The Devil's Cage Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Absolutely No Mercy

Since they were enemies, why the need for mercy?

Kieran with such plain thinking decided to strike first to gain the advantage.

The moment [Shadow Cloak] with the [Shadow Cover] buff was cast, Kieran appeared before one of the three fighter level bodyguards and kicked him in the chest.

Although the bodyguard had his senses shrouded by the shadow, he wasn’t entirely blinded or deafened, instead, he relied on his trained battle instincts and instantly noticed something was wrong.

Though the bodyguard didn’t evade the kick, he didn’t even put up a defensive stance and just opened up his hands, hugging towards Kieran as he dished out his kick.

The bodyguard had quite the confidence in his ability to take a hit.

After all, it was the technique he was famous for, he didn’t think that he could not even withstand a single blow from Kieran.

As long as he blocked Kieran’s kick, the other two comrades of his would be able to deliver the lethal blow.

He wasn’t alone, there were three of them! They excelled in team combat!


Kieran’s feet landed precisely on the bodyguard’s chest.

The victorious smile on the bodyguard instantly froze and was replaced by a look of disbelief. The bodyguard who thought he could simply withstand Kieran’s kick had miscalculated.

He was too blinded by the confidence in his defense and he had been wrongfully underestimating Kieran’s kick that contained inhuman strength.

Kieran’s kick didn’t only return to Transcendence [Hand-to-Hand Combat] which had the transcendence effect of [Outstanding Kick] after limit breaking, there was a new special effect added when he limit broke [Hand-to-Hand Combat].

[Outstanding Strength: Through seasoned tempering and countless battles, your legs have reached beyond the limits of the common man. You can infuse the power of Dawn Force or Devil Flame during your attack, creating an extra attack of the Strong level (After the initial attack calculation, an extra attribute attack will be added). When you fight with your legs, increase Stamina consumption by 5%]

The shadow shrouded the lights of Dawn Force but the attack was real.

His kick that was imbued with his full power plus [Transcendence Kick Combats] Strength and Agility buffs of +4 and [Outstanding Kicks] +1 attack rank, Dawn Force was like a sharp sword plunging into the body, wrecking and destroying the bodyguard.

Though, the bodyguard had lost his senses long ago.

The moment Kieran’s feet came in contact with the bodyguard’s chest, his bones, organs, and his muscles were smashed into a pile of meat.

The defensive ability that the bodyguard was so proud of back in the day, other than keeping him from exploding upon contact and retaining his intact body, there wasn’t any use left.


Amidst the heavy sound, the bodyguard reacted as if he was hit by a speeding truck, flying back in a straight line and crashing into the group of bodyguards who were nearing the fighter level.

The group of men was caught off guard, as they were toppled over, their bones were crushed.

Such an outcome made the other two fighter level bodyguards utterly astonished.

Following their old attacking habits, the two bodyguards flanked Kieran from both sides as an immediate reaction when their comrade was attacked.

The left side was a punch as hard as a rock, the right side was a kick with an air-breaking sound.

The moment Kieran kicked away the first bodyguard, both attacks reached almost together but from their blurry sights, the scene made both attacks suffer an uncontrollable pause.

The two bodyguards were very clear on their comrade’s defensive ability.

It could easily ignore the majority of normal caliber firearms, even a grenade explosion couldn’t cause lethal damage.

But now, the first bodyguard couldn’t even withstand a single kick from Kieran?

Then, how powerful was Kieran’s kick?!

Almost instinctively, the scene of Kieran walking out from the blazing fire and the holy light flashed in their minds.

The thoughts that followed were the Griffin Church and the famous Knight of Eagle.

They were different than other regular men who knew nothing about the mystical realm.

As fighters, the two bodyguards had come in contact with the mystical realm long ago, so they were perfectly clear how terrifying the Knight of Eagle was when he faced the Twenty Hounds alone, despite suffering heavy injuries after the fight.

Still, that kind of power wasn’t something that they could compete with.

Now, they were facing against Kieran with the legacy of Knight of Eagle.


The slight fear made both of them wobble in shock, the changes in their heart were swiftly reflected on their bodies.

The hard as rock punch became slightly weaker, the air-breaking kick became slower.

Undesired changes occurred in both his opponent’s stance but Kieran didn’t hesitant

After Kieran entered his battle mode, he still kept his cool could even be considered as a cold-hearted.

Keiran raised his right hand towards the slowed down kick, he grabbed the ankle quickly and precisely.

The bodyguard who had his leg caught was shocked. His reaction was to instinctively struggle but it was too late.

Kieran’s right hand with [Power Glory] clamped down on the ankle like a real iron clamp.

Followed by [Heavy Hand]’s powerful impact that caused the bodyguard’s body to shiver and was rounded out by [Death Throw] in the end!


The bodyguard who Kieran grabbed with his right hand was swung directly from the right to the left as if he was holding a spiked club instead of a man.

To be honest, the bodyguard was better than a common spiked club.

His body that was infused with power was smashed into his comrade on the left. The bodyguard on the left retracted his fist out of shock and yet couldn’t dodge the strike in time.


The smash caused by tremendous power overpowered the sounds of bones cracking and organs rupturing.

After making sure both bodyguards were dead from the popped up notifications, Kieran dashed towards the remaining bodyguards who were still able to stand up.

The darkness was caused by the shadow-shrouded area with a 10-meter diameter range.

Those who were outside couldn’t properly see what was going on inside.

All they heard was crashing noises one after another.

Their lack of imaginations couldn’t guess what caused such noises.

All they could do was shiver after hearing the series of noises that sounded like bone cracks.

Except for two, Anne Aldrich Augen and Deburo.

Both of them stared at each other, neither of them was willing to step down.

Though, a person with good sense could tell Deburo was only struggling on his last straw in the stare-off against Anne Aldrich Augen who had the absolute advantage.

“You are still holding up? I admit that 2567 is not bad but do you think the men I brought here are can compare to a simple John Doe? Don’t you think I would be prepared after I know you have Mayer and 2567 beside you?

“Do you know who the three fighters in my bodyguard group are? Rundal, with the title of “Castle” that can ignore firearm weapons! Gars whose fists can puncture iron plates at will! And Rodney whose kicks were fast as a ghost, crushing rocks with ease!”

“The three of them have a long-standing reputation in Yuda, they were even on par with Macken’s Zaigen! And since I’ve recruited them to serve under me, they’ve honed themselves in combination attacks. 2567 has gotten the legacy of Knight of Eagle, so what?”

“Does he stand a chance?”

Deburo coldly grunted in mockery and looked at the people around him.

“And you, all of you! You want to die with this woman?”

Soon enough, half of the Edland City high ranked officials left the group and gathered behind Deburo.

They were attracted by Anne Aldrich Augen’s armed power before this, but now when a stronger master appeared before them, it wasn’t a surprise for them to defect, neither would they feel any burden in their hearts.

The bald Chief Gregory though, wasn’t within the defected group but it wasn’t that loyal to Anne Aldrich Augen, it was the fear from before that had softened his legs, preventing him from moving.

After multiple deep breaths, the director wanted to move his feet and just as he was about to, the shadows dispersed.

The light was upon the crowd once more.

A young voice came along with the night breeze.

“Oh, they were that famous?”

Deburo instantly froze and was dumbstruck as he froze on the spot.