The Devil's Cage Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Entrance Of A Third Party

Meanwhile in the study room at Augen Manor.

Anne Aldrich Augen hung up the phone while slightly sneering and saw Kieran come in.

Though, her questioning eyes were instantly filled with unusual colors.

She saw Kieran take out three items from his backpack and place them on the desk before her.

They weren’t any legacy items nor could they be considered as powerful items but still, they had special powers in them.

As long as she could decently utilize them, whether she would trade them for a high price or get herself some decent benefits, it would be a great choice.

It made Anne Aldrich Augen’s last bit of unpleasantness fly away instantly.

She kicked off one of her heels and climbed onto the table like a cat, sticking her beautiful face in front of Kieran, saying softly, “Do you need anything? Your business partner is at your service!”

The fragrance that entered Kieran’s nose made him move back quietly.

As time went by, Kieran was used to the way of doing business with Anne Aldrich Augen, especially when he had a special request.

“Weapons, same as last time but I need it to be sturdier!” Kieran requested.

“Even sturdier? You are really in some good luck, during normal times the greatsword from before was already the best I could do, but now? I’ve become the woman that everyone competes to flatter, just now a certain friend of mine from the past gave me a phone call, trying to test me. I believe that if I reveal just a tiny bit of interest in it, he will give his best effort in finding you a suitable greatsword.”

Anne Aldrich Augen didn’t have the slightest intention of holding back on her “certain friend”.

Kieran even clearly sensed some displeasure in her tone.

“Don’t forget your plans.” Kieran still reminded her just in case.

“Don’t worry, I won’t risk the big one for the small ones. Those men who had decided to meekly accept humiliation, wouldn’t it be logical that they would become the traitors? But If I don’t fully utilize these traitors, it would be such a pity!”

Anne Aldrich Augen hid words within her words. Kieran shrugged.

Although both of them were already on the same side, towards Anne Aldrich Augen’s encounters, Kieran couldn’t truly empathize with her so he thought he didn’t have the right to speak.

Kieran already gave his reminder and he believed Anne Aldrich Augen’s wisdom and decisive means would create a solution to things.

In fact, she did. On the second morning, not only had Kieran gotten the weapon he wanted but an extra piece of good news also came from Anne Aldrich Augen.

[Name: Elmerius Sword]

[Type: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Strong]

[Attribute: Elmerius’s Persistence]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Pro), Strength A for two-handed, S- for single handed.]

[Remark: According to legends, Elmerius was a hero with the blood of the giants, the sword that he wielded with one hand was a two-handed greatsword in other’s eyes. It is heavy, sharp and very sturdy!]

[Elmerius’s Persistence: Increase authentication advantages by 3 when using the greatsword in a defensive stance, and both sides will undergo Strength authentication. When wielder’s Strength is stronger than the target, the target will receive an Average level damage]

[Elmerius Sword] had the extravagant designs of a two-handed greatsword, the blade was wider than a man’s waist and the thickest part of the body was at least 10 cm.

When the sword was put straight up, the blade body was as tall as Kieran and the additional weight at the hilt was taller than Kieran’s head.

[Elmerius Sword]’s weight fit its extravagant design as well.

A rank Strength was required to wield it with two hands and S- to wield it with one hand.

It would be a luxurious hope for Kieran to wield it with one hand since all his attributes were decreased by 3 but it didn’t affect his joyous mood.

Originally, Kieran only held the thoughts of recycling useless items, trying to fully utilize the useless items he had gotten recently in order to maximize his profits.

During the fight with the three fighter bodyguards of the governor, only one of them dropped a valuable item and the other two only dropped low tier Magic items similar to the Saint Relic Association executive.

Using three low tier Magic items with additional attributes like level 1 Tenacious, Guard and Silence in exchange for a Rare weapon was completely out of Kieran’s expectations.

Regardless of how he looked at it, the deal was extremely worthwhile.

Though Kieran wasn’t blinded by the joy.

“Everything went well?” Kieran asked.

“Of course They are inside the plan now. You are worrying about the greatsword’s value? 2567, from a certain perspective you are really smart but in others, you are nothing but a fool. Three magic items plus priceless information in exchange for this greatsword that only few can wield, if it wasn’t for old times sake, how could I finish the deal? I think the guys are rejoicing now because I still remember our old friendship.”

Anne Aldrich Augen charmingly laughed gloatingly.

Though, her face didn’t have the slightest expressions of joy.

Her ice cold eyes were filled with killing intent.

She held the diner knife in her hand and stabbed it into the toasted bread smeared with jam as if she was stabbing those men she mentioned.


The metal diner knife clashed with the porcelain plate, producing a clear noise.

No doubt she gave it all her might in that stab and since she didn’t control her strength the round bottom plate flew off together with the toasted bread.

There wasn’t any sound of the porcelain plate breaking nor the dirty scene of food being thrashed occur.

Kieran appeared beside Anne Aldrich Augen without her knowing and caught the flying plate and food.

He placed it back before her face as if they never moved.

“The food is innocent,” Kieran said.

“Em, they are, I’ll finish them all and My dear Mr. 2567, will there be any rewards after this?”

Anne Aldrich Augen winked at Kieran in an extremely affectionate manner.

“Liz Dandon sent me a message, I need to revive the Griffin Church before the people’s eyes. I’ll ask Mayer to take care of your safety for the time being.”

Kieran walked away after he finished without being charmed by her affections.

Anne Aldrich Augen saw Kieran’s back moving further away, she was upset and wanted to smash the plate on the floor but when she saw the food on it, she hesitated.

“I’ll smash you when I finish!”

Anne Aldrich Augen angrily shouted at Kieran’s vanishing back.

It was natural that Kieran wouldn’t give her any reply but someone else saw the scene.

Then, message after message flew out from Augen Manor.

Kieran who left and Anne Aldrich Augen who was eating breakfast knew nothing about it.