The Devil's Cage Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Descending From The Sky

Kieran glanced over the mirage of the warrior that flashed over the sky while heading towards the church in front without pausing.

The church in front of Kieran was nearly on par with Dandon’s cathedral and before the steps of the main gate, hundreds of long-robed friars stood with their backs straight.

Three knights in armor stood in front of the crowd.

The capes behind their backs stated their identity as apprentice knights.

“Stop, outsider!”

One of the apprentice knights shouted loudly at Kieran who was approaching.

Kieran turned a deaf ear at the warning and continued forward as if he couldn’t see them.

He wasn’t surprised by the blockade before him, when the orders from Dandon appeared above the sky, as long as the enemies weren’t idiots, they would be prepared.

But none of it mattered.

Although an enemy caught off guard was better to deal with than an enemy that was prepared, Kieran would not regret the words he spoke to Sister Liz because without the participation of Dandon, he as the “only remaining knight” of Griffin who had lost its believers, friars, sisters, fathers, and deacons was almost a joke to the entire Saint Relic Association.

He wasn’t qualified to regain a seat on behalf of Griffin in the association.

Truth be told, with Dandon on his side, Kieran only looked slightly better and was not acting in a one-man play alone.

Kieran raised his head at the crowd blocking his way and was also looking at the footsteps while using [Tracking] what was hidden behind the church gate.

The one who tried to assassinate him came from the church before him without a question, or more precisely, the Ourin Church.

Ourin was different than Marulyn who coexisted with Dandon, they were the ones who moved in under the association’s order after the hundred-year war and it was during the time where Dandon lost their last knight.

The means and time chosen by the association invoked dissatisfactions from Dandon but the association’s order and the fact they lost their only and last knight forced them to compromise.

It was at that moment, all of the mystics knew Dandon had declined, a lot of them even hoped Dandon would perish in the river of time like the other churches.

Ourin was one of them, being the one who competed with Dandon over Edland City, they could not tolerate the rise of Dandon again, so they had resolved themselves in inglorious means.

However, they also gave the chance to Kieran to regain the rights to the seat.

“Hand over the one who tried to kill me!” Kieran said coldly.

“Outsider, what are you blabbering about? This is the sublime Ourin Church, leave at once!”

The apprentice knight tried to expel Kieran again.

Compared to the first time, it wasn’t just verbal warning anymore.

When the apprentice knight’s voice faded, he reached out his hand trying to push Kieran away.

Though, Kieran was faster. When the apprentice knight’s hand were inches away from Kieran’s shoulder, Kieran already landed a kick on his chest.


The armor sank in with the shape of Kieran’s feet, the apprentice knight was sent crashing into the friars behind him.

Chang, Chang!

The other two apprentice knights drew their sword out without hesitation, swinging towards Kieran left and right.

But at the next moment, the swords that slashed wind were caught by Kieran with his bare hands.

Kieran caught the sword’s sharp edges with his palm and fingers but to the apprentice knights’ dismay, Kieran’s palm was unscathed, instead, the sword forged in refined metal started to produce sparks of fire, screeching as it couldn’t handle the weight.


Amidst the tooth numbing screech, the two apprentice knight’s expression of disbelief intensified as their eyes widened and they and cried out in shock.

“How is this possible?!”

It was not that they had never seen enemies resist their swords with all sorts of inheritance skills but simply using their own body to resist the sword had exceeded their imaginations.

The apprentice knights’ sword weren’t just common blades, they were buffed with the rune of fire, even the fighters famous for their strong body wouldn’t dare take them head on but Kieran did it before their eyes.

The feat stunned both the apprentice knights instantly. Although Kieran’s enemies were stunned up, he wasn’t.

Relying on his own fire resistance and [Secondary Armored Skin]’s defense, Kieran ignored the sharpness of the blades, he exerted his strength through his arms, grabbing both the apprentice knights together with their sword and hurled them into the crowd of friars like a disc throw.

The Ourin friars who were charging up to Kieran were instantly toppled down again.

A straight path towards the church’s gate was revealed before Kieran after that.

The three apprentice knights were easily defeated beyond anyone’s imagination.

Other than the gap in strength, it was also because of Kieran’s new skill, [Secondary Armored Skin].

[Name: Secondary Armored Skin (Unable to level)]

[Related Attribute: Constitution]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: You will be immune to None, Feeble and Weak levels of physical attack. When you receive Average to Strong level physical attack, the attack level will decrease to Feeble and Weak physical damage and during a Powerful level attack, you will need to undergo a Constitution authentication. If you pass, the Powerful attack level will decrease to Strong and if you fail, you will receive normal damage.]

[Consume: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: You trained your body in a very special way, tempering it to never fear any common sharp weapons, but you are not impenetrable!]

Kieran glanced over the valuable skill that dropped from one of the fighter bodyguards from the governor and continued forth.

The friars who escaped the crash started to charge at Kieran again when they saw him approaching.

Unlike the opponents that Kieran faced before, these friars had strong beliefs and would not crumble before the death of their comrades.

Their beliefs made their will indomitable and unyielding.

It was an extremely troublesome matter facing against such opponents despite Kieran’s strength overwhelmed them.

Fortunately, Kieran was not alone.

Bang Bang Bang!

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

Consecutive explosions and relentless gun fires sounded as the Dandons arrived.

The elder sister led hundreds and thousands of Dandon friars with machine guns and grenades equipped.

The moment they arrived, they suppressed the opposite side who was charging at Kieran, annihilating the Ourin friars easily.

“Please move on forward, we will guard your back!” Sister Grittel told Kieran.

She was one of the few equipped with sharp weapons instead of firearms.

Kieran didn’t say anything but replied in a nod before dashing up the stairs in a few steps.

Though, when Kieran was about to push open the gate, the air whistle that sounded in his ears made him back away a few meters out of instinct.

A black figure descended from the sky!