The Devil's Cage Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Anomalies

Words popped up in Kieran’s vision.

[Triggered special event, “Make Oneself A Ruler”!]

[Participate? Yes/No]

[Based on the triggered circumstances, you will be automatically distributed onto Anne Aldrich Augen’s side!]

When Kieran gave a firm reply, the information had become clearer.

[Make Oneself A Ruler: No one is willing to be a puppet, even though she was being trained into it by her own will, the thirst for freedom was enough to break chains. Anne Aldrich Augen was one of the fighters, but she is isolated and helpless, she doesn’t only need to face the punishments from the Union but also the devouring from the Saint Relic Association and the Elder Council. She’s bogged down in crisis at this moment]

[You have chosen to aid Anne Aldrich Augen, make sure she lives until after the Edland City Celebration Parade.]

[Note: Based on the special event’s performance, the time decrease may vary].

“Edland City Celebration Parade! There’s another week left.” Kieran squinted his eyes.

Although he wasn’t a native of the dungeon world, he knew about the celebration parade.

The shops in the urban area were decorated joyously, and Kieran realized with his sharp senses that the parade was coming.

When Kieran saw the sign tagging “one week”, his heart went into deep thoughts for a while before asking the shop directly why were they decorating.

A compensation of a week’s time was enough for those who wanted Anne Aldrich Augen dead to strike countless times.

Anne Aldrich Augen also wasn’t a person that would sit back and wait for her doom. With Kieran’s understanding of the lady, even if it was a state of despair, she would have some arrangements under her sleeves.

If she couldn’t survive through the parade, she would also drag the one who killed her down with her or at least put them in a bad position.

“Thank you for your help! Not just the one just now but the ones before!” Anne Aldrich Augen said sincerely.

Her vague expression didn’t baffle Kieran with the meaning, instead, he quickly thought of something.

“Smart and powerful men always make me lose control of myself.”

Anne Aldrich Augen saw Kieran’s expression and couldn’t hold back her soft laugh.

Once again, the lady returned to her old habits, leaning over to Kieran again.

Still, Kieran chose to avoid her and looked her in the eye with a serious gaze.

“Tell me all your plans are, be as detailed as possible!”

Kieran words sounded indisputable. He was clear on what Anne Aldrich Augen was after.

What kind of important things were going on in Edland City now?

In the eyes of the commoners, it would eventually be the Winchester House explosion and the new mayoral election campaign.

But in the eyes of the mystical realm, there was only one noteworthy event that happened, the power that Harondentte displayed and the mythical and legendary items that the powers drew out.

Although the majority of them were still dubious about the matter, the greed that lurked in the bottom of human hearts had drawn countless people forward to Edland City.

All of the matters and incidents were related to him!

Why would Anne Aldrich Augen thank him on such an unrelatable matter?

The lady’s goal was to stir the waters into an utterly turbid state, she wanted to drag the Union down and it was best if the Elder Council and the Saint Relic Association would fight against the Union.

Her goals certainly affected Kieran who planned to thrive from both the Elder Council and the Saint Relic Association but, was it not an opportunity?

Anne Aldrich Augen wanted to stir up the situation and it would only benefit Kieran while causing him no harm.

The more turbid the waters, the easier for him to fish in them!

As for why he didn’t complain and rant about Anne Aldrich Augen not telling him beforehand, well Kieran wasn’t that childish.

Even though both of them were in a collaboration relationship before, most of it was watching out for each other after getting what they needed. It was very unlike the current situation where both of them were on the same side.

Still, in order to increase the level of trust, some means were necessary.

“Before you tell me the details of your plan, sign a contract with me. It will do us both some good.” Kieran added.

“A very practical mean. It’s you being like this that made me fall for you without being able to help myself!” Anne Aldrich Augen said in a vague way that sounded neither true or false.

“En. I think the first condition of the contract is, you will face me with your “normal” attitude.”

Kieran nodded, emphasizing the word “normal”.

“Was I not normal before?” Anne Aldrich Augen approached Kieran with a smile.

She was very careful and vigilant this time and when she was two steps away from Kieran, she pretended that she wanted to throw herself at Kieran but instead, she suddenly tore down her evening gown.

Kieran was utterly shocked even though he wouldn’t fall for Anne Aldrich Augen’s fake moves.

Obviously, Kieran didn’t expect the steamy scene before him.

Anne Aldrich Augen with her successful laugh then threw herself towards Kieran but still, she was still underestimating Kieran’s reflexes.

Just when Anne Aldrich Augen was about to touch Kieran, Kieran moved his feet quickly, not only dodging the hug from her but also caused her to fall on the ground after catching her off guard.


Anne Aldrich Augen covered her face instinctively as she was falling towards the ground, crying out in a hurried tone.

Though, the anticipated pain didn’t occur. After spinning around rapidly, Anne Aldrich Augen realized she was sitting on the chair.

She opened her eyes, laid down her hands and saw Kieran in front of her with the shocked expression absent from his face completely.

She slightly adjusted her posture into an alluring pose, asking with a smile, “You prefer me like this on the chair? I’m a bit unfamiliar, why don’t you guide me?”

Anne Aldrich Augen then lifted herself up by pressing against the chair handle as she spoke, half kneeling on the chair before leaning forward to kiss Kieran.

Unfortunately, Kieran turned around and left.

“I think you should really consider learning some culinary skills!”

Kieran walked off without stopping as his words entered Anne Aldrich Augen’s ears.

The alluring lady frowned in embarrassment and was upset but soon let out a soft laugh.

The reason for the laugh was unknown but pleasant to the ears.

Anne Aldrich Augen asked loudly at Kieran’s furthering figure, “Do I need to add learning culinary skills to the contract?”

“As you wish!”

In the several upcoming days, Kieran followed Anne Aldrich Augen like her shadow to all sorts of events around the city, disarming danger one after another using open and secretive means.

It made the people of the city rapidly take note of the mayor’s personal bodyguard, at the same time it also made the people sympathize and acknowledge Anne Aldrich Augen as the new mayor as well.

Never doubt a woman’s acting, especially a beautiful one. They were born actresses.

Kieran silently watched Anne Aldrich Augen completing her public opinion guide bits by bits, after making lightning-fast decisions that placed the entire city under her control, the anticipation of the grand show that would begin soon started.

Edland City at night was clamoring in a special way but the blocks around the library had quieted down a while ago.


An unusual brilliant color of light was shot up to the sky.

An enormous tree with an outstanding and indomitable power sprung up abruptly under the night sky.