The Devil's Cage Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Gathering

The Dandon Church was located in a not-too-prosperous street block but was filled with residences.

The cathedral was in the middle, with all the other houses surrounding it, spreading outwards in all directions.

Kieran was walking along the street.

He could imagine what theDandon Church looked like during their prime without further research.

There were not only tens of thousands of believers around the cathedral, they even had their own farm and land, as if it was a mini city that could supply itself.

If they continued to flourish, it would surely transform into an astonishing church city.

Unfortunately, after the three great wars and a hundred years had passed, Dandon’s forces couldn’t avoid the decrease of power without a knight’s protection.

They didn’t only stop developing but their forces were shrinking by the day. Eventually, they were replaced and embraced by Edland City which had prospered, thus turning it into a block within the city.

It wasn’t the biggest and the most prosperous block yet but some things were preserved from the old days.

The architecture and culture.

Kieran easily saw people immersed Dandon’s manners and culture as he walked along the street.

Whether it was adults or children, everyone was greeting him in front of their stone houses. None of the people were stingy in their smiles even for a stranger.

If there wasn’t a hidden presence around, it would be an admirable scene.

When Kieran passed by the kind citizens, a cold glare flashed from the shadow beside the street.

A figure with speed that commoners couldn’t even grasp appeared behind Kieran, seizing Kieran by the neck with a dagger.

The smiling passerby who grazed Kieran moments ago revealed his vicious nature.

He took out identical daggers and thrust towards Kieran’s ribs.

The daggers reeked badly, followed by many lines of authentication notifications springing up in Kieran’s vision.

It wasn’t notifying him of Toxin but Spirit and Intuition authentications!

It seemed like the two assassins were just diversions, the real killing blow was still hiding in the shadows!

Kieran followed his Intuition and turned his eyes towards a certain direction.

From the assassin’s perspective, Kieran was completely terrified, how would they give up such a chance?

“DIE!” The passerby assassin screamed.

The dagger was thrusting even quicker.


Bang, Bang!

Two heavy bone-cracking noises later, the two assassins were kicked off simultaneously.

The common citizens around couldn’t catch the speed of the assassins, neither could they see how Kieran counterattacked.

From their point of view, Kieran didn’t even move and yet the assassins were sent flying.

Those two assassins would not have survived the kick without a question.

Kieran didn’t even bat an eye on the two and went chasing in the direction where he sensed something.

The moment Kieran disposed of the two pawns, the person in the shadows had retreated directly and didn’t leave any traces behind.

At least it was what the person had thought.

All traces were exposed before Kieran’s [Tracking] but Kieran didn’t immediately give chase because he already saw Dandon’s sisters coming for him anxiously.

“Ourin Church!”

Sister Liz Dandon uttered in shock after she rushed over and saw the identical daggers on the floor. Though soon enough, the sister shook her head, “How is this possible?”

“What is impossible at this time? Whether did they really made a move on me or were framed by others, it has stated their attitude towards us. Now Do we still choose to swallow this humiliation and insult silently?” Kieran asked with a grin.


The one who answered wasn’t Sister Liz but the younger Sister Grittel.

The younger sister looked at her own teacher and said after a deep breath, “Teacher, we cannot stay like this anymore the gloomy radiance of Dandon incites the malicious intent of evil men, we need to warn them with actions that our radiance is still shining!”

“As long as we are with the Griffins, we will not fear anybody!”

Her voice wasn’t suppressed down, instead, it went louder and was filled with rage.

The friars of Dandon plus Father Rayman who listened to such words nodded in agreement automatically as well.

Dandon’s creed and Marulyn’s were different, although both had the teachings to persuade people into kindness, both sides differed when it came down to facing off accidents.

Marulyn would try to persuade the people to treat others with kindness and tolerance but Dandon would retaliate with twice the rage, one punch from the enemy would result in one stab from Dandon!

In simple words, Marulyn was like a kind priest and Dandon was a hot-tempered warrior.

In fact, it was because of Marulyn’s creed that it could survive around Dandon in such close range.

If it was other churches, fights would have occurred countless times.

It was also because of such a creed, as the last knight of Dandon died off, the whole church plummeted rapidly.

Dandon had offended too many parties, just like Griffin back in the day.

No one was a saint, surely there were gaps after the fight and despite all of them belonging under a single organization’s command in name, nothing would’ve changed.

Sister Liz looked at her own student, the elder sister thought and hesitated more in her heart. She would need to be responsible for the entire church.

She was worried that if they would fight with other organizations at this time, unnecessary casualties were bound to happen.

So, despite it being different from Dandon’s creed, the elder sister chose a milder way to reply.

“Even if we were to strike back, we wouldn’t know where they”

“You want to track them down? It really isn’t that hard, I am confident that I will find them.” Kieran interrupted the sister’s words while saying sorry in his heart.

Of course, Kieran knew what Sister Liz’s scruples were but the opportunity before him was hard to come by.

Before his and Anne Aldrich Augen’s plans were initiated, some parties in the Saint Relic Association already jumped out to the scene.

Kieran would never want to give up such a great chance.

After all, false was false, despite how real they were, there would always be the unreal factor that was hard to cover up.

It was far from comparable to authentic solid proof.

Kieran spoke again when he saw the elder sister’s hesitating expression.

“Sister, do you still want to step back? The further you retreat Now that Dandon and Griffin have allied themselves, if you keep tolerating such actions, do you think we can survive like this? The sharpness of a blade will only reveal itself after killing the enemy.”

Kieran then went after the traces left behind after he finished without waiting for the sister’s reply.

The elder sister’s expression was shifting and in the end, she clenched her teeth.

“Dandon’s radiance will not be doubted anymore! Send out the order, gather all the friars and believers! We will initiate the Holy War!” The merciful sister uttered each and every word loudly.

For each word she uttered, her presence would grow stronger and when she finished, her merciful and kind presence was long gone, all that was left was a fierce and frantic battle intent.

The people around her followed as well, even though they were in friars outfits, it was hard to cover their tough will.

It was the aura of a warrior that had experienced hundreds of battles.

Souuu! Bang!

A flare was fired up in the day and exploded.

An illusive figure wielding a longsword with battle armor and a scarlet red cape appeared in the sky.

The figure then swung its sword down as if it was beheading its enemy.

Countless commoners saw the scene and cried out in shock one after another.

The mystics saw it too and had changes on their faces, especially the elders who couldn’t hold back the shivers and thought uncontrollably.

“Who in the hell provoked these bunch of crazy men?”