The Devil's Cage Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Unite

“I don’t really want to meet that sister in the morning. I’ll leave it to you!”

Anne Aldrich Augen referred to Kieran and left the dining table.

Kieran didn’t stop her because it was what they discussed beforehand.

He nodded at Chelsea and she quickly went off.

Two minutes later, Chelsea brought Sister Liz Dandon and another middle-aged man in.

The sister was still in her same old outfit, with her merciful and kind smile but the man beside her was different.

The man was dressed in black priest clothes, looking stern and looked as if he wasn’t alive.

If Sister Liz Dandon was the sunflower facing the sun, then the man would be the rock in the cave.

More importantly, the man had sized up Kieran with a judgemental gaze the moment he saw him.

Kieran purposely frowned before greeting the sister.

“Morning, Sister Dandon.”

“Morning, 2567.” The sister replied and introduced the man beside her.

“Mizelle, an executive of the Saint Relic Association that once belonged to the Griffin Church.”

As the sister introduced Mizelle, he stepped forth before Kieran.


His cold greeting was absent of any sincerity and what he did after was even out of expectation.

The moment his word faded, Mizelle dished out a kick suddenly without moving his upper body.

His movements were subtle but very fierce, it was aiming towards Kieran’s knee.


A strong wind that broke the air caused an unusual noise within the dining hall as if a beast was roaring loudly.

Though, the roar was stopped abruptly moments later.

Mizelle’s kick at Kieran was blocked, or more precisely he was stepped on!

Mizelle’s straightened tip of his foot that was as sharp as a spear was stepped down together with his leg by Kieran.

A heavy bang later, the whole hall felt like it shook.

Mizelle’s stern and cold face had a sense of pain over it, his body even staggered.

Under Kieran’s step, Mizelle not only suffered broken bones throughout his feet, but even his muscles were also crushed to a pile of meat.

Then, Kieran went along with the flow and kicked Mizelle on the chest.

Mizelle was sent flying outside the dining hall with a bone breaking noise.

Kieran didn’t have any intentions of holding back, even know he knew it was a test from the Saint Relic Association.

The incident last night was a meticulous plan by him and Anne Aldrich Augen. For the majority of mystics who came to Edland City that hoped for a fluke in their hearts, the plan was flawless, but for the Saint Relic Association and the Elder Council, their organization would have noticed the heavy flaw.

The box that held the fruit of Yggdrasil.

Although it was the box that held [Dien Stone] before, it was right in terms of age but the aura was slightly different.

Despite Kieran using Marulyn’s legacy to alter it a little, it was still the same.

The Saint Relic Association would be familiar with the secret legacy spells of Marulyn.

They would eventually link it to the missing [Sister Reid Statue] at St. Reid hospital and relate it to the possibility of someone plotting this whole incident up with Marulyn’s legacy.

Kieran the amnesia patient who stayed in St. Reid Hospital would be the biggest suspect, so tests were bound to arrive.

The executive of the Saint Relic Association who once belonged to Griffin Church bore the mission to test Kieran.

Though, Kieran wasn’t worried about the test from Mizelle.

Not only because he and Anne Aldrich Augen had prepared for this, but it was also because the core of the Marulyn legacy skills that he had been using was Dawn Force and not the real power from Marulyn’s inheritance.

“Sister Dandon?”

Kieran turned to the sister, looking baffled and angered.

Chelsea beside only reacted to the situation after the kick, she pulled out her gun and pointed it to the sister.

“I’m sorry, 2567. If it’s possible, I wish to seek your collaboration in a softer way but Dandon Church is part of the Saint Relic Association, what can we do against the orders from the association?” The sister let out a long sigh, looking helpless.

“Because of the incident last night?” Kieran asked with a frown.

“Yes, but who would’ve thought it would be the fruit of Yggdrasil It is unbelievable!”

The sister nodded with a bitter smile.

Obviously, Sister Liz Dandon didn’t buy anything about the existence of the fruit because of Harondentte.

“But what does it have to do with me?” Kieran asked pretending not knowing the situation.

“Marulyn Church! Her Majesty Saint Reid once created a technique that attaches spells to certain objects. Last night, the box that held the fruit had the presence similar to the healing spell, so the association thought that it might be someone plotting something”

Sister Liz Dandon didn’t continue after that but her intentions were very obvious.

“They are suspecting that I’ve gotten the inheritance of Marulyn? Though I must admit I couldn’t tell you what was I doing when the statue went missing but please don’t accuse me of such crimes.”

“If you have the time to suspect me, why don’t you try suspecting the Elder Council? Damien of the Twenty Hounds has shown his greed for Sister Reid’s statue a while ago.”

Kieran perfectly presented his false rage.

“I know but the Dandon Church without a knight wasn’t one of the decision makers within the association anymore. I only can provide my opinion. I’m truly sorry by causing all these troubles.” The sister apologized.

“Sister Dandon, this isn’t your fault, just that those people realized that I come from the Griffin Church Humph!”

Kieran waved his hand and let out a mysterious cold grunt.

The sister became more guilty after hearing the cold grunt.

“During the incident with the Griffin Church, the Dandon Church had done something less glorious as well, now the whole the Dandon Church has fallen into this state, isn’t this the punishment for us?” The sister said.

After knowing he had acquired the inheritance of the Griffin Church and understanding it was one of “his” arrangements as well, Kieran would have investigated it.

Then, he realized something interesting.

Before the Griffin Church was assaulted by the Elder Council, they had sent out a distress signal to the association and requested reinforcements from other members.


There wasn’t any reply.

The secretive news allowed Kieran to have a new understanding and new thoughts about the Saint Relic Association.

Although it was “his” arrangements to create the illusion of Kieran getting the inheritance of the Griffin Church, looking at the situation before him, Kieran didn’t mind borrowing the name of the Griffin Church to increase the guilt.

Kieran took in a deep breath when he saw Sister Liz Dandon fault herself with guilt.

He said, “Sister, I think we need to be united right now.”

“Not just a simple personal one of me and you but between our churches! Dandon and Griffin!”

Sister Liz Dandon suddenly felt shivers all over he body.