his aide, the comment turned into words of mocking.

From the aide’s perspective, the arrangements around Augen Manor were an insult to the manor itself.

Covering up the original majestic look of the manor with all these useless things were exactly the doings of countrymen.

Though, when the aide saw Anne Aldrich Augen, his eyes lighted up. The shine in his eyes was like a hungry wolf spotting a beautiful piece of meat, yet it soon subsided.

He knew if everything went well, the woman before his eyes would not be within his reach.

He was just an aide and not the one he served, Yuda state governor, Deburo.

The aide moved his body aside and welcomed the middle-aged man down the car with the utmost respect.

Anne Aldrich Augen from afar had brought most of the higher ranking officers in Edland City with her and received the governor in the grandest way possible.

Anne Aldrich Augen herself had meticulously dressed up as well. The black evening gown didn’t diminish her identity as a widow yet it revealed her perfect and fair clavicle, setting off her entranced looks, it even made the lighting around dimmed down a little.

“Good evening, Governor Deburo. Welcome to my inauguration dinner.”

Anne Aldrich Augen pinched the corner of her dress, bowing down with another hand before her chest, saluting using the new lady salutation after the war.

The salutation discarded the complications of the old and added simplicity to it, it was perfectly on point for her to perform in since she had just been elected as mayor.

Though, everyone else saw the governor ignore Anne Aldrich Augen and size up the manor itself.

“Symende Augen’s manor? Not bad.”

Deburo then walked around Anne Aldrich Augen and headed inside the manor.

Anne Aldrich Augen’s body froze, even her meticulous makeup couldn’t conceal her anger.

The other high rankings officer that stood beside her were lost of actions as well. They looked at each other and eventually laid their eyes on her.

Though, their gazes were taking pleasure of her misfortune.

The aide behind Deburo glanced over the gazes of the high ranking officers and turned back to his master.

A light laugh then came from his mouth, “Lady Augen, I”


Just as harsher and more vicious words escaped the aide’s mouth, a huge explosion sounded like a clap of thunder.

The aide widened his eyes when a certain building within Augen Manor had blazing light rising up the sky.

The scene before his eyes overlapped with a certain scene in records and it flashed over the aide’s mind.

“Knight of Eagle!”

The aide cried out in shock after doing many conscience-guilty things, he was terrified and fell to the ground on his bum.

Deburo in his majestic gait shivered throughout his body as well. His eyes were locked on the figure bathing in holy brilliance among the fire.

His face flickered between shock and fear leading him to stop walking.